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Michelle Larsen Is an Inspired Master of Art, Crafting Her Own Unique Style of Artistry

Inspiration can be found everywhere, down to the tiniest mountain crack to the lushest green forests of the world. Nature can be a powerful tool for motivation, inspiration, and beauty, which is why the master artist Michelle Larsen has made it a point to channel all of that beauty through her mixed media art pieces.

Michelle Larsen is well-known for her dynamic art pieces that evoke a sense of movement that traditional media could never capture. Her artwork utilizes the beauty of nature and the captivating dynamism of movement to tell a story that only she can. Michelle graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado, and she had always been surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

She graduated in 1980 and specialized in outdoor advertising, lettering, and sign painting. As one of the great artists of Denver, Colorado, she went and painted billboards and signs in the area, garnering a lot of attention in her field. In 2009, Michelle Larsen finally dove into a fine arts career. Eventually, she began sculpting canvases with paper to create a three-dimensional painting in 2011.

Her experimentation with mixed media led her to discover her own inner creativity. This allowed her to develop her style further, pushing the boundaries of her art to the limit. With time and practice, Michelle Larsen was able to refine her craft and develop a technique that is exclusively her own.

Michelle Larsen moved to Prescott, Arizona, in 2019 and established her own art gallery called The Parlor Art Gallery, LLC. She exclusively displays her work at her own gallery to the sheer delight of her audiences. Today, Michelle is a world-renowned mixed media artist that uses paper to create a sculpted canvas. Her style of choice utilizes oil paint with bold colors, which she applies to the sculpture, creating a three-dimensional painting that protrudes from the surface. 

She consistently challenges her audiences into thinking about whether her artworks are sculptures or paintings, but Michelle Larsen expresses that her works are definitely a mix of both. 

Michelle Larsen’s art style is heavily inspired by the land dwellers who have experienced the human struggle. She also heavily draws her inspiration from the Western lifestyle, mountain life, and nature itself. Most of her artworks capture the essence of passing time. All of her themes and ideas blend seamlessly together with the three-dimensional nature of her artwork. 

Her art speaks volumes and vibrates with a sense of life as if having a pulse. It is a testament to her insurmountable talent and her passion for her craft. She pours out all the energies that pulsate within herself in her artwork. She sees beyond this dimension and is naturally drawn to an animated representation of her subjects.

She hopes that her audience can follow along with what she wants to portray with every piece that she puts out. As Michelle Larsen continues to push the boundaries of art, she hopes to continue captivating her audience through her dynamic artworks and her beautiful natural style.

Most recently, Michelle Larsen was awarded the ARTYA Award by ArtTour International Magazine. 

Find out more about the amazing Michelle Larsen and her breathtaking art by checking out her official website. For more live updates, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Darnell Fontenot Rises Above Poverty to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Blessings abound those who are willing to work their way to the top and achieve success in numerous ways. Darnell Fontenot is one of those few people who have survived multiple struggles to come out on top. He attributes most of his success to the loving care of his parents and the power of the man upstairs, God. Darnell is a faithful man who never lost his will to succeed. Nowadays, he manages his own business helping other people succeed the same way he did.

Darnell Fontenot is the 25-year-old founder and CEO of the online travel business Darnell’s Travel, which is powered by The website offers services such as flight bookings, hotels, cruises, and car services to various destinations all over the world. Darnell’s company aims to help people gain access to different destinations through a single click, eliminating all the hassle of checking various websites.

Darnell’s Travel has garnered worldwide acclaim among its loyal clientele ranging from various travel providers, hotel brands, agencies, and tour operators. Darnell Fontenot guarantees the security of his clients’ information whenever they avail of his website’s services. Passports and visas are secured through the Center for International Business and Travel (CIBT), and Darnell makes sure to provide quality insurance options to his travelers.

Aside from his own business, Darnell Fontenot is also a credible partner of PlanNet Marketing. The company is dedicated to providing people with the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to build financial independence. The trusted partnership allows representatives of PlanNet Marketing to utilize their passion for traveling as a separate income stream.

In spite of all of the success that he is currently celebrating, Darnell Fontenot has suffered through a lot of obstacles in his early childhood. At the young age of nine, he was separated from his biological mother and was sent into the foster child system. Darnell hopped from one home to another, struggling to find his place in the world.

