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Best timeless fashion ideas for your upcoming event by style influencer Lauren Doral

Images internally provided
Images internally provided

Being fashionable is a talent some people are just naturally born with. Their ‘trend-setter’ instinct helps them create stunning looks with gorgeous attire and accessories that gel well with the outfit. This is why some men and women tend to dress better than others. The question is, what should people without an impeccable style sense do? We suggest you follow the tips and tricks recommended by fashion icon Lauren Doral

Lauren is a well-known style influencer who is trained in fashion, etiquette, and film. Her goal is to not only make people appear fashionable and presentable but also boost their confidence. And yes, her advice matters since she has worked with fashion gurus like Armani and Gianfranco Ferre.

When it comes to experimenting with trends, Lauren Doral developed a style of her own during her high school days. Her style was a mix of classic and timeless, and that made her stand out from the rest. If you are wondering what timeless fashion is, basically, it’s a style that always remains trendy. The plus side of timeless fashion is that it’s always en vogue. This means that you dress up in a classy way, you tend to save thousands of bucks, and of course, it will make you feel like a queen! 

Here are a few timeless fashion ideas by Lauren Doral that you should incorporate into your wardrobe for an upcoming event.

Go the basic route

According to Lauren, you need to be ‘basic’ to create a signature style. This doesn’t mean you choose outfits that make you invisible. On the contrary, being basic demands you to opt for colors, themes, and trends that are classic, simple, and can stand the test of time. For instance, invest in dresses, pants, and skirts in shades such as black, white, grey, dark blue, beige, golden, silver, and emerald green. Here’s a suggestion, think of Kate Middleton when buying an outfit. Purchase colors only she would wear. Also, invest in accessories such as classic leather handbags. Other basic outfits you can opt for include pencil skirts and dresses, black or blue jeans, pants, and blazers. 

Little black dress

Every woman has a little black dress in her closet that makes her feel like she’s on top of the world. Well, stock up on those little black dresses to create a timeless look. Experiment with lengths, cuts, frills, and fabrics. Another plus point of a black dress is that it will always make you appear slim and sophisticated. You can stick to all-black accessories, or if you have a bold sense of style, you can add some pops of color via your shoes, handbag, and jewelry. 

Be comfortable

The key to appearing striking in any outfit is comfort and confidence. Hence, don’t follow a fashion icon and wear something so tight that you are unable to walk around with ease. Neither should you opt for something so casual that it does not connect with the inner you. Most importantly, always choose comfortable footwear. Yes, super high heels may look sexy, but the aura you give will be affected if you can barely walk without tripping. 

Don’t follow the latest trends blindly

For a timeless look, you can’t follow the current trends blindly. It’s crucial to have such an approach since trends vary from season to season. Remember the bright and loose suits Prince and Michael Jackson would wear? What about the famous Marilyn Monroe haircut? While these stars were fashionable during their time, their style was not timeless. To ensure your outfits can be reused even after ten years, stick to classy cuts and basic colors. However, if you want to incorporate the latest trends, opt for a style that will not go out of fashion and looks timeless. 

Invest in jackets and coats

Go through a recent fashion magazine, and then take a look at a magazine published a decade ago. One thing common in every era is the choice of outerwear. This includes jackets, coats, cardigans, and scarves. Some of the most used timeless outerwear include trench coats, leather jackets, denim jackets, and statement scarves. And yes, they can be paired up with numerous jeans and dresses. 

Buy an animal print

For decades, animal prints have reigned in the fashion industry. They are worn by celebrities, fashion icons, and even members of the royal family! If an animal print dress is too much for you, incorporate the exotic pattern into your shoes or handbag. This truly is a wardrobe essential for every stylish woman. If you are a daring guy, you can go for a leopard print shirt and flaunt in style.

Do not over accessorize

Make sure whatever you wear is paired with delicate jewelry, simple belts, and leather handbags. Accessories add oomph to your outfit, but too many accessories do the opposite. To remain timeless, it’s crucial to look simple yet stunning.

Now that you have some timeless fashion ideas by Lauren Doral for an upcoming event, you can create a mix of conservative, classic, and edgy looks without spending an arm and a leg. Most importantly, you will end up making a fashion statement that never fails to impress!