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Aaron Von Ossko and Esoteric Collection’s Crusade to Support the Next Generation of Artists

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

It’s not uncommon for people who wish to pursue a career in the arts to receive discouragement. Often, people who do so get bombarded with indications that such a career would only lead to becoming penniless. However, Aaron Von Ossko is one of those people whose love for the arts has pushed him to support artists by creating a collective with Esoteric Collection.

Aaron Von Ossko grew up spending endless hours sketching. Like many people, it was the best source of escapism to get away from the abusive environment his father created. Aaron’s father was the kind of man who believed in tough love and often resorted to physical, verbal, and mental abuse. Growing up, Aaron’s father would sweep away his sketch and try to push him towards a car franchise chain. 

As Aaron grew older, he would make his life’s greatest choice and walk away from his father’s ideals to finally pursue the arts. Motivated by his past, Aaron would make many financial art investments and support artists from different walks of life. 

The art enthusiast would gain widespread recognition in the art world for his support. He is closely associated with Baltimore painter Purnell Gray. They were able to connect through Instagram when Aaron felt the sincerity in Gray’s approach. Although he supports artists, Aaron chooses each artist based on their drive. When Gray sent him a message, Aaron knew that he was more in tune with the art game than others.

Aaron cites that despite their differences, they are both diamonds formed under pressure. The painter and art collector shared the same belief of the importance of giving back to artists and what they deserve for the work. Aaron Von Ossko and Purnell Gray believe that the upper echelon galleries and art fairs could be doing more when it comes to paying forward. Aaron would later build his brand and name it Esoteric Collection. 

Initially, the brand was meant to represent an anti-gallery movement, as many galleries tended to choose household names over the rising artists. But Aaron was able to get a perfect balance and merge the business and creativity into a cohesive crusade. Esoteric Collection became an artist resource collective with a mission to assist artists and support their creative efforts by providing media outreach and career development services to connect them with a wider audience. 

If there was one good thing that Aaron’s father left him, it was the marketing experience he would later use with Esoteric Collection. With social media platforms becoming more and more popular, Aaron has used it to his advantage, specifically Instagram. While others view the social media space as a rival in the art world, Aaron uses it as a bridge between emerging artists and galleries.

Aaron Von Ossko understands the importance of supporting the next wave of artists and hopes to partner with more corporate brands to assist artists in their career development and sales.

To learn more about Aaron Von Ossko and the Esoteric Collection, you may visit their website or follow them on Instagram.