Yet despite all the struggles, Darnell Fontenot was a true man of God whose faith never wavered. In God’s time, he was adopted by a loving family who nurtured his faith in the Lord. Two years ago, his adopted mother passed away, while his adopted father passed away five years ago. He has vowed to continue their legacy by building his travel business and succeeding on all fronts.

As he cites most of his influences, Darnell Fontenot also attributes his success to the motivation provided by the multi-millionaire entrepreneur Dan Lok. Darnell expresses that the similarity of their life experiences drew him toward Dan, as they both suffered through poverty while eventually succeeding in life through their businesses.

“The struggle will make you even stronger than ever before and will make you hungry for success,” says Darnell Fontenot. In the near future, he hopes to scale his travel company to become bigger than it already is, broadening its reach to the rest of the world. He also hopes to employ more people to his team in order to generate more jobs for talented individuals. His heart is truly in the right place, and he deserves all of the success that he is getting.

Find out more about the amazing Darnell Fontenot by checking out his company’s official website. For more information on his partnership with PlanNetNow Marketing, make sure to check out the website.

Berblan, a Bundle of Talents Blessing the World with Her Gifts

Multitalented 15-year old prodigy from Dallas, Texas, Berblan has spent all her life developing her skills in various areas like piano, violin, dancing, and visual arts. Only three years shy of adulthood, and she has started getting recognition for all the skills she has acquired. Performing well in various competitions all over the United States, Berblan has earned herself a spot as a member of the U.S. Figure Skating Organization. She is also a model student at her school as she is the student council secretary and the social media manager handling the Instagram page for her class.

Berblan took an interest in singing recently and has been undergoing some vocal training and learning how to play the ukulele. On the 27th of November 2020, she released her first song, “Godly Christmas,” on all streaming platforms, including YouTube. She plans to take her music to the next level and capture the heart of a wide range of audiences with her talents.

Berblan has been able to manifest her talents through hard work with one goal in mind: spread positivity and show people that anyone can accomplish anything with hard work. She is a multi-instrumentalist and an excellent figure skater. Berblan begins her day at 4:30 AM and gets immersed in different activities throughout the day. This is to show how committed she is to accomplishing her daily goals. She gets inspiration to write music from all the various activities she engages in every day.

She got inspired to build her brand to influence her generation to embrace a life of positivity. “I want everyone to stay positive, not just for themselves but also for the future. That they can do something that they do have a purpose and that they can be who they want to be,” she says. Her music is for anyone who enjoys good and inspirational music.

She is a unique artist because, at her young age, she writes her music, arranges it, and plays different instruments. Her five-year goal is to continue making music but on a larger scale and as a well-known artist. In her words, “I see myself making a lot of music and making a big positive impact on people’s decisions to make positive things happen.”

Berblan has imbibed an attitude of intentionality from a young age. She is big on decision-making and the entire process that leads up to making the right decisions. The child prodigy says, “I want everyone whoever reads or hears about me to be motivated to make positive decisions. Every one of our voices do count. We all can contribute to our community, and we can all make things happen. The people must be motivated to work hard and do what they can, I want these readers to feel what I feel, and that is joy and compassion for others.”

With a music career blossoming at such a young age and the noteworthy responsibility on her shoulders, the prospects are high for Berblan, and she is committed to making the most of her talents and gifts.

Learn more about Berblan on her website.

How HoloGear Has Revolutionized the Sports Industry with Their Innovative Equipment

For athletes, nothing beats the feeling of playing sports at night. With no sun to glare at them during their game or leave them sunburnt, they can enjoy playing to the cold breeze of the night. The only setback they face is the lack of vision in their games, as specific venues only provide dim lights. HoloGear is a company whose mission is to give athletes the nighttime sports experience that they deserve.

HoloGear was founded in 2019 by CEO Jonah Belanger and President Ryan Richards, both at the age of 25. Belanger was motivated to follow in the footsteps of his family as they were all entrepreneurs. Their upbringing played a massive influence in the person he’s become today, helping him create the startup success that is HoloGear. 

Located in Chicago, Illinois, HoloGear is a revolutionary sporting goods company that has devised an innovative way to play sports at night and create the most eye-catching sports content. HoloGear is set to shake up the sports experience. Their products are built with patent-pending holographic leather that can hold up for games whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Hologear has various products that include basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, arm sleeves, windbreakers, hoodies, and HoloGlasses. They have solved the longstanding problem of playing sports at night and combined it with the unique social media flair. In nearly two years, the company was able to generate millions in sales.

