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Bad Astro Society: Bringing the NFT Community to Real-Life Outer Space by 2030

Bad Astro Society
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What makes the metaverse so exciting is its limitless nature. Virtually anything that anyone can imagine can be brought to fruition. This time, one revolutionary NFT venture is set to push the boundaries of the industry with its highly ambitious mission – Bad Astro Society.

It is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens that come with a ton of useful utilities such as memes, meta plays, parties, and merchandise, as well as extravagant and out-of-this-world experiences. But perhaps what the community and avid NFT enthusiasts are looking forward to the most about the up-and-coming project is its commitment to bringing all of its token holders to outer space by 2030.

This massive undertaking is the first of its kind in the NFT space. After all, despite having so many outer space-themed ventures, none of them had the guts to take the community there. As the dynamic founders of Bad Astro Society excellently pointed out, “There are currently no other projects out there claiming to send all of its NFT holders to real-life outer space. We can’t find any other NFT project that is using the crypto and NFT markets to benefit their holders to this degree. As for the art, it speaks for itself. Bad Astros have a great time doing what they want.”

By harnessing the power of Web3 and the metaverse, the outstanding enterprise has effectively democratized the space experience. As it stands, space travel is incredibly costly, amounting to over $450,000 per person. But with Bad Astro Society, token holders will have a chance to reach the fabled new frontier.

The venture has already prepared an excellent plan to fulfill its goal, as explained on its website: “There are only six to eight seats on a rocket. So we plan to buy all the Bad Astros a ticket to space by 2030, locking in all the seats for space travel for years to come. If the rich want a ticket, they will have to buy a Bad Astro from one of our members.”

Aside from its astronomical vision, the collection also features exquisite art curated from over 150 hand-drawn traits. In addition to that, every piece showcases a vibrant array of colors and patterns. Four types of Bad Astros can be minted: Regular Astro Suit, Pimp Suit, Hoodie, and Gorilla. 

“The Bad Astro has ten different background variations which communicate differing circumstances. Each holds an object that communicates something fun, larger than life, and/or history-altering concepts. Examples of objects in hands are the earth and other heavenly bodies, a bitcoin, a rainbow, etc.,” its creative team shared. 

Although the project’s concept is heavily influenced by going to space, it also has a more profound belief rooted in people’s resilience. As the brilliant minds that developed the collection said, “The point here is to communicate that you can own your future regardless of your circumstances. You can overcome and join those who have risen above their hardships, and now do whatever they want…like go to freaking space.” This inspiring perspective is something that they wish to promote within the community.

Bad Astro Society is undoubtedly the NFT space’s next big thing. As such, NFT collectors, space enthusiasts, and anyone who wishes to become part of history should keep an eye out for its upcoming mint. In the meantime, people can get updates from the project’s social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord