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Alpha Kongs Club Gains Rush of Support From Online Community, Aims to Conquer Metaverse

The NFT space is continually seeing a surge of projects launching from virtually every part of the world. In turn, NFT enthusiasts have a healthy list of projects to look up to. But one blue-chip NFT project stands out from the rest, and eager investors are already lining up until its release in the first quarter of 2022–the Alpha Kongs Club.

Alpha Kongs Club is a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs created by Anthony Sieber, one of the top, highly sought-after digital artists known for creating the iconic dragons of Game of Thrones. With his undeniable contribution to the entertainment industry and pop culture, Sieber received the coveted nomination for VES Awards. Working alongside Sieber are Tom Herzig and Ricardo Alves, who have both established their names in the VFX landscape. Herzig and Alves have worked on blockbuster films and projects, including Star Wars Mandalorian, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Star Trek Discovery, and so much more. 

Together, the three creatives aim for Alpha Kongs Club to rise above other artworks in the metaverse. Sieber, Herzig, and Alves want the world to see Alpha Kongs Club as their magnum opus, the epitome of their creative strengths brought together in one project. Hence, the trio is giving the collection their full attention, bringing the NFT space 3D tokens like no other.

On top of high-quality art, Alpha Kongs Club is also equipped with many utilities, and the founding team revealed that the project is up for a long-term vision to conquer the digital space, making it one of the best blue-chip projects in the industry. Additionally, being part of the Alpha Kongs Community exclusively provides holders with access to the metaverse, making it one of the best online communities in existence.

Since it first made itself known in the digital space, the Alpha Kongs Club has grown an online community of supporters. The project currently has over 200,000 followers, and the number continues to grow every day. The support was seen two days after the project launched its Discord server, and some early supporters even went as far as to tattoo the Alpha Kongs Club emblem on their skins to show their excitement for the NFT collection. Meanwhile, other eager fans and investors have created a plethora of fan art, music, and social media channels to help the founders spread the word, which, in turn, strengthened Alpha Kongs Club’s marketing efforts. 

While the founders are yet to announce the official minting day for Alpha Kongs Club, seeing the growing support in the online community makes them confident that the project will rise to the top. Alpha Kongs Club will also be hosting a whitelist sale where the first few thousand of its members can participate. 

Furthermore, the founders and the artists are continually interacting with their thriving community, answering questions and hosting AMAs. This shows their immense dedication to being hands-on with the project. The artists are also hosting unique NFT creation sessions to inspire other creatives to jump into the ever-growing wave of blockchain art and technology. 

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