Starting with a hundred basketballs’ first purchase, business escalated quickly into 20 to 30,000 units per time. The company is easily one of the fast-growing new sporting goods companies in the United States. It doesn’t come off as a surprise as their products have the unique feature of glowing when people wear their HoloGlasses while they play at night or when they film with flash. 

While they aren’t the pioneering company in glowing sports equipment, HoloGear is the most recognizable brand. Their products are created with holographic leather that gives athletes the same feel as legitimate game balls, while other companies produce balls that look like battery-operated plastic toys. HoloGear doesn’t require any battery as they reflect flash in multiple ways.

HoloGear is widely recognized and has even sponsored an AllStar Celebrity Basketball game for the Super Bowl in Miami with big names like Floyd Mayweather and Swae Lee in attendance. They also exhibited at the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. Last year, it was around this time that they were preparing to move into their first 2,000 square foot office unit. Since then, they have added another unit for a total of 5,000 square feet in Chicago. HoloGear does all their shipping and marketing in-house and have grown from a two-person team to working with twenty employees in such a short time.

Jonah Balengar and Ryan Richards are excited to see what the future holds for HoloGear. They are working to establish themselves as a household brand in the years to come. They are already planning to start their own sports leagues by next year along with global distribution worldwide. HoloGear is also projecting to create night holographic flag football for children everywhere.

To learn more about HoloGear and its products, you may visit their website.

Nick Shelton Helps Introverts Navigate Social Situations with New Book and Coaching Technique

Whether people admit it or not, the world seems to be built by and for extroverts. In between the pages, introverts strive to fit in and create their own community or perhaps try to enter into extroverts’ orbits. But best-selling author, speaker, and coach Nick Shelton believes that “introverts are not extroverts and should not have to behave like them in order to get ahead.”

Nick Shelton is renowned for his hit book entitled An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination. In addition to being an author, he is also recognized for helping introverted career professionals navigate the extrovert-driven world through his engaging talks and coaching. Nick has been working on his craft for over 20 years and has been continually fine-tuning his skills to serve his clients better.

As an introverted entrepreneur himself, Nick Shelton relates to his clients at a deep level. “ I was also shy and socially awkward. I had dreams and aspirations and no clue as to how to get ahead because I felt handicapped by my social ineptness,” confessed Nick. For years, he had to adjust and learn how to make the most out of social situations. It was not an easy feat, but eventually, Nick formed a strong, international network of friends, colleagues, and associates who have helped him boost his lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunities.

His newfound voice encouraged him to build his brand called The Connected Introvert. Additionally, the community Nick Shelton formed helps him foster other introverts who aim to upgrade their lifestyles. “Most other programs are either not designed specifically with the needs of introverts in mind or if they are, they start somewhere in the middle instead of the beginning,” said Nick. 

Nick Shelton implores an intuitive process that does not require his clients a lot of memorization. The techniques are easy-to-follow, practical, tangible, and natural for an introvert. Furthermore, knowing how they feel, Nick does not want any of his clients to compromise themselves or their energy by trying to be what they’re not. Instead, the coach encourages them to embrace their nature and turn it into a strength. 

“Our audience wants to step out of the shadows and be heard, seen, known, and respected but they don’t know how to go about doing that while still being true to their introverted nature,” said Nick Shelton. Over the years, the coach has catered to clients who are driven for success but do not necessarily know how to work their way around the opportunities they have. And so, Nick and his team equip them to feel at ease at social functions and appear calm and confident in any situation. 

Nick Shelton prides himself on teaching what introverts deserve to know and not limiting them to expanding their knowledge by theories alone. “There is a saying, ‘You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around,’” shared Nick. In turn, he dedicated his book, An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination, to help readers find the right five people and for them to become high achievers. 

The author is a veteran of the United States Air Force and believes that his training allowed him to break down complicated practices into simple steps. The discipline Nick Shelton obtained from the Air Force, combined with extensive research and his 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, turned him into the man he is today. Without a doubt, Nick will help more introverts across the country in reaching their maximum potential and optimum growth.

Learn more about Nick Shelton on his website.

Dr. Adel Quttainah Advances Aesthetics Surgery and Medicine Services to the Next Level

Even before reaching the aesthetic industry’s heights, Dr. Adel Quttainah achieved the necessary experience brought by time, perseverance, and passion. As an internationally equipped doctor, he is on a mission to scale aesthetic surgery and medicine services to a whole new level.

