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The City of Gold Emerges as a Trailblazing Project Aiming to Elevate the Metaverse

Digital assets in the crypto space are all about offering holders wealth and abundance. While non-fungible tokens could have easily fallen in the same linear category, they prove to be multi-faceted, making them different from the others. More than just the value they hold and the benefits they offer, these NFTs wield powerful stories and showcase incredible art styles that other assets do not possess. One of the standout projects bound to hit the Ethereum blockchain this year is City of Gold, a venture kicked off by two visionaries, Gabriel Pfiefer and Alex Davila. 

The City of Gold is a real-life community-owned world that aims to address the need to bridge the online gold rush with real-world wealth principles. On a mission to enrich its members online and offline, the project empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs and serves as a platform that would catapult these aspirants to the summits of success. 

Armed with extensive experience in the field of sales, Gabriel Pfeifer has generated more than a hundred million in the past ten years while training hundreds of salespeople. He is eventually joined by Alex Davila, who happens to be an avid and early crypto adopter and has made a reputation for himself in the NFT space as a BBW or Baby Beluga Whale. Together, they tapped into their innovative flair and came up with a unique project for the metaverse. As a result, they created the City of Gold. 

In an interview, the power duo shared that the City of Gold project is heavily inspired by the story of El Dorado. “Our City of Gold is for entrepreneurs and NFT/Metaverse enthusiasts. We’re building a community to have seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs share values about NFTs, business, and growing as entrepreneurs, focused on enriching our community online and offline,” they said. 

Gabriel Pfiefer and Alex Davila have decided that their enterprise will have a total of six districts as well as six separate phases. City of Gold’s first release will feature a wide collection of 10,000 beachfront mansion NFTs. Unlike other ventures that feature characters and avatars, its artwork is an artistic web3 depiction of how modern real estate is designed, developed, built, and sold.

As soon as the project launches, prospective token holders can mint one of 10,000 digital real estate NFTs consisting of a hundred base models. On top of that, those who mint will receive a virtual mansion and plot of land that serves as a governance token. In this way, holders can participate in future DAO governance decisions on the platform. Moreover, the City of Gold project will also be providing them with daily tips from scanners they acquired to scour the market for Alpha.

“To this point, nobody has developed a realistic metaverse with a focus on commerce for our community. We have many renders behind the scenes not publically available for the development of properties as well as blueprints for our infrastructure and map rollout,” the developers explained. The team is dedicated to the community, and they have set up a Discord and Instagram and Twitter accounts so the community can stay updated.

The crypto space may already be replete with existing projects, but the City of Gold still manages to rise with an innovative flair. Much can be expected from this upcoming venture as it revolutionizes the metaverse.

Investing in Detroit: How Justin Fontenelle Helps Others See the Potential of this Metro Area

Location is everything when choosing a property to invest in. You want to make sure you’re getting the most you can out of the money you put in, and a key factor is where you decide to buy. Detroit, Michigan is one of the top metro areas for flipping houses, meaning investors see a higher return on their investment here than in any other city. For this reason, a team of real estate experts is guiding investors on taking opportunities and making the most out of this gold mine of a city.

Guiding global investors to the streets of Detroit

The potential for returns is higher in Detroit than any other city in the United States. It tops Marcus & Millichap’s exclusive Yield Index of 10 markets, with Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati coming in next. CEO of JustInvestNow Justin Fontenelle has focused his investment and property management business in Detroit because he wants to help others get a piece of the profit this city has to offer.

City officials are welcoming investors here, in an effort to revive the community to what it once was. The housing market has seen a slump within the past few years, but is on the rise. City development is making homes more in demand right now. These factors, combined with low prices for family homes, make Detroit a prime location for investors. People outside of the state and out of the country have seized the opportunity to flip in this market. In fact, most of the houses in the city have been purchased by investors who decided to get into the market early.   

Helping investors get more bang for their buck

Justin Fontenelle and his team at JustInvestNow are dedicated to getting the most profit for investors who work with them. Thanks to these experts, clients don’t have to find or manage properties on their own. JustInvestNow guides investors throughout the entire process so they can get started on their real estate journeys in the most efficient way possible. The team will start by helping you find a property based on your specific budget. After the ball is rolling, the team also serves as an on-site property management company. With this assistance, investors don’t have to worry about dealing with tenants or communicating with repair service professionals. It also serves as a holding company, so you have less administrative work to handle. Justin Fontenelle is changing the game by making real estate ambitions within reach for anyone.

