How to Reduce Stress and Motivate Yourself

Stress – What’s your most cherished value? We all have driving forces that keep us inspired and motivated, whether it’s supporting our loved ones, giving to those in need, finding fulfillment in our work, or making a difference in our community.  Determining

140 Proof Redefines Social Content Advertising

Image source: 140 Proof Inc. is an advertising company that makes use of social data from many sources to target relevant ads based on customers’ interests as indicated by their internet and social activities across networks—established in 2009 by Jon Elvekrog

The Fashion behind the N95 and Cotton Masks

Masks – Lockdown is being lifted and people start stepping out of their houses for work and other tasks, the demand for face masks and protective gear is at an all-time high and the supplies are going down due to insistent demand.