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Alexander Davis Takes Over the Men’s Style and Grooming Industry

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Taking over Houston’s barbershop industry is the award-winning barber Alexander Davis of Mack With The Stiff Issue. Using his talented hands in cutting and grooming hair, he takes the lead in providing his clients with the neatest and most sleek haircuts available. Indeed, his unique haircuts speak for themselves, and those who have gone under his grooming clippers find themselves coming back to his shop again and again. 

Alexander Davis is a 27-year-old New York native who moved to Houston to pursue his career in the grooming industry. He is a full-time celebrity barber, grooming mentor, and educator in the barber industry. He has worked alongside numerous celebrities, professional athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, and more. Today, he runs a quickly-rising barbershop brand called Mack With The Stiff Issue. 

Growing up, Alexander Davis was always fond of barbers. Witnessing the amount of love and fun they had at work, he realized that he wanted to be a part of that community. His passion for barbering started with him practicing on his dad’s mustache trimmers for edge-up cuts. As he grew older, he finally took the chance to get his own set of clippers. In no time, he practiced and perfected his craft like a pro. After finishing college, he knew his heart was set on pursuing his career in the barbershop industry. While his family inspired him to pursue his dreams, other doors closed on his face, and there was a lack of support from others. Using this experience as his inspiration, he built his brand from scratch. 

Mack With The Stiff Issue strives to provide its customers with one-of-a-kind haircuts. Moreover, the brand focuses on giving clients the utmost respect and world-class customer service. But what truly keeps Alexander Davis on the lead in the industry is his laser-focus and tunnel vision when it comes to his barbershop services. “I don’t compete with the next barber,” shares Alexander. Instead, he focuses on competing with himself and making sure he levels up his skills and mastery with each cut he accomplishes. 

Passion, determination, hard work, and pure talent in grooming have turned Alexander Davis into a household name in Houston. More than that, he has also gained the trust and confidence of many celebrities when it comes to haircuts. He has serviced famous rapper Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, RunikTV, Funny Mike, Jaydayoungan, FMB Longmoney, King Kaiser, Chris Sails, BFB Packman, Blood Bath, Chris Chiozza, Peso Peso, Rizzo Rizzo, Ayo Tae, and many more.

Mack With The Stiff Issue seamlessly champions all types of haircuts desired by the clients, but the brand owner’s favorite is his signature “drop fade.” At present, Alexander Davis has developed a strong social media presence on Instagram with more than 16,000 followers. His barbershop has also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and support from people who have experienced its services firsthand. 

Alexander Davis hopes to inspire others to pursue their true passion. He continues to say, “your vision of success, everyone might not see; and it’s not for them to see. Grind it out one day at a time and watch you become successful.”

To know more about Mack With The Stiff Issue, please check them out on Instagram.