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Upcoming Project Chroma World Prepares to Push the Boundaries of Art Within the NFT Space

As the world evolved through the centuries, the traditional arts have also evolved. From cave paintings to primed canvas, artists have always found a way to innovate their medium to suit their means of expressing themselves or their message. In addition, modern-day artists have thrived thanks to technological innovation, bringing a new wave of artists in the digital age.

Non-fungible tokens have been pegged to become the next step towards art, coming in various forms that range from visual arts to music and typography in the form of social media posts. However, most NFT projects opted for digital art as their medium, believing it was the best way to reach out to their audience. Chroma World is a project that strives to bring the best of both traditional and digital art into the NFT space.

Chroma World is an upcoming project that celebrates traditional art, specifically the abstract movement. For years, the art movement that artist Wassily Kandinsky popularized had captivated and puzzled viewers, including the developers of Chroma World. However, they decided to take their fascination to the next level by implementing abstract works into NFTs.

“Chroma World is a place welcome to all, especially if you love weird-looking abstract art,” said the Chroma World developers. “Nothing needs to make sense when it comes to expressing your imagination. One of our main goals is to connect digital and physical art, which will be done in a variety of ways.”

Dubbing the first phase of their roadmap, “Season One,” the project will consist of 9,001 NFTs called ‘Abstractars,’ which will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has been described as something “that is different, but in a way, makes sense.” 

The Abstractars will include over 250 hand-drawn traits used to generate each unique piece. The collection will feature abstract art and include pixel art, simplistic, clean, grayscale, and rare gold traits, among many others. In addition, the art will feature graffiti outlines of humans, animals, robots, and pop culture set against a colorful background of chaotic yet hypnotic colors.

While most NFTs tend to focus more on the central object, Abstractars will take its viewer’s attention to the background, blending in with the character.

“The emphasis on the collection is aimed at the background artwork,” explained the developers. “Each background is hand created and are all very different. Therefore, they will come in a variety of styles and colors.”

Chroma World will be the first collection in the NFT space to create a unique set of works, pushing boundaries in the online world. It will also be paying tribute to some of the fantastic communities in the space and can be seen as an extension to the holder’s previous collection. Additionally, Chroma World will also have a feature program that connects and supports other creators across the globe, helping a united community grow while inspiring people.

Learn more about Chroma World by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram or joining their official Discord server and Telegram group.

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