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Battling Cancer with the Help of Milk Tyson and ‘Fighting All Monsters’

Cancer has continued to prevent thousands of children from living an ordinary life that they could genuinely hope for. True enough, nothing is more unfortunate than being afflicted with a disease that affects the lives of those directly affected by cancer and the family that surrounds the individual. It is in these moments where a family’s support system is needed now more than ever.

Recognizing the importance of fortification in a cancer patient’s journey, Milk Tyson took it upon himself to expand the meaning of support beyond the boundaries of familial bonds. Clothed with a zeal of improving the lives of those who are affected by the disease, Milk formed Fighting All Monsters – a charitable institution where people can express their moral support in the form of physical resources that help those who are suffering to cope with the stresses that come with overcoming cancer.

Fighting All Monsters, otherwise known as FAM, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to aid Cancer patients and their families by reducing the struggles that they face surrounding the disease. Through their unconventional methods, FAM helps its beneficiaries by providing various resources, financially and in other means, that could help these sickly individuals go through treatment and subsequently conquer cancer.

With its immeasurable commitment towards providing a quality support system for children affected with Cancer, FAM has proven worthy of its great image around the world. Apart from its fundraising capabilities, FAM boasts of colors that exude altruism beyond its ordinary definition. They have sent iPads to children undergoing treatment for their enjoyment, maintained families’ homes and dues, and provided innumerable means of transportation for Cancer patients to and fro their treatment facilities. FAM has also introduced programs to help other members of the family cope with the struggles.

To Milk, the personal difficulties faced by the families are often overlooked because of the overarching need to attend to the directly affected family member. That is why, when Milk created the organization, he endeavored to shape the same that found a balance between the personal needs of the family and that of the patient. Built with a vision of striking symmetry in helping others, FAM has successfully catered to the needs of both without sacrificing the quality of their assistance.

Since its foundation, FAM has helped thousands of people in meaningful ways. Their organization offers a less traditional way of helping its beneficiaries. Instead of being just a fundraising figure, FAM takes pride in their lifelong commitment with their beneficiaries to ensure countless encounters of assistance to a cancer patient’s journey to wellness. This is in line with their mission of providing quality and unwavering support as key to individuals’ pursuit of eradicating the disease.

As the head of FAM, Milk relentlessly heeds the call of those who need help. When he met a cancer survivor through Justin Bieber, he was moved by his story; so much that he packed his bags and began traveling across the country. Meeting and talking to people from all walks through his trips only fueled Milk Tyson’s passion to help others. With FAM helping different families across the globe, Milk hopes to inspire more individuals and organizations to follow suit.

To know more about FAM, you may visit their website.