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Alison Bowles Living to the Fullest and Inspiring Others

Photo by Maggie Keating Photography 

If there’s anyone who knows to live life to the fullest, it’s influencer, model, and virtual entrepreneur Alison Bowles. She knows the importance of designing life the way you want it and does not procrastinate in making things happen for herself. Today, she runs her businesses from anywhere in the world and pursues an active career in modeling while also inspiring others to live life without hesitation. 

Alison knows the value of every living day all too well. At the age of 22, doctors diagnosed her with skin cancer. Fortunately, she was able to overcome the disease. Since then, she has not held back in living the life she knows she deserves. 

Alison Bowles is an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses out of her laptop. She owns and curates Wander in Heels, a travel blog that documents and showcases her travels to various destinations in countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Canada, Cuba, France, The Netherlands, Thailand, The United Kingdom, and many others. The digital nomad also operates Lacy Coe Online Boutique, an online apparel shop that provides customers with a wide array of stylish clothes, swimwear, and merchandise. 

The online entrepreneur is also partnered with Slay Miami, a spa and wellness facility that uses Cannabidiol in treatments to provide people with a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience unlike any other. The company is also the first sports recovery center to use CBD oils, a therapy tested and confirmed by many leading scientists and doctors worldwide.

On top of her various ventures, Alison Bowles also takes time to take a socially conscious role in the world by advocating and educating people on skin cancer and the dangerous practices that cause it. She founded YouV Radiance, a charity that raises awareness of melanoma, the #1 Cause of death in women ages 25-30, but affects all ages/genders. The non-profit educates men and women on proper skin care that reduces the chances of skin cancer. YouV Radiance also raises funds that go directly towards The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Alison is also a professional model and a social media influencer. She has appeared on Maxim and works under MMG New York. As an international model, Alison has visited a total of 25 countries through her work engagements. She also actively promotes various brands and companies through her Instagram account, where she has over 138 thousand followers to date and counting.

In all that Alison Bowles does, she puts all her dedication and passion into. She loves life more than anything and wants to make the most of it. More than experiencing the best that traveling and entrepreneurship have to offer, Alison also hopes to inspire people to chase after their dreams without fear or hesitation. She also hopes to be a transformational force that will mold industries. As a model, she goes against the grain and shatters preconceived misconceptions. “I am 5’3″ in an industry that says I need to be at least 5’8″, and thin—not muscular,” shares Alison. “But I am breaking glass ceilings in the industry to change industry standards to represent petite women.”

Alison Bowles loves life and seeks to journey through it, motivating others to live life most fully. Alison is also engaged to Major League Baseball professional player Adeiny Hechavarria, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. To learn more about Alison Bowles, visit her travel blog and Instagram account.