Fontenelle has made investing in Detroit a no-brainer for anyone who has ever considered getting started in real estate. Being guided by a team of experts to help choose and manage your property is a safe, foolproof way to invest wisely. He is making it clear that there’s no reason to spend your hard earned money in a city that doesn’t serve you as well as Detroit, and you also don’t have to manage everything by yourself. By letting Justin Fontenelle and his team of experts do what they do best, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful landlord in no time. 

For more information on investing in Detroit and how Justin Fontenelle and his team can make the process easy, visit the company website here. 

Meta Skellies Creates a Unique Online Community with Rewards for Holders

When non-fungible tokens started making waves early in 2021, the crypto industry gained more momentum. But while most people focus on the investment aspect of NFTs, many projects are driven by the desire to create a community for individuals who are looking to share the same values and passions. Meta Skellies is among the latest projects to join the NFT space to create a unique experience for its community.

Meta Skellies is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated tokens. Like many established NFT projects in the space, Meta Skellies relies on the digital art medium. However, while others use the 2D style to create animal theme tokens, Meta Skellies strives to break away from the typical NFT projects.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Meta Skellies are ERC-721 standard tokens that grant holders numerous benefits. The NFT project provides them with rewards on the blockchain and real-world utilities. Meta Skellies aims to become a community-centric collection, involving the community as much as possible. Additionally, they provide holding rewards distributed among holders with automatic participation in airdrops, giveaways, and exclusive access to upcoming projects.

“This isn’t your average collection. We are Meta Skellies,” said the project developers. “Each one of our NFTs is 100% unique and varies in rarity, thanks to our custom algorithm.”

Meta Skellies was developed for a variety of people, including those who love art, have ambitions for creative ways of utilizing NFTs, have an interest in a revolutionary project, appreciate being part of a fantastic community, have a vision for new technology in the NFT space, and people who care about the value provided in a project.

The Skelly Tokens are generated from DeFi staking and come with varying traits that can allow holders to receive passive income. Holders use the tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem, giving them access to participate in the Skellies Festival, a one-week event that will start after the initial drop. Furthermore, they will be invited to the Private Skellies Holders Club on Discord, granting them access to channels and events in real life. Additionally, future holders will be the first to receive information about the future developments of the project. Prospective holders can also get updates through Twitter and Instagram.

Each Skelly consists of many traits and attributes that are all completely hand-drawn. The custom algorithm they place carefully selects each trait for the NFTs, eliminating the chances to produce similar Skellies. The drawn traits gained inspiration from various cultures and places across the globe. The designing process was also monitored by experts from the beginning, making sure that the end result delivers in terms of quality.

While the project is yet to launch, the Meta Skellies team is hard at work, putting in effort to ensure the development phase yields excellent results. Once the work is done, the hype team will be working relentlessly to ensure the project gets out into the world, expanding the number of members. 

The Meta Skellies is set to launch in May, with the mint price yet to be announced. After the collection sells out, the team will celebrate with the Skellies Festival.

DeLotty NFT, Redefining the Lottery Industry Through the Metaverse

Despite being in business for a very long time, the lottery market continues to grow over time. With each year, more people are hoping to become the lucky winner. However, the industry also has its own issues, such as dwindled jackpots, limited security, and long payouts. Cognizant of this, a team of brilliant individuals has created a solution to these problems through the blockchain-based project, DeLotty NFT.

It is a collection of 7,777 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These 3D NFTs feature lottery balls and lottery drums as unique characteristics. In addition, it comes with a large number of traits which ensures that every artwork is one of a kind. Each minted token is classified into five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

But aside from its impressive art, what makes the venture stand out is its inspiring vision. As its creators have insightfully explained, “The technology behind Blockchain is opening the door for fairer, safer, and more transparent lottery platforms that could revolutionize the industry. The next step in the evolution of lotteries is blockchain technology that enables autonomous decentralized operations with a high level of participants’ gains, transparency, privacy, security, and unity of players from all over the world.”

