50 Consecutive Days of Gas Price Drops Show Positive Signs

Image source: Car World Automotive On Wednesday, AAA reported that the national average for regular gasoline fell three cents, and prices dropped to $ 4.16 per gallon. Falling pump prices continue to relieve people, especially in light of inflation and a shrinking

Diane Hendricks: the Richest Self-Made Woman in America

Diane Hendricks is among the most exceptional women in America with her rags to riches story, something that usually only comes from stories. In early June, Diane Hendricks continued her five-year streak of success, topping the Forbes list of America’s richest self-made

Former Trump Attorney John Eastman Thrown Under the Bus

In a hearing before Congress, Trump’s conservative attorney John Eastman detailed how he helped the former President overturn the 2020 election. The strategy didn’t go unnoticed though as it only led to more scrutiny. John Eastman is a former lawyer connected to

A List of the Ten Best Restaurants in Portland

Image source: OpenTable The restaurants in Portland are endless, and the residents take great pride in creating some of the city’s best dishes. Widely renowned for its massive food cart scene, Portland also boasts a significant number of farmer’s markets and urban

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