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AskMary Emerges as a Leading Smart E-Commerce Platform for Discerning Cannabis Consumers

The consumption of Cannabis has been proven to have several medical benefits and other general effects. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to the different types of Cannabis, making it a little too difficult for consumers to discern the right products that would cater to their needs. Shihan Chowdhury knows much of this for a fact, and with that knowledge in mind, he established a smart solution using the power of technology. Thus, AskMary was born.

AskMary is a platform for Cannabis dispensaries with a unique algorithm that can determine the medical and general effects of cannabis products through Terpene and Cannabinoid science. The platform was born out of Shihan’s passion for creating a solution to a glaring problem within the Cannabis industry. With his skills and expertise with technology, the Bangladeshi immigrant quickly worked on materializing his idea.

Most e-commerce platforms these days are unintuitive when it comes to ease of use on the consumer’s side. AskMary was built to change all of that. AskMary boasts a robust e-commerce system that is tailor-made for dispensaries allowing them to gain more revenue through the platform.

AskMary also allows dispensaries to create powerful segmentation to better optimize their efforts in marketing. The platform has been built with a lot of passion and thought put into it. It has the best features that will allow Cannabis dispensaries to achieve massive success. It grants dispensaries the ability to handle their own delivery service through the platform hassle-free. Cannabis dispensaries can use the platform to determine the best products for their customers based on the customer’s medical conditions and specific needs.

The company makes sure that dispensaries can make online sales and drive additional revenue by using unique conversion tools. Additionally, it also has SMS marketing features that are built into the system natively. 

After noticing the surplus of Cannabis products in the market, with all their different varieties, Shihan Chowdhury quickly realized that he could do something that would help consumers choose the right products that would suit their needs. Shihan fully understands the importance of Cannabis and all of its medical benefits, which is why he decided to build a platform that can recommend the best product for the consumer based on terpene and cannabinoid science. 

Shihan’s diverse background greatly helped him build AskMary from the ground up. He is well-versed in technology, multi-media, and marketing, making him the perfect man for the job. AskMary is an all-in-one platform that is composed of a digital assistant, an e-commerce tool, an SMS marketing tool, a delivery tool, a subscription tool, and an analytics tool. 

Nobody else is doing it like AskMary. It is the first-ever e-commerce platform for Cannabis dispensaries that has a subscription feature built-in, which is yet again more proof of Shihan’s intelligent design. With his skills and expertise in technology, Shihan Chowdhury has established a platform that is going to help the Cannabis industry and its consumers ten-fold. 

In the near future, Shihan wants to continue to build on his company and acquire generational wealth for his future generations. As he continues to succeed with AskMary, he hopes that it will grow to become the number one e-commerce platform for Cannabis dispensaries all over the world. With the way things are going now, that dream could very much become a reality.

Find out more about the amazing Shihan Chowdhury’s company, AskMary, by visiting the official website, and follow Shihan’s Instagram for updates.