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The Fight Against Corruption, the Main Bet of Bashaga for Libya

According to a recent report by Transparency International, the African country is one of the ten most corrupt countries in the world.

While the economy of Libya is one of the strongest in Africa because of its large oil and gas reserves, it is also one of the most affected by the corruption phenomenon.

According to a recent Transparency International report, with 173 points, Libya ranks among the 10 countries in the world with the highest corruption perception indexes, along with Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, North Korea, Haiti and Venezuela.

In that sense and taking into account the panorama of corruption that Libya has experienced for years, the former Minister of the Interior Fathi Bashaga has decided to undertake a fight against this evil and has proposed, if he becomes president, to give continuity to the anti-corruption programs that he led since his mandate in the Government of National Accord.

“Creating more transparent and fair systems is key to reducing corruption. It will take years to change this culture in Libya, but the beginning must be putting systems in place,” explains Bashaga.

Bashaga vs. corruption

During his tenure as former Minister of the Interior, he signed several agreements to defeat this evil in the country, including a cooperation agreement with the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Sadiq al-Kabir, to defeat money laundering and terrorist financing within the State.

Bashaga also signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. company K2 Intelligence to establish secure and reliable information-sharing systems, and to track financial crimes and their networks inside and outside Libya.

Bashaga Proposes to Restructure Police in Libya to Restore Security

After the fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, the situation in Libya has been one of uncertainty and instability; as a result, the country has experienced enormous security challenges due to the constant threat of terrorism and other crimes such as money laundering.

The situation reaches a level that, according to the most recent Global Peace Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace, Libya ranks among the 10 most dangerous countries in the world, along with Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia and the Central African Republic.

Then what is the formula for restoring security in Libya? According to Fathi Bashaga, candidate for the Presidency of Lybia and former Minister of the Interior, it is necessary to intensify efforts to fight terrorism and organized crime, address deteriorating security conditions, and protect ports and borders.

“Protecting Libyan citizens, restoring stability in the country and building a State based on justice, law and equality requires strengthening cooperation between the various security, military and judicial institutions; and developing training programmes to improve the capacity of the security services,” adds Bashaga.

He also proposes to reform the police and continue the strategies and programs he developed during his tenure at the Ministry of the Interior, where he was able to reach out to citizens and re-establish the Human Rights Office to work hand in hand with human rights organizations, lawyers and justice agencies. He also proposes to launch a system or app that would allow Libyans to file complaints of abuses or violations more quickly and effectively.

Boba Inu Sugar Club Created a Cute and Refreshing Experience for NFT Enthusiasts

For anyone looking for a playful NFT collection, Boba Inu Sugar Club (BISC) should be on their radar. The impressive collection of 8,000 Boba Inus living on the Ethereum blockchain is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ERC-721 based Non-Fungible Tokens online.

Boba Inu Sugar Club is here to set forth the world’s first and finest metaverse night market party. Boba Inus can freely bond and share their favorite foods, Boba Teas, and life experiences in this digital world. In addition, holders will be able to participate in voting mechanisms tied in with real businesses, consume and create tangible products for enthusiasts and others, and manage their brands on and off-chain. 

The founders of Boba Inu Sugar Club believe that everyone is, to a large extent, a product of their upbringing, in a good way. The creators of this exciting NFT project come from a place where many of its inhabitants’ fondest childhood memories stem from the savory aromas of street delis and the matchless satisfaction of a Boba Tea on a hot summer day. 

Boba tea is not just an ordinary sweet drink to quench the thirst of the creators. Instead, it represents their memories with friends and loved ones, a hardworking street vendor’s method of providing for his family, the upset child’s solace, and an emblem of once being a kid. They hope to share this passion with everyone around the world, with the hope that they can all remember the things they each cherish most growing up so that they can treat everyone around them with love.

Each Boba Inu is randomly generated from a selection of over 180+ traits with different rarities. The art theme is based on Boba Tea (or Bubble Tea)—a genre of sweet drinks that are very popular in East Asia and becoming increasingly popular in the western world—and the Shiba Inu. Each NFT comes with a different combination of boba pearls, accessories, backgrounds, and Chinese characters.

Some of their traits also draw inspiration from pop culture and Japanese anime. Boba Inu NFTs with sufficient rarity will be eligible for personal merch on their e-commerce platform. There are eight unique LEGENDARY Boba Inus in the whole collection.

