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Benjamin Geller Sets His Sights on County Legislator to Build On His Lifelong Career as a Public Servant

After years of distinguished service in various health and humanitarian organizations, Benjamin Geller has decided to run for Dutchess County Legislator in New York’s 4th District. Campaigning with the slogan, “The People’s Voice,” Geller hopes to establish transparent, approachable, and accessible communication between elected officials and the public.

Currently, Benjamin Geller works as an emergency medical technician for an advanced life support agency. He also does clinic work in West Africa and has been assisting the vaccine site operations in Dutchess County. Admittedly, Geller is not a politician by trade. Instead, he is a seasoned public servant—and that differentiates him from most elected officials.

As opposed to viewing it as a disadvantage, Benjamin Geller is proud of his notable public service background and humanitarian work in lieu of extensive political experience. In fact, it’s because of these experiences that he was asked to run by the leadership in New York. His profession and passion provide him with insight into the needs of the people he seeks to represent.

Benjamin Geller’s primary motivation for running is not only to continue but expand his ability to serve his community. And if his past performance is any indicator, the public can be assured that he is not working towards a personal agenda. “I want to start a revolution of waking up America and starting the conversation that brings healing to our nation,” explained Benjamin Geller.

The global community has witnessed the widening division in the United States and the suffering this has caused. For Benjamin Geller, rebuilding the country should take precedence over partisanship. From his years of doing his best to make his community a little better one day at a time, Geller knows that he can reach out to the average American voter and promote unity. The lifelong public servant knows that this unity starts with simple acts of neighborly kindness. “I want voters to show some extra love to their neighbors. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, check up on the elderly lady next door, hold the elevator,” said Geller.

Focusing on his fellow New Yorkers, Benjamin Geller recognizes the diligence, passion, and strength of the people he hopes to represent, lead, and serve. His goal is to be instrumental in lowering their taxes and addressing the mental health crisis running rampant in America. These are some of the responsibilities that he believes an elected official who has the best interest of their constituents at heart should champion. Already, Benjamin Geller exhibits one of the most crucial qualities of a leader—having a vision for the future.

As often happens when a person contemplates the possibility of significant life changes in the pursuit of grand undertakings, Benjamin Geller leans on the lessons from his past. During one of his travels to Africa, a wise physician told him that “we are meant to live extraordinary lives.” Geller has every intention to lead such a life. He is even open to the opportunity of running for Congress in 2026. Regardless of where life takes him, Geller will devote himself to serving the people of New York.

For more information on Benjamin Geller and his campaign for Dutchess County Legislator, you can visit his website

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