Bitcoin Loses 50% of Its Value Since Its  Peak in November.

Bitcoin’s value continued to decline over the weekend, falling below $34,000 (£27,630), according to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Since it reached $67,000 in November last year, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value has dropped by half. The drop in the value

Reverse Chronological Feed Returns to Instagram

Photo: CNN Instagram recently unveiled that users can now sort posts in reverse chronological order, alongside seeing posts ranked by the platform’s algorithm. However, the company added that it will maintain the algorithm ranking method by default. The new option is set

Russia’s Biggest Search Engine Faces Financial Issues

Photo: SEJ The leading search engine in Russia, Yandex, could face its downfall as financial ramifications continue from the attack on Ukraine.  Yandex, one of Russia’s largest internet companies and an important search engine for the country with a 60% market share

Prevention Beats a Cure: Lung Cancer and Home Radon Levels

While most of the leading causes of lung cancer, such as cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke, can be easily identified and avoided, one substantial cause isn’t as easily identifiable: radon gas. Exposure to radon is a dangerous environmental hazard, but a big

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