Dr. Adel Quttainah follows a holistic approach while taking notice of every small detail and procedure. For years, people have been making efforts to care for themselves and search for the best doctors to fulfill their aesthetic needs. This usually involves jumping from one hospital, clinic, and center to another. But with Dr. Adel’s help, all of the patients’ aesthetic needs are met in one stop.

He does this with Quttainah Medical Center, where he flourishes everything he has learned from years of education. Dr. Adel Quttainah started his earnest medical training at a national university located in Ireland, the University College Cork. He then accomplished his residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, in just five years. Dr. Adel went on to a post-graduation in a microsurgery fellowship where he successfully dealt with breast reconstruction. This was done with the use of free tissue transfer, perforator flaps, and muscle transfers to perform facial reanimation and post-facial paralysis.

After graduating, Dr. Adel Quttainah eventually went on to venture into different enriching experiences. He first completed an aesthetic fellowship with Dr. Lloyd Carlsen in Woodbridge, Ontario. It was then followed by a clinical research fellowship with Dr. James Bain at the Hamilton General Hospital, also found in Ontario. These were done while immersing himself in the fields of professionals that helped him a lot in his journey as a cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgeon.

In the year 2003, Dr. Adel Quttainah returned to the Middle East, where he was the head of the Plastic Surgery Department at SAAD Hospital in Al Khobar City of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Adel fruitfully released one of the prime private aesthetic surgery clinics in Kuwait with the name Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

The efforts of this clinic include creating the first-ever all-cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery disciplines under one roof. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic provides Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Facial Plastic Surgery (ENT), Cosmetic Gynecology, Surgical Weight Loss (Bariatric Surgery), Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Diet Department, Laser Clinic, Skin Care and Anti-Aging Clinic, and a Hair Care and Transplantation Clinic. Due to its success in enhancing parts and meeting clients’ needs, it paved the way to the aesthetic field to copy, adapt, and flourish its kind internationally.

In 2016, after establishing a few other clinics, Dr. Adel finally established the Quttainah Medical Center renowned for its services. This leading aesthetic surgery medical institution provides only the highest standards of patient care for everyone. Thus, it attracts people not just from the Arabian area but from all over the world.

Patients under the care of Dr. Adel and his medical clinic testify toward its success in giving confidence and changing their lives, which is why Dr. Adel is working on expanding its accommodation in Qatar and Dubai.Learn more about Dr. Adel’s services and updates on the upcoming new clinics by visiting his website.

Lexi Hill Shares Some Tips on How to Succeed in the Fields of Advertising and Marketing

At the heart of every successful venture is an entrepreneur clothed with a well-nurtured set of skills coupled with an unwavering determination to further one’s enterprise. To put it simply, success in the realms of business lies with those whose disposition in life is to continuously persevere.

And as someone who knows the actual value of tenacity, Lexi Hill shares that the first step towards success in the business is to equip oneself with the needed competencies that one’s chosen industry demands. Now, as she zeroes in towards the peak of her uphill battles in refining herself, she begins to apply what she had mustered all these years by starting to move on to the next phase of her journey towards victory – with the inception of Twenty2 Media.

Born and bred with a zeal for advertising and marketing, Lexi Hill has spent half of her life trying to fit herself in the molds of the trade. After obtaining a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of South Carolina in 2018, Lexi thought that finishing college was not enough to facilitate her journey towards becoming a business tycoon. So Lexi moved to Philadelphia to further her education that subsequently enhanced her capabilities in the industry.

As Lexi continued to expand her knowledge in the theories behind business management and marketing, she also endeavored to put her know-how into practice. So Lexi began shaping her career. Because of the prowess that Lexi honed overtime, she successfully handled the strategic curation of all content media and digital partnerships of two Philadelphia-based companies – a regional law firm, and its creative agency that offers full service.

With Lexi’s proven competence in her desired craft, she made the progressive decision to start materializing her goals by creating Twenty2 Media.

Twenty2 Media is a full-service digital consulting agency that strategically creates and produces brand identities that embody the vision and mission of each client’s enterprise. Twenty2 Media does not only provide results at the end of the project but also takes revolutionary steps in the process by working with the client from the get-go. Moreover, the company’s far-reaching approach involves becoming an extension to the client’s brand and enterprise through working closely with the latter’s team to advise and implement operations while providing creative solutions.

