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Bella Ballerina Is Natalie Perkins’ Studio for Young Ballerinas and Business Opportunity for Women

Creativity is such an important thing that children need to grow up with. It gives them the opportunity to try out new ideas and gives them new ways to solve problems.

Having creative activities allows children to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage self-expression, but it also helps build character and confidence. There are many ways to project creativity, and for many girls, dance is one of the best outlets.

Although dance studios are typically a go-to business idea for some entrepreneurs, and starting up may be a challenge, entrepreneur Natalie Perkins’ dance studio has succeeded and managed to thrive.

She founded Bella Ballerina to offer young dancers a fun and educational experience like no other. Her dance studio centers around storybook themes, offering intimate settings with small class sizes. The dancers in Bella Ballerina are given the freedom to explore the art of dance through imagination, movement, and fun. Each class in the studio is age-appropriate, from the littlest ballerinas to the bigger kids, providing them with light and fun lessons.

Natalie believes that each dancer’s imagination truly makes them prima ballerinas, as they are always doing their best without ever having been taught a step. It’s that same imagination where they can grow not only a dance education but a genuine love for dance through indulging all that is frilly, fun, and beautiful. At the same time, it builds confidence in the strong young dancers who are in their toddler and early childhood years.

Unlike typical dance studios in the industry, the boutique children’s dance studio offers an entirely open concept that allows parents to experience their children’s class. 

The programs that Bella Ballerina offers provides both students and parents with the chance to explore the world of dance free from the pressure and stress of traditional settings. They guide the dancer’s parents every step of the way with an enjoyable experience as they watch their children grow.

Natalie created Bella Ballerina to be a franchise opportunity for women who want to own a small businesses that can fit into their challenging lifestyle. This is because they make the most critical decisions in the family, such as whether they should have children and choose a career that fits the family.

It is the perfect opportunity for women working in 9 to 5 jobs who want to quit and take on a better kind of business as well as stay at home mothers itching to get back to work despite family responsibilities.

When Bella Ballerina was first opened, Natalie was overwhelmed with the positive reviews that came in and the amazing enrollment numbers despite how little effort it required. The studio began to grow, inspiring Natalie to dream bigger. Bella Ballerina’s unique concept has seen an incredible income stream with classes, camps, parties, branded retail, and even mobile programming.

With the success of Bella Ballerina, she hopes to open more studio locations throughout the entire United States.

To know more about Bella Ballerina and it’s programs and franchise opportunities, please visit their website.