As their NFT community proliferates, they are looking to attract people interested in crypto investing, NFTs, digital art, anime, and pop culture. Prospective token holders can find updates on the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.  Moreover, their NFTs can stake utility tokens and participate in their upcoming night market game, which NFT investors are looking for nowadays. 

“We believe that much of the value of NFT art lies within originality. So with the abundance of mock projects in the current NFT space, we decided to stick to our style and create something new and original from things we love. We like dogs. We like Bubble Tea. So we combined them to create a cute and refreshing experience for our followers,” say the founders of Boba Inu Sugar Club.

They are also looking at inviting more people into anime and pop culture who would enjoy some of the references in their art. Also, people who like Boba Tea (Bubble Tea), are interested in Asian culture, or have Asian roots and heritage would love their project due to its strong Asian influence.

How Real Estate Investing Queen Sofia Estrada Castro Hopes to Empower Women in the Industry

Sofia Estrada Castro is a name that rings bells amongst the entrepreneurial community, with thousands of women looking up to her because of her resilience, success, and confidence to lead in a male-dominated industry. As a successful real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sofia’s inspirational story can easily capture the attention of any audience.

Long before her well-earned success, Sofia was a determined and hardworking woman trying to find her place in life. Despite dropping out of school in the 10th grade, she pursued different jobs and careers while trying to find her passion. Sofia met her now-husband, Bobby, who always had the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He asked her if she wanted to work for him on his business venture, so she decided to go for it. And, although the business didn’t work out, she never let that stop her from pursuing her dreams.

“The initial business didn’t work out. Bobby and I both ended up getting jobs elsewhere, but we didn’t lose hope of success. We found a how-to program on building a leasing brokerage that we had to invest in to learn the ropes, and that meant asking my mom to borrow $1800, which was a big deal. We didn’t want to disappoint, so we made sure to use the new information to build something incredible,” shared Sofia Estrada Castro. “I continued working for a cardiologist’s office by day and would work the business at night for a year. Once that first year passed, and we noticed the business was growing in full force, I knew it was time to quit and put my everything into it.”

Putting her all into the work was what Sofia went on to do, ultimately building strong working relationships and learning the ins and outs of the business along the way. While things happened slow yet steady, Sofia and Bobby turned their initial $1800 investment into a company valued at one billion dollars. During this time, her interest in real estate grew, which led to experiences in buying condo conversions and more. While there were ups and downs with plenty of obstacles to overcome while fixing, flipping, buying, and renting, Sofia’s genuine love for real estate kept her motivated to keep moving forward, leading to even more success in real estate investing.

“It’s because of my success in real estate investing that I’ve created Queen Ventures, a business all about helping women who want to get involved in the real estate industry. Getting into this industry is an excellent way to build generational wealth and live comfortably, and I want to help women get in on this opportunity,” said Sofia Estrada Castro. “I provide valuable information based on everything I’ve learned during my time in the industry to help women get started. My goal is to help women become independent and wealthy entrepreneurs who succeed in life.”

While hoping to empower women from all walks of life to learn more about real estate investing, Sofia Estrada Castro is ready to share her knowledge, tips, and tricks with those who can benefit most from it.

Iconic Mavericks NFT Bringing Iconic Figures to Life through Digital Art

As part of the digital takeover that non-fungible tokens have been doing over the last two years, more and more projects are coming out and utilizing uniqueness and innovation. This time, Iconic Mavericks is the newest NFT project bringing digital art to life while embodying traits from modern-day culture into iconic figures that represent the most celebrated people and things in the world.

Iconic Mavericks is a collection of 8,884 tokens made up of exciting visual traits inspired by the most iconic brands in the world. The team was put together by Benjamin Dinkins a founder. The art is designed by Criss Bellini, and the entire concept sheds light on some of the things that the world chooses to memorialize and celebrate. The Iconic Maverick universe holds a lot of promise, which revolves around owning or holding at least a piece of the artwork. Additionally, Iconic Maverick holders get exclusive access to the latest products, merchandise, art and events that the creative team may have in store at any given time.

There is a growing community built around Iconic Mavericks made up of real-life successful entrepreneurs and business owners who own profitable 7 to 9-figure businesses in various industries like real estate, e-commerce, digital businesses, blockchain, marketing, art, etc. Every member of the community gets the opportunity to network with one another and learn business skills directly from other members with tested and trusted success strategies. The project’s team also has plans to organize events in Las Vegas, Miami, Gstaad, and many other places, with holders of the token getting access to these events for free.