So to carry out this remarkable goal, the project has created an excellent set of utilities that provide the community with countless perks and benefits. First off, DeLotty has designed a next-generation web3 lottery DeFi platform that is integrated with the Metaverse. In addition, it includes a simplified online lottery model that addresses the primary issues found in traditional lottery.

On top of that, buyers can earn additional revenue as 15% of the proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets will be allocated to those who stake their NFTs. The minimum requirement for staking to benefit from income distribution is 60 days.

Of course, it comes with well-thought-out tokenomics with its Play-to-Earn and Hodl-to-Reward initiatives. This incredible feature ensures that players are empowered to always be part of the game. Furthermore, the venture will facilitate and autonomize its rewards program through its native utility token, DLOT.

Aside from these already extraordinary benefits, DeLotty gives its community many other benefits. For example, when a jackpot is drawn, those NFTs staked on its DeFi platform will get up to 5% of the jackpot distributed. Additionally, a DAO will also be established, which will give the community voting rights for possible future projects. 

Finally, breeding is allowed for some users. Each pair of NFTs can breed and produce one DeLotty Junior NFT. The eligibility criteria for breeding is having 2000 DLOT Token. A total of 3888 DeLotty Junior NFTs can be bred, while another 5,555 can be minted.

DeLotty NFT is undoubtedly committed to its mission of creating a much better lottery platform for people worldwide. As a result, it is shaping to be one of the most promising ventures in the crypto industry. As such, interested parties, most especially lottery and NFT enthusiasts, should keep an eye out for the exciting project. 

Mukesh Asopa explores experimental ideas and out of the box themes in his movies.

The best films, as is well known, share a few important characteristics: concise storytelling, excellent acting, an innovative concept, and spectacular aesthetics. And similarly the best directors and producers – who have a keen eye and will to combine all these characteristics and bring concepts to life. Mukesh Asopa, a trailblazing filmmaker from Canada is a great example of such an artist, who has gained mass popularity for his unique approach and become a pioneer in the Canadian as well as international market. 

Most of Asopa’s films explore big philosophical concepts which makes him remarkably consistent in his favored themes. One of his most obvious passions is society: how it works, how it becomes corrupted, and how our actions and prior experiences mold and even create what we call “reality.” Two of his films – The Taste of Relation and Depth of Pyaar are the most explicitly interested in the topic reflecting a  great two-shot of a shared moment between two characters that sums up their strange and convoluted relationship. Other works by Asopa include movies like Bloody Romeo which explores the serious subject of suicides, Chambers Gate which addresses the political and system corruption prevalent in today’s day, Zombie Beach, that on a lighter note has a unique concept of multicultural zombies. The upcoming movies announced by Asopa are Postal Code, Sri Dungargarh, Untitled Horror Movie.

A film must be more than technically proficient in order to have meaningful social influence. It must be able to broaden our understanding, shift our perspectives, and motivate us to take action. And for that to happen Asopa incorporates such components that make his films memorable.  But behind these iconic artworks are some surprising approaches and ideas that form the foundational process of bringing these masterpieces to the screens. 

Asopa’s films naturally mix some of the most emotive aspects from different artistic mediums into a spectacular smorgasbord of sight and sound. Through literal or abstract visuals, juxtapositional editing, and innovative use of sound design, he expresses emotions, ideas, concepts, and almost anything else. The degree to which he combines a varied variety of components to evoke or express emotion or philosophy is outstanding, and it is what distinguishes him as one of the industry’s most experimental filmmakers.

“Film is special as a medium because it depicts life in a way that other forms of art, such as painting or photography, cannot. The film is the only medium that can depict time, duration, and motion, bringing it the closest to capturing life itself.” Abiding by this, Asopa has and vows to explore his artistic capabilities and tap into the magnificent power of films – influencing people one movie at a time. 

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT Giving the NFT World a Peek into Luxury Life in the Metaverse

Access to luxury has been a recurring theme in many NFT projects. Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT is a new NFT on the horizon giving NFT enthusiasts value and the chance to experience luxury.

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is the first NFT project to design 3D, fully traversable 90-meter mega yachts for the metaverse. The project sets itself apart from other artworks in the NFT world by making its yachts complex and traversable. Since the metaverse hosts a digital world on its own, holders of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club get to explore the luxury that a mega yacht offers within the digital world. They get access to and can explore every inch of the yacht, including the gyms, casinos, movie rooms, spas, and many more.

