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Hungry Hippos Bridges NFTs, Community, Philanthropy with Stellar Collection Drop

The world of NFTs continues to expand despite troubles with cryptocurrency valuation, signaling people’s trust still in the technology. Accordingly, collectors still remain on the lookout for promising projects that appear on Opensea and other NFT marketplaces. One project that people in the NFT world should definitely check out is Hungry Hippos.

Hungry Hippos is an NFT project mostly fueled by a community effort. The collection seeks to do more than coming up with another collection of NFTs to fill up the blockchain. Rather, the NFT collection and its creators hope to bring together a group of hungry and motivated professionals to help each other grow their net worth, businesses, and way of life as a whole. 

Hungry Hippos is more than just a collection of NFTs. It’s an avenue for networking. “Joining the herd gives you access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high-value sectors and create financial freedom through Real Estate, Investing, Networking, and various opportunities,” shares one project coordinator within the founding group.

One of the strong differentiating points of the project known as the Hungry Hippos is its focus on philanthropic efforts. While blockchain and crypto projects with a heart are nothing new, projects like Hungry Hippo stand out because it has all the makings of a mint that’s most likely to deliver on all their promises. 

As part of the company’s efforts to drive socially responsible efforts, part of the revenue from NFT sales will help create an academy for young athletes in Entebbe, Uganda. The program will focus on soccer clinics as a way to provide students with the potential to bring their talent to bigger stages and a chance to level up in life. Many students with promising skills lack the resources to get ahead. That’s why the Hungry Hippo NFT team thought about dedicating their project to these students. 

As a way of solidifying a follow-through on the pledge, the team has already scheduled a trip to Uganda in the first week of June 2022 to personally implement plans for creating this soccer academy. The team will bring an initial supply of jerseys to be handed to strategic partners in Uganda. The project is already being called the MUNGU movement. Soccer clinics are only the first step as the founding team hopes to do more good that will help “spread God’s love around the world.”

On top of that, the project also looks to start the HIPPOOL to help save Hippos around the world, events, partnerships and much more. The NFT project also has other plans that will benefit its investors as utilities have now been set in motion for mint owners. Some of the perks that NFT holders will enjoy include various networking opportunities such as a San Diego retreat, multiple mini meetups, private chat channels, and virtual masterminds. The company behind the Hungry Hippo collection also plans to set aside funds for lavish giveaways to its community that include a line of luxury items. 

The long-term goal of the Hungry Hippo NFT is to build a DAO that will help govern the community and ensure that everyone in the community will gain value from being an NFT owner. By doing so, it hopes to also help more people level up in life by learning about opportunities in real estate, web 3.0, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and so much more.

Mint dates have been declared with presale on June 23rd and public sale to follow on June 26th. Whitelisting for presale is now opened. See their Discord more information.

Neil Gaiman Defends Sandman’s Lucifer Casting and Offers Explanation on a Different Name at the Helm

In the late 80s, Neil Gaiman and DC introduced the world of Sandman, which quickly became a fan-favorite in the world of graphic novels. Since then, the comic series has been tipped for a theatrical release. However, decades passed and nothing came from the rumors. Rather than take Sandman to the big screens, Gaiman and DC decided to turn it into a series; but during the long wait, another Sandman related series got the green light to launch on TV.

Lucifer, a series inspired by the character from the Sandman lore, quickly received widespread acclaim thanks to Tom Ellis’ charismatic approach to the character. The series ran for six seasons before Netflix announced that Gaiman’s Sandman was finally going to appear under their umbrella.

When the announcement of the cast revealed the names of the actors, Lucifer fans were surprised to see Game of Thrones alumni Gwendoline Christie would be playing the ruler of hell. One fan asked author Neil Gaiman about the decision to snub Tom Ellis. The Sandman writer wrote:

“Because his Lucifer, while inspired by the Lucifer in Sandman, is so far away in terms of Sandman continuity by the end of LUCIFER, that it’s easier on everyone to go back to the version in the comics. And this way you don’t know what our Lucifer is going to do. Tom’s is lovable.”

It was not the first time Gaiman commented on Ellis’ Lucifer. He previously wrote an explanation on Tumblr, saying:

“The theology and cosmogony of Lucifer is a long way from Sandman’s. It’s ‘inspired by’ Sandman, but can’t easily retrofit the Lucifer version to get back to Sandman, if you see what I mean. It seemed easier and more fun to have the Sandman version of Lucifer be, well, much closer to the Sandman version of Lucifer.”

Fans of the show who read the source material will likely agree.

The Sandman is set to debut in 2022 and Tom Sturridge will play the titular character. The series will follow the original premise that has the King of Dreams get captured in an occult ritual and kept prisoner for 105 years. After escaping, Morpheus sets off on a journey to restore his kingdom, The Dreaming.

Lions Not Sheep NFT on Being a Trailblazing Venture and Hosting the FreeMan World’s Fair

Anyone who has been keeping track of the crypto trend is aware that thousands of NFT projects have been launched since digital tokens have become popular in the financial landscape. With how saturated the NFT space has become, it is now even more challenging for developers and creators to come up with ventures that would bring revolutionary breakthroughs into the world. Such is the case with Sean Whalen, a visionary who is known for his creative prowess and innovative flair. Today, he and Greg W Anderson stand as the esteemed founders of Lions Not Sheep NFT, an emerging force in the Web3, NFT, and Metaverse space. 

On a mission to dominate the industry, the Lions Not Sheep NFT project will be providing holders with jam-packed utilities unlike any other. One of the most anticipated activities that the developers will be holding is the FreeMan World’s Fair, an in-person and Metaverse-live-streamed event that will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. Although it will still be held in mid-2023, members of the community are already looking forward to participating therein. 

In an interview, Greg W Anderson described what people could expect from the FreeMan World’s Fair. “Simply put, if you combine a  music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and freedom all wrapped up into a two-day event, you would have an idea of what the fair is all about,” he explained. “Your Lions Not Sheep NFT will serve as your entrance ticket for the next three years.”

Although the Lions Not Sheep NFT project is already creating significant waves in the industry, it sprung from humble beginnings. According to Sean Whalen, Lions Not Sheep had a grassroots start in 2014 with a single tee shirt that he printed and wore to raise more awareness in society. The founder revealed that the print was meant to wake people up to the fact that it was time to stop blindly following the news and media channels. It only took days before he started receiving several requests from people who wanted to buy the shirt. 

Come 2016, the world took notice of Sean Whalen’s entrepreneurial flair. Individuals from all walks of life would start asking him if he could coach them in their business and personal lives. As a result, the Lion’s Den was born. The said community is Sean’s private coaching and networking group. 

On the other hand, Greg W Anderson is also known as “the Architect” for restructuring several businesses building over 92 company’s systems or platforms. Joining Sean in this journey as CTO of Lions Not Sheep, they more than doubled the size of Lion’s Den through engineering better systems.

To date, the Lion’s Den has 3,000 members. More than just a Facebook group, this purpose-driven community has evolved into a premium networking and personal growth group for both men and women. In order to preserve its exclusivity, it only opens its doors to new members a few times per year. 

Despite his success in the entrepreneurial realm, Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson still wanted to reach greater heights. As someone who has never been afraid of expanding his horizons, he addressed himself to the challenge of diving into the world of NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse. 

“Entering successfully into the market today is like entering the Internet game in the 90s. Those individuals and companies crafted the reality we live in today. Those that lead the NFT space today will help craft what our children and grandchildren are exposed to over the next 20-plus years. We refuse to leave our future up to chance, or even worse, allow tech giants to have the only voice,” he shared.