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Spotlight: Werewolf by Night, Marvel’s first holiday special

D23 has arrived with many new projects, including cinematic updates and a new Marvel project, Werewolf by Night.

While many of the projects have been previously announced, Werewolf by Night is a new title for many.

Here we take a look at the supernatural addition to the MCU.

Who is the Werewolf by Night?

Jack Russell is a character who made his comic book debut in 1971 and appeared in Marvel’s Spotlight # 2.

Jack was born Jacob Russoff in Transylvania, a descendant of Grigori Russoff, who was cursed by Dracula for becoming a werewolf.

The curse lay dormant for generations before Jack’s grandfather used it in a copy of Darkhold.

Similar to the traditional werewolf curse, Gregor and his offspring transform into werewolves during the full moon.

It is also handed down from generation to generation.

Jack Russell moves to America after his father’s death, and it is there that his mother is killed by the Criminal Committee, who learns of her family’s curse.

Angry at her death, Jack turns into a werewolf to avenge his mother’s death.

MCU integration

Since the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios has hinted that it’s slowly dipping into the horror genre to some degree.

Ahead of the Doctor Strange sequel, Marvel also teased the addition of Blade, played by Mahershala Ali, at the end of The Eternals.

Both characters are members of the Midnight Sons, a group of superheroes with ties to the mystical and supernatural.

While it may seem farfetched, it’s possible that both characters will bring the supernatural team to the screens.

The Marvel Special

During the D23 event, Werewolf by Night was unveiled as Marvel Studios’ first-ever Christmas special.

The trailer was unveiled on Disney+, where it later received its own page.

The site offers Werewolf by Night as a comedy, but Gael Garcia Bernal, who is playing Jack Russell, said the special will be scary.

“Some people will be scared, even if they think they won’t,” said Bernal.

However, his co-star Laura Donnelly assured fans that Werewolf by Night also carries a lot of heart.

“I love that it has proper heart in it as well,” said Donnelly.

“We’re telling a real horror story but we’re also telling a human, heartfelt story as well, and I love that about it.”

The trailer

The Werewolf by Night trailer is inspired by the classic Universal Monster movies and is shot in black and white.

The trailer opens with a group of people gathered in a villa, with a female voiceover that is very reminiscent of old photos of Vincent Price.

The voiceover reveals that the fighters met to find out which of them were not what they seemed.

The Werewolf by Night trailer also reveals that the fighters have captured an invisible creature that many believe is Marvel’s Man-Thing.

The upcoming Marvel special is the first of its kind and will be directed by Michael Giacchino.

It was written by Peter Cameron and Heather Quinn.


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Casey White, the Alabama prisoner has been indicted for murder in her death

Casey White, the Alabama prisoner who has been held in solitary confinement for more than eight years. Due to her alleged role in a case with no evidence linking her to any crime. She was indicted for murder in her death on Thursday. According to the indictment, White may receive a life sentence if she is found guilty. For first-degree murder and is considered a habitual criminal under state law.

Casey White the indictment

After years of pressure from advocacy groups who claim there is no proof. That White committed the act for which she is accused. The indictment finally happened. They say she is being treated as a scapegoat for the judicial system’s legal failures. Also misconduct by prosecutors, police, and others.

White’s family has maintained her innocence since her July 2008 arrest. In 2011, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles granted. White parole after she served more than eight years in prison despite a district attorney’s opposition to her release. She was returned to prison within days when prison officials said they did not receive advance notification of her release.

What Casey White Family Says

White’s family says she was never notified of the indictment. The family’s attorney, Sarah Geraghty, said it is unclear at this moment if White will be able to post bail. Still, she said White’s attorneys are hopeful that she will be released. That the case against her could be thrown out. “We hope Casey can finally get out of prison and come home to be with her daughter,” Geraghty said.

Alabama’s longest-serving woman in solitary confinement has been freed, awaiting trial in a murder case. Casey White was released Tuesday morning. She had been solitary since her July 2008 arrest on a capital murder charge. The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles granted White parole in 2011. After she spent more than eight years in solitary. She was immediately returned to prison when prison officials said they didn’t get advance notification of her release. But the state Supreme Court ruled this month that her parole was illegal. A judge had released White on a recognizance bond last year. But the high court overturned that order because it violated a constitutional ban on bail for serious crimes.

