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8 Sustainable and Effective Marketing your Online Business at Home

Online Business – The competition in E-commerce is really tight and challenging. One must be creative and resourceful in order to boost your business. Fret not and take note of these 8 ways to market your business online.

1. Formulate and Plan your Strategy 

Selling your products online needs an effective strategy. You must determine your target customer and their demands.  This includes your sales channels – are you online only (just selling via the website) or do you also have a physical store? You also need to identify the range of your product you’re going to sell online. It is up to you if you’ll sell multi goods or one at a time. 

2. Be Versatile with Gadgets

With the advent of technology, as a businessman, you must master the art of gadgets. Moreover, you should not limit yourself in using mobile phones only. Consumers don’t think of browsing the internet on their mobile as being any different to using their tablet, desktop or laptop. 

Social media platforms can be a great medium to sell your business as long as you can manage them everyday. Since social media is ever-changing, you have also to be creative in marketing your business and avoid monotonous marketing style. Always reinvent. 

3. Choose the right apps and software to use

There are wide varieties of apps and website that you can use but it is really wise to pick the most suitable and handy for your business. Make sure you educate yourself about online payment because it is really necessary. 

Most businesses are best off starting with a simple off-the-shelf online shop template like Shopify or BigCommerce. These powerful ecommerce systems will do everything you need quickly and easily, so you can focus on your marketing.

4. Be Nice Online and Friendly

Of course, it is really a must to ensure the quality customer service and you should be nice online. Customer relations really matters and you must master it. 

That doesn’t just mean having nice people on the phone or just online, it’s about putting the needs of the customer first in everything your business does – from the products, to the website, to the delivery.

5. Create a great delivery experience

If you get your delivery strategy right, you’ll increase the conversion rate on your website and encourage repeat purchases. Your delivery strategy covers everything from the price you charge and the services you offer, through to what arrives in the parcel and how the packaging looks.

It’s really important to invest some money and thought in getting this right for your customers.

6. Encourage both the first online purchase and the repeat purchase

If the customer is satisfied with your service, most likely they will go back to you. That is why you have to master the mentioned tips above to achieve this one. 

Many ecommerce businesses only focus on the first order and forget all about getting the second order – which is crazy because it’s easier.

As times goes by, you need also to recalibrate your strategy and be flexible. Sometimes, the same strategy can lead you to hell. One must be versatile and creative always. 

7. Build a trusted online brand

Today’s online shoppers are pretty savvy. Just as you wouldn’t buy food out of a run-down, dirty old van, an online shopper won’t buy from a website they don’t trust. You need to work hard to build the trust of your customers – it’s hard to gain, but easy to lose.

Trust needs to be built into every interaction the customer has with your business. Include customer testimonials and reviews on your site, deliver on your promises and make sure all the information on the site is accurate.

8. Monitor your website or page

Business is dynamic and never ending. Nothing you ever do in your business will be finished; in some ways everything is permanently in test mode. So you have to have a policy of constant optimization – find the area that is working the least well, and make it better.

Once that’s done, find the next area you need to focus on – and repeat.