Developers Say 3D Games for Kirby Not Set in Stone

Photo: GameRant The newest Kirby game, Kirby and The Forgotten Land, brings Kirby and the Waddles Dees into the 3D world of an abandoned city through a wormhole. However, with this thrust into 3D games, the developers at HAL Laboratory still say

Brazil Workers Party Approves Alckmin as Lula’s VP Candidate

Photo: Reuters Brazil’s Workers Party (PT) has approved former Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin as the running mate of former leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for the presidential elections in October. Lula is a front-runner in the elections against far-right

Nightfall Group Expands Bespoke Luxury Experiences to Miami

​​ The luxury world has become more attainable via bespoke concierge businesses that allow people to live in style for a season via a sharing economy. In addition, some of today’s high-profile communities have been renting yachts, private jets, sports cars, and

Dr. Monica Patel on Heart Matters and Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is becoming increasingly prevalent with the rise of more sedentary lifestyles coupled with unhealthy habits. Cardiovascular health is vital, and a lot of heart problems are preventable with the appropriate lifestyle changes. Dr. Monica Patel is a quadruple board-certified cardiologist