Parole in the Case

Parole: Casey White was granted parole in 2011 but was returned to prison within days. When prison officials said they had not been notified of her release.

White’s supporters and her family have launched a media campaign against the prosecution. And the police, accusing prosecutors of acting in bad faith. The case is back at square one. “Poor Casey is once again fighting to stay out of prison,” said Chris Costello, an attorney with Keller Rohrback LLP who has worked on several unrelated cases to free White.

“Her case is a stark example of the failure of the state trial court to appreciate. How much factual and legal doubt there was about whether Casey had been involved in the murder,” Costello said. “The evidence against her was weak, and the state should have stopped pursuing a prosecution that was not going anywhere.”

Costello said it makes no sense for White to be held in solitary confinement. When she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. “There is no justification for keeping her in prison while awaiting trial,” he said. “Casey’s family is trying to stay strong through all of this. But Casey is having a rough time as she sits in solitary confinement with no possibility of any meaningful human contact.”

“Some inmates are released on parole or probation. When they are charged with murder or other crimes where there is little evidence that they committed the crime,” said Geraghty, who represents White. “We have asked the Alabama Supreme Court to release Casey until trial. She has been in solitary since 2008. Casey’s family is hoping she will be able to get out of solitary and return to her family.”

Terrorist status

The supposedly “non-violent” prisoner White-faced charges relating to terrorism. But Geraghty says those claims were taken out of context and unfairly sensationalized.

White’s family says the case against White was an example of prosecutorial misconduct. As was the court ruling that ultimately had her sent back to solitary. “This is a case of prosecutorial misconduct and overreaching,” said Marcia McCormick, a law professor at the University of Alabama who has been following White’s case. “There was no real evidence she committed the crime and no motive.”

“White’s family says she was charged with murder in the first degree. Because her name was used as an alias by a co-defendant in an alleged terroristic plot to bomb various locations across Alabama,” McCormick said.

That the authorities were able to obtain an indictment against White. On those charges is remarkable given the lack of evidence against her. From what I’ve been hearing from people involved in the case. It’s clear that there are others who have been similarly charged with terroristic crimes who also never committed any crime.

Costello said he believes the state law under which White is charged is unconstitutional. “The statute is unconstitutional because it allows prosecutors to charge someone with first-degree murder based on using a name as an alias,” he said.

“The standard for first-degree murder is whether the person planned or intended to kill someone for a specific reason. Not whether they used a name as an alias.”

White’S imprisonment

The case against White has taken years to develop. White was arrested in July 2008 after being pulled over while driving a car registered in her mother’s name. Authorities said they found a pistol in the vehicle, blood-stained clothing, disguises, and maps of bombing sites around the state. Prosecutors said White was identified as the car’s driver in a video police investigators found on White’s computer after she was arrested. The video, which had been recorded on July 5, 2007, showed her meeting other people at a location where bombs were later planted using explosives purchased with drug money.

A woman who has spent more than eight years in solitary confinement in Alabama, awaiting trial for a murder she denies committing, says her life is a living hell and that she has practically forgotten what it is like to smile.

Conclusion: White, who has a partially paralyzed left hand, a scarred, pockmarked face, and hair of various lengths and colors, says she has had no contact with other people for 24 hours. She also has no access to telephones. “I haven’t seen other people since my birthday,” she said.

“I’ve been wearing the same clothes for three years now, and I never see the outside world.” “We’re trying to get her out of solitary confinement,” said attorney Marcia McCormick. “It’s terrible there. The guards don’t give you any privacy. They have the right to come in at any time they want to. It’s like a prison cell.”

“I haven’t seen other people since my birthday,” she said. “I’ve been wearing the same clothes for three years now, and I never see the outside world.” “We’re trying to get her out of solitary confinement,” said attorney Marcia McCormick. “It’s terrible there. The guards don’t give you any privacy.