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Warriors Win Game 5 While Stephen Curry Silences Boston Bar with His Shirt

Curry arrives at postgame press conference with a dig at Boston bar
Curry arrives at postgame press conference with a dig at Boston bar

Professional sports players are used to trash talking and taunting their opposition. However, there are occasions when they take a dig at the opponent’s taunts.

When Stephen Curry took the press conference stage after winning Game 5 of the NBA Finals, everyone was leaning in to see what shirt he was wearing as it had a text printed across it.

“Ayesha Curry CAN cook,” wrote the print.

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Reporters asked the usual postgame questions after the Warriors beat the Celtics 104-94, but one reporter took notice of Curry’s shirt and steered the conversation towards it. Curry replied:

“You gotta ask around the room, and ask Twitter.”

The shirt was a dig at a taunt directed to the player’s wife outside a local sports bar in Boston. Identified as Game On! The bar took a dig at Ayesha’s culinary endeavors with a sign that read: “Ayesha Curry can’t cook.”

The actress and blogger Ayesha Curry started her culinary career in 2014, preparing the first meal on YouTube before starting a short-lived food network.

In 2016, Ayesha published her first cookbook before authoring several others.

Game On! also added a second sign directed at Riley Curry, the eldest daughter, saying Deuce (misspelled as Duece on the sign) was better than her.

Stephen Curry was not at his usual high performance on the court, but he still contributed to the win. While Stephen’s offense wasn’t up to scratch with 16 points, his defensive performance played a prominent role in keeping the Celtics from reaching the 100-point line.

Curry also made two steals in the game to give the Warriors a 3-2 advantage in the San Francisco game.

Although he lacked the influence on the game like he usually did, Stephen Curry finished Game 5 with a shot at Game On! far from the halfway line.

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