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Ala Deja Dejaly Taking the World by Storm through Scent

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Ala Deja Dejaly is an inspired collection of Priscilla Figueroa. Behind the rising brand, is the masterpiece of a mother and her daughter, Dejaly, as business partners, where both individuals build their scent collection of sprays and diffuser added with a personal touch. Even as a starting business, the brand constantly improves itself to build supplies of unique scents all families will want in their homes today. 

Scents will always be a powerful triggering factor that bring a significant memory or occasion to the forefront of one’s mind. Research says this happens as a result of the brain regions juggling your sense of smell, emotions, and memories while everything is interconnected. As a matter of fact, the way the brain categorizes the sense of smell as different in comparison to other senses.

The partners in crime are very much aware of this and use the scientific fact to their Ala Deja Dejaly operations. Additionally, both young minds hope their brand will bring to light the importance of family. Amid any hardships and dilemmas, the duo stands firm in their belief that no matter what happens in life, the family is what matters most. Through their collection, they hope to bring a kindling reminiscence of loved memories.

The mother and daughter does more than just business or making customized scented candles and diffusers. The founders of Ala Deja Dejaly bring a piece of anyone’s individuality with just a spark of fire. With heartfelt intentions and actions infused in everything they do, they make sure to bring not just the warmth inside, but also the best possible feeling and choice everyone will be needing in every home and soon, in stores. 

Beyond each scent they create in Ala Deja Dejaly, they make sure to have fun themselves and experience what the meaning of their scents bring. For Deja, the best part of working hand-in-hand with her mom is the valuable time they spend together all while learning and enjoying the whole process. 

As a mother, Priscilla uses this time to teach her daughter a piece of life and business. Ala Deja Dejaly has been a platform she uses to give a set of tips for a successful mother-daughter business venture. Priscilla says, “The best part about working as a mother-daughter business team is that I get to show Dejaly how to be an entrepreneur.” She adds, “She feels empowered when we sit down for a business meeting. She learns to plan, lead a team, learn marketing and sales skills and see that failure is a part of the journey.”

Both of them hope the brand Ala Deja Dejaly will be one that helps people follow their heart and achieve something that sets them apart from the world. They do this by planning ahead and never giving up on dreams. The founders are on their mission to live up to their imaginations, declaring that realizing it will never be a problem, even if it means starting small. 

To learn more about Ala Deja Dejaly and their scented products, visit their Instagram and Facebook page.