Beyond the traversable mega yacht that Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT offers, the project and the team behind it are passionate about doing good in the world. Thus, they have pledged a significant portion of their profits to marine conservation charities. Also, the team is in the process of creating real-work experiences to get a strong presence in the real world.

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club NFT depicts a world based on a marina and is creating value around a project based on that world. The tagline “Revolutionizing Web 3.0 with #TheMetaverseMarina” reflects the project’s commitment to ocean conservancy and showing off high-end marine craftsmanship.

Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, Lazy 8ight Yacht Club consists of 8,888 unique, completely traversable 90-meter yachts. And as a community-oriented project, the project is expected to build a legacy that holders will be proud of.

“What we hope to achieve with L8YC is to make it synonymous with ocean conservancy and high-end marine craftsmanship. In addition, we care about community and collaboration, which is why we’re working collectively to build our community, foster valuable partnerships and launch a project that holders can see as a part of their bright digital future,” said the co-founders: Arin Alesauskas, CEO; Gunnar Dunbar, COO; and Oriana Schneps, CMO.

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is slated to go on presale on March 31, 2022, with each token priced at 0.3 ETH. It is currently ramping up followers and support on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.Join  L8YC on Discord:

Cell-Inspired NFT Project Divinity Cells Showcases Its Artistry and Intricacies

The NFT world continues to expand as more people become educated in the branding power and utility found in blockchain-based innovation. Accordingly, people are always looking out for the next big NFT project. One name that collectors should keep in mind is a project called Divinity Cells, which promises all kinds of exciting projects and campaigns.

Divinity Cells is a massive collection of 8,000 NFTs inspired by cells that live in the Ethereum ecosystem. The founding team has imagined and illustrated what some of the cells that inhabit unknown galaxies in our Universe might look like. The Cells or the artworks are unique and different from the current NFT climate. Each Cell has been artistically and individually crafted, with unique textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, categorized into different groups. The core team conceived the NFT art as an interactive tool, diving deep into the cells and unearthing the mysteries they hold. As a result, some cells will evolve together and create new works of art, which users can showcase in a new collection.

Every Cell is made with intricate details with the capacity to zoom in on every NFT artwork and discover the beauties and mysteries hidden inside them.

“Divinity Cells are cells of unknown origins, with endless colors, shapes and sizes—a creative combination between artificial intelligence and human design. We created and customized each cell individually, to make our collection as unique as possible. As a result, the collection will eventually become more and more exclusive. When mutations start, the Divinity Cells collection will decrease from 8000 to 1788 unique Cells,” says the founding team of this unique NFT Project. 

One of the unique features of this NFT is a Treasure Hunt. This is where only Divinity Cells holders will be able to participate and enjoy its privilege. It will be an interactive activity of searching for clues and icons hidden within the depths of various Cells. Holders will have the chance to win more than a hundred NFT and crypto prizes in the Treasure Hunt, including up to 1 BTC.

In this massive NFT collection, there are three types of Cells: Singular Cells, Double Cells, and Legendary Cells. Singular cells are 1,553 unique cells and have a family with 4 clones, making up 7765 cells for the entire collection. Singular cells will be able to evolve together, by combining 2 cells of the same family. The mutated cells will burn and create new evolutionary NFT artworks in a new collection. Double cells are 225 unique Cells that can mutate by themselves, creating new works of art, while preserving the original. Finally, the Legendary Cells are ten individual cells with no clones. They will be the most valuable and sought after in the entire collection. Legendary Cells can also mutate by themselves, just like the Double Cells, while preserving the original cells.

“We are a close-knit community, welcoming of all, however, our project would most likely appeal to NFT, crypto, Metaverse enthusiasts, as well as people who are interested in stocks and investments, technology, art and science,” said the founding team. The project’s community is on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

The NFT team is made up of eleven members and all with different backgrounds residing in America and Europe. They have common interests and goals such as revolutionizing the world of art by creating a remarkable experience.

