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Andrew Meinster, the Insurance Man, Saves Businesses Thousands of Dollars

Business owners have a responsibility to do everything within their means to limit their risk and to keep their business running smoothly. But there are always things that cannot be foreseen. How can business owners limit the possibility of a lawsuit to ensure that their business survives? All business owners can arm themselves against these risks with the help of insurance. Insurance helps cover the costs of property damage and liability claims, which can shoot to astronomical figures. Many business owners have shelled out heavy out-of-pocket expenses for damages and legal claims. Recognizing the importance of insurance, some states even require businesses to have business insurance. Andrew Meinster has made it his goal to help owners of small- and medium-sized businesses to find the right insurance policy for their needs.

Andrew is a marketing graduate from Drexel University. He found his home at Nottingham Insurance in 2014, where he delivers customized business insurance protection for small-mid sized companies. Andrew Meinster works across many different industries, be it traders or professional services firms. He delivers his job with his reliable team, composed of account managers, a claims advocate, a risk manager, and a marketing professional. Together, they are dedicated to bringing value to their clients in the form of superior insurance coverage and the great value of their service. Andrew Meinster has been in the insurance trade for seven years, and yet his book of business is bigger than 99 percent of most agents out there who have been working for decades.

Andrew Meinster is a part of Nottingham Insurance, which was established in 1917 as a family-owned independent agency. Since then, the company has assisted many businesses and families in finding the best insurance policy for their needs. 

When dealing with clients and going over the policies best suited for them, Andrew Meinster has one goal in mind: to lower his clients’ total cost of risk over the long term with an insurance policy that makes the best business sense for their situation. Andrew provides consultations, sufficient insurance education, and proactive planning to guide business owners in creating customized risk management strategies for their small- to medium-sized businesses. He has the drive, passion to succeed, and ability to connect that helps him become one of the best known agents in his area.

Andrew Meinster believes that his success lies in his drive and ability to form meaningful relationships to get the best price for the business owner with the best policy. His influence in the industry goes far; he has formed meaningful friendships with underwriters, which, in turn, gets them comfortable with his submissions, resulting in max pricing options. Andrew believes that he has the ability to assist thousands more business owners protect their businesses and their hard-earned money from inevitable risks.

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