The team behind Iconic Mavericks cares about community members who stick with the project and take them importantly. “These are the most important people to us because they believe in the project and its mission. So we are constantly looking for new, interesting and unique ways to reward them,” a spokesperson for the team said. Some of the perks lined up for holders include lifetime access to mastermind events, merchandise and physical gifts. In addition, their Twitter and Instagram pages and their Discord server provide all the updates prospective holders need about the project.

At its core, the philosophy behind the creation of Iconic  Mavericks NFT is to give people who are determined to achieve their hearts’ desires a sense of belonging and a platform to thrive. “Our community is filled with people who set out to create their own, are unbothered by rejection, the trouble makers who haven’t found their place, those who never fit in, those living life on their own terms, those who don’t settle for mediocrity, and those who don’t need clarifications. They stand for a better world which they have set out to create with their visions and creations. It is a club where all are welcome,” Criss Bellini said.

After minting, each holder with more than ten Iconic Mavericks is eligible to receive an airdrop of an exclusive Criss Bellini Physical Print. Over the next few weeks, the team will host a giveaway on Twitter, and the project will go live for public sale on March 25, 2022.

Investing in Detroit: How Justin Fontenelle Helps Others See the Potential of this Metro Area

Location is everything when choosing a property to invest in. You want to make sure you’re getting the most you can out of the money you put in, and a key factor is where you decide to buy. Detroit, Michigan is one of the top metro areas for flipping houses, meaning investors see a higher return on their investment here than in any other city. For this reason, a team of real estate experts is guiding investors on taking opportunities and making the most out of this gold mine of a city.

Guiding global investors to the streets of Detroit

The potential for returns is higher in Detroit than any other city in the United States. It tops Marcus & Millichap’s exclusive Yield Index of 10 markets, with Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati coming in next. CEO of JustInvestNow Justin Fontenelle has focused his investment and property management business in Detroit because he wants to help others get a piece of the profit this city has to offer.

City officials are welcoming investors here, in an effort to revive the community to what it once was. The housing market has seen a slump within the past few years, but is on the rise. City development is making homes more in demand right now. These factors, combined with low prices for family homes, make Detroit a prime location for investors. People outside of the state and out of the country have seized the opportunity to flip in this market. In fact, most of the houses in the city have been purchased by investors who decided to get into the market early.   

Helping investors get more bang for their buck

Justin Fontenelle and his team at JustInvestNow are dedicated to getting the most profit for investors who work with them. Thanks to these experts, clients don’t have to find or manage properties on their own. JustInvestNow guides investors throughout the entire process so they can get started on their real estate journeys in the most efficient way possible. The team will start by helping you find a property based on your specific budget. After the ball is rolling, the team also serves as an on-site property management company. With this assistance, investors don’t have to worry about dealing with tenants or communicating with repair service professionals. It also serves as a holding company, so you have less administrative work to handle. Justin Fontenelle is changing the game by making real estate ambitions within reach for anyone.

Fontenelle has made investing in Detroit a no-brainer for anyone who has ever considered getting started in real estate. Being guided by a team of experts to help choose and manage your property is a safe, foolproof way to invest wisely. He is making it clear that there’s no reason to spend your hard earned money in a city that doesn’t serve you as well as Detroit, and you also don’t have to manage everything by yourself. By letting Justin Fontenelle and his team of experts do what they do best, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful landlord in no time. 

For more information on investing in Detroit and how Justin Fontenelle and his team can make the process easy, visit the company website here. 

From Troubled Teen to Successful CEO, Mark Minard Details How He Got So Far

When people find out that Mark Minard, the successful CEO of Dreamshine, has been to jail, it naturally comes as a surprise. Most would never think that the driven, self-motivated entrepreneur and author of a best-selling book, 16 Reasons Why Your Business Sucks, would have ever been in such a position. Unfortunately, Mark experienced multiple challenges throughout his life but refused to be held back by his past experiences. Instead, he persevered, making the best out of each situation while starting a business that would eventually become a massive success.

At the early age of 26, Mark came up with the idea to start Dreamshine with his sister, Amy. The duo has always been passionate about helping others and wanted to do something positive for developmentally disabled adults. Despite the ongoing recession happening behind the scenes, Mark and his sister decided to open the doors of their organization, and it has been onward and upward ever since.