Proving worthy of its stellar reputation in advertising and marketing, Twenty2 Media boasts of colors that exude their ability to address the issue between the clients’ seemingly insufficient branding strategies and the complicated demands of their consumers. The agency seeks to bridge the gap with the use of various creative methods that Twenty2 Media specializes in. Aside from improving their clientele’s marketing strategies, Twenty2 Media also facilitates businesses through ultramodern techniques like graphic design, illustrations, photography, videography, and podcast production services.

Without a doubt, Twenty2 Media’s avant-garde approach to digital advertising, coupled with Lexi’s adroitness, has naturally attracted the success of the venture. As it continues to leave traces of its prowess in the industry, Lexi hopes to inspire others to embrace the idea of perseverance in the pursuit of victory.

To know more about Lexi Hill and Twenty2 Media, you may visit their website or follow their Instagram page.

Dream Body Sculpting Helps Other People Achieve Their Dream Bodies in Non-Invasive Ways

Everybody has certain fitness goals that they aspire to, especially in these difficult times, where one’s health is their number 1 defense against the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, Dream Body Sculpting is here to provide the best quality service that shapes the body of men and women into what they love while helping them maintain a lifestyle that they can enjoy.

Dream Body Sculpting was established by Christina Perez in 2015 with two locations, namely Kennesaw, Georgia, and Naples, Florida. Perez is a fully licensed esthetician with a certification in ultrasound cavitation/radiofrequency. She has been working with body contouring machines since 2010, which makes her a true authority in the industry.

Perez built Dream Body Sculpting to be an aid in building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for women and men. It’s not just about getting quick results; they want to help their clients maintain the said results. In order to help achieve their goals, they have developed a machine that is stronger than many of those that are in the US market today.

Dream Body Sculpting specializes in non-invasive, permanent fat reduction and skin-tightening procedures that require no pain or downtime. Their tripolar cavitation permanently destroys the fat cells that reside in the body, delivering immediate and permanent results. Fat cells are usually the size of a grape and are filled with a liquid substance known as fatty triglycerides.

These fat cells are unable to withstand the vibrating waves and heat coming off of the cavitation handpiece. This causes the fat cells to diploid, releasing the triglycerides into the metabolic system, where bodies will dispose of the waste naturally. Dream Body Sculpting provides a natural and effective process without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue and organs.

Their skin tightening procedure is also in a league of its own. They utilize a dermolift radiofrequency technology that produces collagen back into the skin. Their radiofrequency procedure tightens the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer, so all three layers of the skin are being treated. Their radiofrequency treatments also aid in cellulite reduction and contouring of the face and neck while removing wrinkles.

Dream Body Sculpting devices are the strongest cavitation machines on the market, but that doesn’t mean their services are pricier than most. They provide affordable and highly effective procedures in which their customers only need two to three sessions for the best results. Their treatments are spaced within three days that are a week apart.

It’s undeniable that Dream Body Sculpting blows the competition out of the water in terms of results and affordability. However, they also provide high-quality customer service and guarantee that their procedures will give their clients what they need for a lifetime.

There’s no telling how much success they’re going to rake in with Christina Perez at the helm of Dream Body Sculpting. With thousands of satisfied clients from their two branches alone, there’s no telling how many more happy customers they’re going to get when they inevitably expand in the coming years, giving more Americans the dream body that they deserve, the Dream Body Sculpting way.Visit Dream Body Sculpting’s official website to learn more about their procedures.

Deering Dental Pioneers Patient-Centered Services in Miami

There’s one place in Miami where one does not have to pay skyrocketing prices to be treated like a VIP. Deering Dental offers a one-of-a-kind experience that has patients leaving their practice with a great smile. 

Found right in front of the historic Deering Estate, Deering Dental started with a young girl’s dream to become a dentist. Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS is a Miami native who grew up knowing she wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of a perfect smile. Today, she is pioneering patient-centered services through this practice, a business of putting patients before profits. 

At Deering Dental, everything is on time and not done in the typical thirty minutes or more behind schedule that locals affectionately refer to as “Miami Time.” Dr. Pinto feels that being on time is critical to building a mutual respect between patient and doctor. They also make sure that each patient feels special and has a plan that is made just for them. Each dentist even knows their patients’ names, a great foundation for that distinct trust that can hardly be experienced elsewhere. The practice even goes as far as serving their guests with a steamed and scented towel to wash up after their appointment as if they were in a spa. 

