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Andre Lewis Builds RYLN, Promotes Clients’ Self-Growth

Previously serving in the U.S. army, Andre Lewis is now helping other people find the better version of themselves with his self-created team called “Retire Your Last Name” (RYLN). With income becoming a rare find because of the pandemic, Lewis’s brand is a bright prospect for everyone, especially individuals who are struggling to find enough income.

The master inviter and presenter’s desire to help people win is his driving force in realizing the project. Admittedly passionate about people, Lewis’s intention of building the project was to help other people amass enough income to be financially stable and retire their families through Foreign Exchange Marketing or Forex.

The financial education platform does not demand anything that is difficult. In only the comfort of home and smartphone, one can easily earn money by learning and applying the economics of trading. Lewis takes pride in teaching his clients and subscribers how to trade high-frequency Forex, e-commerce, and digital currencies. Andre Lewis has also partnered with a company featured in Forbes, IM ACADEMY.

Another sector that they are including is the mouth marketing. This platform provides additional income.

With over 400 customers and business partners all over the states and in countries like U.K., Germany, and Jamaica, Lewis’ success team speaks for success itself. The company has produced hundreds of financially-free entrepreneurs this year.

“I put people before profits,” Lewis commented. According to Lewis, college students, network marketing professionals, young entrepreneurs, or simply people who are searching for work-from-home jobs are suitable for RYLN.

What sets Andre Lewis apart from the competition is his penchant for helping. He claims that being a sergeant in the military for years is his ace in helping other people reach their financial breakthroughs. He is genuinely understanding of people from different walks of life.

“I’m a man of God and I understand that if you help enough people get what they want, then you will get the fulfillment and success that you desire,” he said.

Lewis also claims that his skills are a blessing given to him by God. Moreover, his impeccable attention to detail and seasoned leadership skills are also his biggest asset in leading his company and its clients to success.

The man of God is currently being trained by the brightest prospects in the network marketing space. He is mentored by top earners in the field, Matt Rosa and Jason Brown.

Andre Lewis uses his gift to inspire people to let them realize that there is much more room to grow and discover the limitless boundaries of themselves. He said that he loves watching American Idol because its contestants are willing to go a mile further. Additionally, the success stories of people motivated him to create his own brand. The visions and purpose others have shared are integral elements to realizing Lewis’ dream.

“The illiterate of the 21st century is not those who cannot read and write, it’s those who can’t learn, unlearn, and relearn the rules of life and success,” he shared.

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