“Amy and I knew that it was risky to start a business during a recession, but we didn’t let the doubters get to us. Instead, we focused on building a business centered around our clients. We wanted to provide them with new opportunities to learn different things, including life skills and social skills, which would help improve their quality of life,” says Minard. “When people found out about the business, they naturally took a liking to it and the many programs we offer. We provided something different from other businesses that existed, which helped us stand out and gain that edge. In addition, while most organizations focus on children with developmental delays, we wanted to focus more on the adults who could still use extra support and guidance through various programs.”

While the business has flourished over the past 15 years, Mark credits most of the success to the incredible team members who remain motivated and ready to help clients, along with his leadership skills. Knowing the importance of being a good leader, he’s made it a priority to be there when his team needs him while going above and beyond to provide the best experience possible for clients and their families.

“For people who’d like to run a successful business that grows over the years, I’d say it’s important to be a good leader. Many businesses suck because of the serious lack of leadership that leads to massive dysfunction and problems with retaining employees. Not everyone knows what they’re doing wrong, which is the reason I decided to write a book about the mistakes that people are making in business,” shares Minard. “The book touches on a lot of important topics to help entrepreneurs recognize their errors and bounce back from them. We all make mistakes, but if you want to make it far, you need to get yourself back up and focus on making improvements to elevate your situation.”

Because of his incredible journey, Mark Minard has also started hosting the Elevating Beyond podcast, where he offers helpful suggestions and advice on overcoming adversity to achieve goals in life.


Success is something achieved after countless hours of hard work and dedication towards one’s goal. Those who think of it as something that can be gained after a one-nighter are always left disappointed. Whether it be a success in one’s career or the success of a business, it needs to be built gradually to assure stability. Whether a business starts as a small mom-and-pop store or as a giant corporation, an increase in business only comes after the business or the executives have spent ample time in their field and have an in-depth understanding of it. Many people think that with enough preparations made, a business can succeed without having made its place in the industry. Only a company with management that is well informed of their field’s inner workings can hope to make their climb to success a streamlined journey. A Real-world example of such a company can be seen when observing the success story of Gary Upton’s bass string instrument company “Upton Bass.”

Although true success is impossible overnight, there are still many ways one can expedite the process of achieving it. There are many marketing and advertisement techniques that help promote the brand name and bring it to the attention of the masses. However, only focusing on marketing and ignoring all other basic elements can also become the downfall of one’s business. When a client chooses a business, it is not the marketing magic that helps retain them. The only way a company can survive and flourish in today’s economy is by ensuring the quality of service received by the customers. It is imperative that the business devise a business plan that addresses a crucial problem of their targeted audience and the best quality of service while solving them. Upton Bass is a company that was built to address the commonly faced problem of stringed instruments artists with a high level of quality and attention to detail.

Gary Upton founded Upton Bass in 1999 in Jewett City, CT. The foundation of his business was set by Gary’s realization of an instrumentalist’s daily worries. For any musical artist that used a stringed instrument, their instruments were their greatest assets. Performers considered them a partner, and most usually preferred to use one specific stringed instrument for an extended time until there was no other choice but to replace them. A stringed instrument is probably the most delicate out of all other instruments in regards to the delicacy involved in tuning the string and retaining its tone. A musician’s life is a hectic one, to say the least, with their professional calendar usually pre-scheduled for months at a time. With shows scheduled back-to-back at a great distance, locations left little room for any unforeseen problems. But problems are unfortunately known to happen at the most inconvenient times. The biggest issue a stringed instrument artist could encounter is being on the road and needing their guitars tuned or repaired. Gary being a widely known bass guitarist, had experienced these issues all the time in his career and agreed to them being one of the most stressful times of his career. With their preferred instruments out of order, artists need to fall back on other replacements that have been observed to impact their performance negatively. A repair company that could provide superior quality of maintenance and repair was hard to find, and artists had to spend many days with their guitars out of commission.

Gary decided to end the suffering of his fellow artists and found Upton Bass that could be the answer they needed. Upton Bass opened for business in a shop in Jewett City. After the initiation of the business, there was a tide of clients wanting to get their guitars maintained by Gary and his team. The reason for this sudden surge in business immediately after starting was the name Gary had earned in the musical industry. His reputation exceeded him, and his audience and fellow musicians recognized him. Every artist knew that if there were anyone that could provide the quality of service they desired, that would be Gary’s, Upton Bass. Everyone that came to Upton Bass left content, and the company’s popularity grew to a level where they soon needed to shift to a bigger location in Downtown Mystic, CT, in 2004. Upton Bass started selling equipment as well and became known to sell only the highest quality guitars. Soon, they experienced a shortage of space and skills and needed to move again. However, this time their new location did not sit well with the founders, and the search for a new home for Upton Bass started immediately.