The MetaVolution Play-To-Earn Game Strikes the Perfect Balance Between Semi-Realism and Cartoon

Play-To-Earn games (P2E) have been all the rage these days. The advent of NFTs has brought the technology to greater heights, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the gaming world in its entirety. The massive popularity of NFTs has seen projects coming out left and right, and as a consequence, the saturated market has been suffering from a severe lack of originality. The MetaVolution NFT aims to spark a revolution in the metaverse by offering something truly unique in a sea of similar NFT projects.

What makes MetaVolution truly unique is how it approaches its art style and story, seamlessly blending both aspects into a magnificent whole. The highly anticipated NFT project sets a groundbreaking precedent by utilizing the highest quality three-dimensional art with unique, distinctive details that strike a perfect balance between realism and cartoon-like features.

The team behind the renowned NFT project has also taken things a step beyond by focusing on inclusivity and diversity within its cast of characters. “We’ve put a lot of thought and work into making the art inclusive and relatable by having a 50/50 mix between men and women in the collection,” explained the MetaVolution creators.

MetaVolution is a Play-to-Earn On-Chain game that puts NFT enthusiasts in the middle of an immersive fantasy world filled to the brim with unique environments, distinct characters, and a deep story. The lore revolves around  the Immortals, went through a dimensional portal called the Ark and suffered body modifications that they now have to live with.

The breathtaking art of MetaVolution puts it above the rest of the competition. The unique digital art pieces utilize the perfect balance of semi-realistic and cartoon elements that is unparalleled. The project’s lore, heavily paired with the unique art style, brings the project to greater heights.

The story begins with a world where survivors of a terrible pandemic have no choice but to go through a two-dimensional portal to gain a chance of survival. “Before they could go through the Ark, the survivors had to subdue their body to cybernetic transformations and mutations that transformed them into unique, extraordinary beings. Since the story happens in the future, there are also sci-fi elements that are being added to the art to make it look futuristic,” shared the developers.

Gamers who thoroughly enjoy RPGs will also find a great interest in MetaVolution, and they can find project updates on Twitter and Instagram. The NFT mirrors the complex elements of a video game without the unnecessary barrier of entry that has plagued modern video games, such as mindless grinding. “They must be looking for that excitement of completing quests to loot progressively more and more valuable rewards as they progress in our game ecosystem. We want to bring back the World of Warcraft type of loot experience after you finish a boss, but progressively and without having to be online and locked in the gameplay for five hours straight before being able to achieve it,” explained the creators.

The MetaVolution NFT is a community-driven project. Community members will mostly consist of individuals who are big fans of manga, science fiction, and cyberpunk fiction. With MetaVolution, there is so much for these like-minded individuals to sink their teeth into, allowing them to foster a brilliant community through and through. The project is tailor-made for individuals who can appreciate the MetaVolution’s relatable lore and connect it to what’s happening and what could happen in the real world, offering a sense of escapism through its unique fantasy world.

The MetaVolution NFT has a collection of 11 one-of-ones, which are 100% unique. The rest of the 8,778 tokens in the collection will be procedurally generated with a diverse set of high-quality elements and attributes to make them distinct.

How Hooking Up Online Makes You a Happier Woman?

The use of online adult dating sites and apps has increased due to the increasing spread of technology and the availability of the Internet. Before that, hooking up online seemed like a strange or weird way for people to get a casual partner, and some of them hardly heard of it.

Today, it has become known to most of us, especially young people, and the idea is no longer strange when mentioned in front of someone. Indeed, we are witnessing the successful use of adult dating sites, and we all have friends who found casual partners via such platforms. Many women have become more satisfied with their casual relationships and happier than others who follow the traditional way of hooking up due to some of the reasons we will review in this article. But before getting into it check out the best swinger sites

Women search very carefully for a gentleman

On your way to searching for the right casual partner, you will come across many profiles that will catch your attention, but for sure, you don’t have to stop every time you come across a unique profile. What they write in their biography, their information on their dating profile, and their pictures are not enough to tell you that this is the right partner.

You have to start the conversation and discover how honest they are in the information and pictures they uploaded. As we know, and this is a characteristic prevalent in most women, the most important thing that attracts their attention is gentleness.

A gentleman does not mean a wealthy person, but he should be elegant, lovely, and respectful to others. You won’t come across this type directly in real life, and you won’t be able to search for a long time to find the gentleman easily, so the matter will be easier on adult dating sites because you will explore and come across a lot of appropriate profiles while in your place. Finding a suitable gentleman and having a successful casual relationship will make you a happy woman.

