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Abbey Scott: From Wall Street to Thriving Entrepreneur

When Abbey Scott started her career, she had a good idea of where she wanted to be: corner office with a C-level plate on her desk. But life would take an unprecedented turn when she would find greater purpose and love for coffee, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Abbey and her husband Mike are the owners and operators of Coffee Over Cardio®, an online shop for coffee lovers that offers a wide variety of high-quality coffee beans with a twist. The brand is known for its eccentric appeal and fun flavors, such as Saturdaze Chocolate donut, Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and many more. They also run Fit Legacy Marketing, a boutique marketing consultancy that serves small businesses by helping them formulate marketing ideas that convert. 

Abbey’s story started after she graduated from Holy Cross in 2015. She was a Division 1 athlete and majored in Economics. After school, she started working a full-time job on Wall Street for an investment bank she had interned for. At that point, her path was pretty straightforward. Abbey Scott was going to climb her way up the corporate ladder and become a C-Suite executive. 

Her life would completely change and take an alternate course when she met her husband, Mike. He was an entrepreneur at heart and encouraged Abbey to build a business with him. They started brewing the idea of a fun and differentiated coffee brand, researching, designing bags, and testing the coffees together. In December 2017, the couple launched Coffee Over Cardio® from their little apartment with four initial flavors. Little by little, their side hustle started to take off.

When Abbey Scott received news that her employer would be moving her from New York City to Houston, she decided to start putting more time into their venture. She also decided to start helping Mike out with his marketing consulting business as well. Abbey felt drawn to entrepreneurship, feeling that her work had a more significant impact than her previous corporate job. 

Today, Abbey and Mike’s business continues to grow and flourish, even amidst the pandemic. In 2020, Coffee Over Cardio® expanded its collection and offered exclusive flavors every month as part of a membership program. The flavors would be exclusive to members only. Today, the program has built momentum, with more and more customers signing up. The couple would also inject their health and fitness experience and knowledge of health supplements into the coffee world. They created a unique MCT oil-based creamer that contains nootropics that help with mental clarity and cognitive function. They also developed the first-ever coffee-pairing electrolyte that helps keep hydrated minus the excessive sugar loading.

Their consultancy Fit Legacy Marketing would also catch up. In the last six months, the company has grown from zero to ten employees and has reached a value of half a million dollars. The agency continues to service many small businesses that cannot afford to hire a marketing team in-house. They have filled a significant gap in the market and provided so much value to clients. 

Abbey Scott continues to thrive as an entrepreneur and now finds more joy and fulfillment in what she does. She looks forward to building the business with her husband Mike and creating more impact in the local community. To learn more about Abby and Mike, visit Coffee Over Cardio’s website and Facebook page.