Upton Bass found its new home in a barn that existed unnoticed on Gary’s property. This barn had the charm that the founders desired, and everyone agreed to make this their new base of operations. Upton Bass has gained phenomenal success from the initial days and has grown significantly. They received awards such as the 2009 Silver Medal for overall tone by the International Society of Bassists and the 2013 Certificate of workmanship by the International Society of Bassists. The reason for this success was behind the years of hard work done by Gary as a bassist and the fame he earned. His previous fame became the selling point of his business, and he was awarded it with immediate recognition.

Masala Pizza Gives Day-to-Day Pizza a Different Twist with Its Indian Flavors

Wherever part of the world a foodie goes, pizza is always a welcome food choice that can bring life to any gathering, from a simple family get together to unplanned night outs with friends, birthdays, or even family dinners when moms would rather not cook after a long day at work. Seeing that pizza is a part of countless lives and homes across the country, Masala Pizza is elevating the experience of pizza lovers by giving it a special Indian twist. Known for its mouthwatering spices and delicacies, Indian food transformed into a delicious pizza menu is the closest foodies will get to heaven on Earth. 

Owned and managed by entrepreneur Jay Patel, Masala Pizza has been capturing the hearts of Chicago residents with its sumptuous selection of flavors. Patel thought of a business model that would empower him to expand his business fast and enable various pizza businesses to offer exciting Indian flavors to a wide array of clients. Masala Pizza was created during the pandemic; in the midst of all businesses closing down, Patel found a way to save local businesses from closing and by partnering together. Thus, Masala Pizza grew. Now there is a Masala Pizza in almost every corner of Illinois, from Naperville to Addison, Chicago, Lincoln Park, Downers Grove, and Schaumburg. Very soon, it will also be available in Glenview and Orland Park. 

“I want to help as many mom and pop places as I can. Having local restaurants is amazing. Knowing that each contains their own story, we want to help save that and be a growing part in their story,” Patel explained. 

The Masala Pizza is also best known for its thin-crust 17, double dough 19, and deep-dish 23, varieties that pizza lovers are enjoying like anything. When it comes to well-known Indian spices, the company does not hold back anything. The Jalapeño Balepeno has the Tikka Masala base, Moti sauce, and toppings made up of mozzarella, giardiniera, and of course, loads of jalapeños. The Paneer Tikka Pizza, on the other hand, mixes the Moti and Cilantro Lime Sauces with the Tikka Masala base. Its toppings include mozzarella, paneer, onions, green peppers, and garlic red seasoning. 

Thanks to Jay Patel, these exhilarating and delicious combinations are spreading like wildfire in the Chicago area and beyond. His current success in Chicago is something that he aspires to duplicate around the country by partnering with local restaurants. In fact, Jay is set to open in the New Jersey / New York market in the next few months with stores opening in Parsippany, Edison, and Jersey City. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs, chefs, and restaurants can learn a lot from Patel’s unique approach to growing his businesses. He is not only establishing himself as a promising businessman, but he is also effectively promoting Indian food culture at the same time.

Off the Rails Restaurant Promotes Ludlow’s Local Scene to the World by Chef Andrew Molen

Off the Rails Restaurant is a new bar-restaurant located in Ludlow, Vermont. It is already known for its mouthwatering selections of all-time American favorites, like pizza and chicken wings, and some creative and fun bar bites.  It has become people’s go-to spot when they want to experience top-notch food, live music and performances, and a good ambiance.

Off the Rails Restaurant is currently pulling out all the stops to elevate the food and beverage scene of Ludlow, Vermont. Having witnessed a lack of late-night hangout spots in the town, the brilliant team behind this emerging enterprise thought it best to establish a restaurant and bar that cater to the needs of both the locals and tourists in the area. “We felt that Ludlow was missing a late local hangout,” shared the restaurant’s founder, Andrew Molen. “And we thought that by opening this, we would allow the locals and visitors to have a place to come and have fun. We want them to enjoy some good food and a welcoming atmosphere,” he added.