Women can figure out bad traits in men on online hookup websites

Women who use adult dating websites to hook up with different men are looking for the men who suit their qualities in general, so definitely they will stay away from the stingy, arrogant, or reckless men. You will not get Casanova easily just by hooking up online. Women can discover men through what they write in private conversations, and they can figure out their traits after a short period of their mutual relationship. Who among us does not want a casual relationship free of headaches and a partner who appreciates her to the maximum?

Hooking up online gives women more courage and reduce shyness and fear

We all know that women are shyer than men and frequently less daring. Adult dating sites help women get over this kind of shyness. Having a written chat online remains more comfortable for shy women than a face-to-face meeting. They can express their opinions regarding embarrassing topics, especially when it is about having a one-night stand. 

Adult dating sites also give women more courage to break up than real-life. We have all been in a situation where we lost interest in our casual partner, and we want out of a relationship but don’t have the courage or the ability to say that face-to-face. Meanwhile, in hooking up online, when you feel your casual partner is not suitable, you can use written chat without being overpowered by emotions, as it happens in real-life meetings. Clarifying desires and opinions about embarrassing issues and getting rid of shyness little by little will help shy women be daring and courageous, leading to happier emotional and sexual relationships.

In short, finding a successful relationship with a suitable partner while using online adult dating sites will end in finding the right casual partners you have been looking for. 


Connecting with the right casual partner who matches your desires, characteristics, and traits will make your sexual experience a happier one. Who said you should not enjoy a casual relationship like a long-term one? Look wisely and carefully for a suitable partner till you both know what happiness is.

Project 41K Exotics on Facilitating Success for Go-Getters Worldwide

Although the crypto trend has been around for quite some time already, it was not until the rise of non-fungible tokens that individuals, besides enthusiasts and investors, were able to appreciate what it is truly about. The emergence of NFTs has given other groups such as artists, entrepreneurs, gamers, and many other sectors a platform where they can derive value out of their hobbies and interests. In the case of Project 41K Exotics, personal development seekers and business owners are granted the opportunity to level up and become the best versions of themselves. 

With Project 41K Exotics, go-getters from all walks of life can elevate their careers and improve their lifestyles. The upcoming project aims to give these individuals the chance to achieve their personal goals and succeed in their respective professional journeys. More than anything, it hopes to provide the necessary tools and resources that would catapult aspirants to the summits of success. 

On a mission to dominate the crypto space, Project 41K Exotics emerges with a wide collection of 2,500 Exotic NFTs. In an effort to distinguish the tokens from other existing projects, the developers went the extra mile to come up with unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. As a matter of fact, it has partnered with one of today’s top CGI design studios and has previously worked with Lamborghini, Audi, Aliexpress, and other reputable brands worldwide. 

“We made sure to put as much time, energy, and effort into the quality of the art style displayed on each token,” they said. “In this way, our community can feel great and confident about the artwork they are investing in before they can enjoy the benefits of the utility that comes along with it.”

Currently, there are only 50 animated NFTs in the collection. According to the creators, anyone who mints a rare animated NFT will automatically be entered into an unannounced giveaway that is filled with fun and excitement. In addition to the value and income that it generates, the project still has so much in store for its holders. 

Project 41K Exotics is more than an average player in the crypto scene. Aside from granting holders exclusive perks, the Exotic Car NFT card also serves as the holder’s M/B membership card. Some of the members-only benefits that it provides are access to the M/B (millionaire to billionaire) MASTERMIND and the chance to collaborate with the business or investment group of millionaires and billionaires. The community can unlock future areas and other features through roadmap activation.

One of the things that the creators of Project 41K Exotics want to highlight is the fact that buying an Exotic NFT is not just an act of buying a provably-rare piece of art. By purchasing a token, holders gain membership access to a hub where an arsenal of benefits and offerings are bound to increase over time.

“Your NFT can serve as your digital identity and open digital doors for you,” they revealed. 

The M/B mastermind will become operational once the 85% sell period is reached. Each NFT holder will then be able to attend the project’s mastermind meetings via Metaverse Board Rooms, Live Events, Zoom Calls, and more.