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Berblan, a Bundle of Talents Blessing the World with Her Gifts

Multitalented 15-year old prodigy from Dallas, Texas, Berblan has spent all her life developing her skills in various areas like piano, violin, dancing, and visual arts. Only three years shy of adulthood, and she has started getting recognition for all the skills she has acquired. Performing well in various competitions all over the United States, Berblan has earned herself a spot as a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Organization. She is also a model student at her school as she is the student council secretary and the social media manager handling the Instagram page for her class.

Berblan took an interest in singing recently and has been undergoing some vocal training and learning how to play the ukulele. On the 27th of November 2020, she released her first song, “Godly Christmas,” on all streaming platforms, including YouTube. She plans to take her music to the next level and capture the heart of a wide range of audiences with her talents.

Berblan has been able to manifest her talents through hard work with one goal in mind: spread positivity and show people that anyone can accomplish anything with hard work. She is a multi-instrumentalist and an excellent figure skater. Berblan begins her day at 4:30 AM and gets immersed in different activities throughout the day. This is to show how committed she is to accomplishing her daily goals. She gets inspiration to write music from all the various activities she engages in every day.

She got inspired to build her brand to influence her generation to embrace a life of positivity. “I want everyone to stay positive, not just for themselves but also for the future. That they can do something that they do have a purpose and that they can be who they want to be,” she says. Her music is for anyone who enjoys good and inspirational music.

She is a unique artist because, at her young age, she writes her music, arranges it, and plays different instruments. Her five-year goal is to continue making music but on a larger scale and as a well-known artist. In her words, “I see myself making a lot of music and making a big positive impact on people’s decisions to make positive things happen.”

Berblan has imbibed an attitude of intentionality from a young age. She is big on decision-making and the entire process that leads up to making the right decisions. The child prodigy says, “I want everyone whoever reads or hears about me to be motivated to make positive decisions. Every one of our voices do count. We all can contribute to our community, and we can all make things happen. The people must be motivated to work hard and do what they can, I want these readers to feel what I feel, and that is joy and compassion for others.”

With a music career blossoming at such a young age and the noteworthy responsibility on her shoulders, the prospects are high for Berblan, and she is committed to making the most of her talents and gifts.

Learn more about Berblan on her website.