As Vermont is known to be a ski hot spot, thousands of tourists come to visit the state to experience the thrill. Seeing this as an opportunity to put the town on the map as an all-year destination, Off the Rails has made it its mission to provide the perfect place for delicious food, good vibes, and great music. It has partnered with a craft brewery company called Mount Holly to offer high-quality drinks for high-quality food made in a high-quality community.

Andrew Molen and Troy Curaso have high hopes for this bar and restaurant in Ludlow. Andrew has worked for high-quality restaurants in New York, including Insieme (Michelangelo Hotel), Chez Josephine, Southgate Restaurant (Jumeirah Essex House), The Plaza Food Hall (The Plaza Hotel), Sunset Beach (AB Hotels), Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (The London Hotel) Topping Rose House (Jean Georges), and Todd English Enterprises. 

Now, he is conquering the food scene in Ludlow, by bringing the dining experience to a whole other level. With his experience and extensive knowledge, he has married service, atmosphere, and food to create a once-of-a-kind bar and restaurant that caters to everyone who steps foot in the establishment.

“Our vision behind this venture is to bring some good and fun food so locals can listen to live music. We want them to enjoy good music and relax after a long ski day,” said the brilliant chef. 

Widely known in the industry as an innovator with excellent training and development skills, Andrew is continuing to improve and innovate the dining experience.

Exciting Opportunities Open for Artists as Upcoming NFT Community Tronic Launches This April 2022

The world of digital art is ever-expanding as the metaverse has successfully introduced a phenomenal achievement of monetizing digital art and other art forms. While the metaverse is open to all, not all artists have the capacity to make drops on their own. Achieving this requires collaborating with developers and entrepreneurs, and this is what Tronic is all about. The emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community is providing talented artists with an interest in NFTs, a curated marketplace where they can connect with digital art enthusiasts and avid collectors. 

Set to launch within the metaverse this coming April 2022, Tronic will showcase the interesting works of various artists, from well-known tattoo artists to the most sought-after modern artists of this generation. Scheduled to be featured in the platform are BLR$ by The House Of, Qverse by Magdiel Lopez, Art of the Everyday by Kelly Christine Sutton, Creatures of Notoriety by Curtis Hale, At a Glance by Ridge Young, Windbags by Eric Dettmers, Twos Day by Ridge Young, Trading Faces by Steve McElroy, Come Play by Carolyn Joe Art, Panther Phobia by Luke Wessman, Sacred Panther by Phil LaRocca, and Colorful Creatures by Karen Musgraves. 

Avid art collectors will find Tronic highly engaging as it will feature rare artworks, some of which will have a limited number of items available once dropped. BLR$ will only feature 25 items, 20 for Qverse, 33 for Art of the Everyday, 2,171 for Creatures of Notoriety, and 2,500 for all the other collections. 

BLR$ is expected to drop in April and it will drop a limited series of “All-Star” artworks that will highlight the different aspects of a baller’s life. Qverse, on the other hand, will consist of 100 original 1/1 NFTs that will be broken down into four unique drops when it is introduced this April. Only 20 NFTs will be featured in each drop and they have the ability to unlock five special characters. This collection will also feature four basic personas: Heroes, Leaders, Shadows, and Creators. Art of the Everyday will see the beautiful photos taken by Sutton before the pandemic and her motherhood. She used a 35mm film Nikkormat camera from the 1980s and the results are breathtaking. Her artworks will drop this April as well.

“The target audience for the Tronic marketplace is going to include everyone and be especially welcoming to newcomers who want to collect art. We plan on making transactions simple and will have the ability for users to check out via CC coming very soon,” the developers shared. 

This coming April, the first drop will be the Tronic Pass, a collection of 25,000 distinct and animated pieces of artwork that will signal the beginning of the massive Tronic journey. The pass is considered the key to several exciting privileges and access to the most exclusive events within the metaverse. Owning a Tronic NFT entitles the holder to the token’s suite of tools that will help aspiring and seasoned artists realize their dream of showcasing their creations within the metaverse. 

The impressive list of artists on board is mainly due to the effort of Tronic art director Curtis Hale. He is also working on creating collaborations to add value to the future projects of the token community. As of today, the community has lined up weekly drops starting this April. Holders should be able to access the Tronic Creator Tools by the end of the year. This lifetime privilege will come in very handy to artists who intend to showcase their own artworks. 

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.