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Amazon checkout traffic causes problems

Amazon plans to cut down its workforce amid economy problems
Amazon plans to cut down its workforce amid economy problems

Amazon: Earlier Wednesday, thousands of customers were ready to complete their Amazon purchase when they encountered a system error.

When they went to the checkout page, a message appeared stating that an error had occurred.

The bug was a rare Amazon issue but has since been fixed.

What happened

Throughout the pandemic, Amazon has become a central shopping hub for thousands of users following the onset of the pandemic.

More than 9,000 users flooded the e-commerce site with reports early Wednesday morning, according to outage tracking website DownDetector.

Data from DownDetector showed that the most frequently reported problem occurred when users tried to pay on the checkout page.

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The error

At 9:30 in the morning on Wednesday, some customers who tried to check out their items received the following message:

“An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.”

“If you were trying to make a purchase, please check Your Account to confirm that the order was placed,” the message continued.

“We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Customer reception

In the DownDetector forum, users complained about the checkout issue.

Meanwhile, other users have taken to Twitter to raise their concerns.

“Dang @amazon is down,” wrote one user. “I’m trying to cash out my cart.”

“Heads up @amazon is down for anyone trying to check out,” tweeted another.

“Seems like Bing, Amazon etc. down for some,” a user noted. “‘It’s not you, it’s us. Something unexpected went wrong on our end. We’ll resume service as soon as possible – ‘”

Others couldn’t believe the e-commerce site was down because previous checkout processes were so smooth.

“Is @amazon down? Keep getting a message saying they are experiencing high volumes,” a user said.

“Check back later. Never have I ever seen this.”

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It took the e-commerce site hours to resolve the issue entirely.

An Amazon spokesperson later confirmed that the company resolved the issue just before noon.

“We’re sorry that some customers may have temporarily experienced issues,” said spokesperson Betsy Harden in a statement.

“We have resolved the issue, and everything is now running smoothly.”


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