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Bad Bears Roars Its Way Into the NFT Scene

A year after they hit mainstream and captured the attention of even those who are not well-versed in the comings and goings of the digital asset industry, non-fungible tokens continue to hog the spotlight. Hand in hand with their growing prominence is the widespread acknowledgment of the value these blockchain-hosted non-fungible units of data bring to the table. So, it’s not surprising why the scene remains inundated by collections launched by artists and companies hoping to celebrate art and provide another means of generating wealth. Given this saturation, though, it has proven challenging for new entrants to stand out, a problem that Bad Bears is confidently overcoming.

Composed of 5,555 digitized tokens, the Bad Bears is a promising project set on taking over the Metaverse. Its one-of-a-kind ERC-721 ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain offers a host of benefits to every holder and plans to deliver a premium experience to every member of its growing community. 

So far, 100% of the Bad Bears have been minted, an achievement that few collections can claim, especially in light of the high degree of competition in the NFT scene. Its success in piquing the interest of crypto lovers and NFT enthusiasts can be credited to numerous factors, one of which is the intriguing universe attached to the project. The Beartopia boasts not only the Genesis Bears. In the months to come, the team is set to release Bad Cubs and VX. Both of these anticipated drops are exclusive for Bad Bear holders and are projected to explode into the scene in the first and second quarter, respectively. 

The buzz around Bad Bears can also be attributed to the long list of perks that come hand in hand with every mint. Apart from a meticulously designed must-have character, they can look forward to exclusive access to VIP sections of A-list parties, full commercial rights and usage of their minted token, as well as the opportunity to earn passive yield with every bear they own.

Currently, the team behind the Bad Bears is religiously adhering to a roadmap that includes four phases. Among the plans for the first quarter that have already seen fruition is the release of the 5,555 Genesis Bears and the launch of the $MSK, a token that stands at the center of the collection’s universe.

“It is a fixed supply NFT utility token designed to fuel innovation and raise the value of every Bad Bear,” explained the founders. “Unlike most projects, $MSK is distributed to holders through a fixed supply and is replenished by users purchasing items in the Metaverse.”

Right now, Bad Bears is gaining momentum in the NFT space and gearing up to secure a coveted position in the forefront of the digital asset industry. In the following quarters, NFT enthusiasts can expect a flood of events and updates, from the drop of the Bad Cub serum and a FOMO wallet private release to DAO treasury distributions and community-driven developments.