Deering Dental is able to provide these excellent VIP services because of how Dr. Pinto truly cares for her community. She goes on “reconnaissance missions” and continuously learns new techniques from world-class dental trainers to offer the best for her patients. But that’s not all. She is also involved with Glory House, a local charity that aids rescue victims of the sex trafficking in Miami. She does all this while being a mother and traveler, who is continually being greeted by new challenges in her business.

Dr. Pinto has accumulated a wealth of experience that now benefits clients of Deering Dental. When she began as a dentist, she worked under several other practices wherein she realized how cold and impersonal the medical care industry is in Miami. This made her decide to open her own practice, where patients’ needs are the basis for all decisions, creating an environment and experience unlike any other. As Dr. Pinto often tells her team, “We’re here to treat people, not patients.” 

Dr. Pinto, even at a young age, already challenged her limits. She graduated cum laude at the University of Miami under a full scholarship in just three years. If that isn’t impressive enough, she flew all the way to New York to attend the NYU Dental School, also on an academic scholarship and returned to Miami to start her now flourishing career. She hopes that more girls dream big, just like she did, and decide to push their limits and achieve their goals. 

All businesses go through a struggle, even for one as successful as Deering Dental. After being struck hard by Hurricane Irma, the whole practice worked hard to get the business back up, and they are currently in the process of opening more branches despite the ongoing pandemic. Even then, they do this very carefully, making sure they can maintain the good customer service their patients have already become a fan of. 

Check out Deering Dental’s official website to learn more.

PiccMee Prizes Is Changing the Way Advertising is Done

PiccMee Prizes is revolutionizing the way advertising is being done as it introduces an extraordinary way of promoting products and services. Through free interactive game shows, participants get the chance to win cash live with no strings attached. 

Founded by Chase Turnquest, PiccMee Prizes is getting popularly known as the future of advertising. All that interested participants need to do is enter the free interactive game shows and follow the rules strictly. Each winner who enters in the gameshow is selected at random. #GhostGiveaways are also being given away at any time. Once winners are announced, they are automatically sent the cash prizes via Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp. 

Turnquest is especially proud of his brainchild, which exploded overnight by simply being transparent to participants and giving back to the community in a fun and exciting way without being expected to give anything back in return. He is positioning PiccMee Prizes to participants as an engaging way to win cash without having to pay for shipping cost, give out credit card details, and fill out survey forms. The gameshow is simply a fun way to attract people and give them the opportunity to win something. 

PiccMee Prizes started only three weeks ago after Turnquest perfected the concept. He began working on this concept five years ago but was met with several challenges to include the sudden death of his beloved mother due to cancer. His first three attempts were a total failure as he could not get past peoples’ perception of the gameshow being a scam. Turnquest ended up broke each time, but he has always been determined to make it work. After finding the perfect formula to start running the game show again, his team generated more than 18k followers on Twitter and is still growing. 

One of the most sought-after games on the PiccMee Prizes show is the #GetOnTheWheel, where interested individuals can register ahead of time on a wheel that spins live during the show. When the spin stops, there is sure to be one lucky winner who has the potential to receive between $50 to $500 right after the show. On the show’s first two weeks of airing, it averaged 10k comments for every hour. In a short period, they have already given away tens of thousands of dollars to lucky winners. The turnout made Turnquest realize instantly that all his past efforts have finally paid off. 

Due to the undeniable success of PiccMee Prizes, there are several groups attempting to scam Turnquest’s original idea by creating multiple fake accounts to mislead people. He wants to caution people to be very careful when attempting to join one of the games. 

The whole idea behind PiccMee Prizes is to give advertisers a new platform where they can get maximum exposure for their products and services. Additionally, Chase Turnquest wants to be able to help Americans who are having a hard time making ends meet nowadays due to the pandemic. Sustaining the game show is his way of helping out as many people as he can during a time of crisis. The company caught the attention of Bill Pulte, who tuned in to a recent live stream that PiccMee Prizes hosted.

As early as now, Chase Turnquest is already envisioning one day giving out houses and Ferraris on the show. At the rate that his company is going, it would seem that he can do anything at this point. 

Learn more about PiccMee Prizes by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for exciting updates.