Chicago’s Traffic Problem: What’s To Be Done?

Chicago’s traffic is literally infamous. Congestion in Chicago has been rated as the third-worst in the country, just behind Boston. Last year, drivers wasted an average of 145 hours in traffic. In terms of lost productivity, that adds up to about $2,100

Metaverse Bank MetaFi Built for the Modern Social Trading on Web3

The cryptocurrency world continues to grow, and metaverse applications are quickly following in this uptrend. Accordingly, new projects come out often and promise to bring even greater acceleration towards decentralization efforts. One of the latest projects to come out and to that

New Dating App for Single Parents Launched

Photo: Match Group Match Group, the company behind Tinder, Match, Hinge, OKCupid, and other dating services, launched a new app called Stir on Monday, which aims to remove some dating barriers for single parents. Match said that Stir focuses on meeting the

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