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Milk Tyson Declares War against Childhood Cancer with His Non-Profit Organization Fighting All Monsters

To this very day, cancer continues to ravage the world as one of the most deadly incurable diseases. As the world continues to find a cure and hopefully purge the bane of cancer, a disease that has affected countless families and individuals all over the world, non-profit organizations are offering support for cancer patients, survivors, and family members who have been greatly affected by the disease. Fighting All Monsters stands at the forefront, supporting children with cancer by providing them with avenues to reconnect with their mothers and enjoy the finer things in life. 

An initiative founded by the remarkable Milk Tyson, Fighting All Monsters is an active non-profit organization that was established at the tail end of 2018 to help kids fighting childhood cancer. The organization aims to destroy all the negative notions of childhood cancer where the typical response is to be sad, forcing these children to be overlooked rather than being focused on.

Since the establishment of Fighting All Monsters, more famously abbreviated as FAM, the organization has taken the non-profit sector by storm. FAM gained a huge push when 2020 began with Diddy taking 12 kids and FAM on the Ellen Show. “We were ready to have our grand opening, but then COVID-19 came, and we had to restart,” explained Milk Tyson. 

In an unfortunate turn of events, FAM was held back, but Milk Tyson never gave up on his dream of helping victims of childhood cancer. It’s undeniable that FAM is looking at the nonprofit world in a different light. Instead of throwing a big fancy gala for the donors of the charity, Milk Tyson has decided to hold an event for the actual participants instead.

Fighting All Monsters invited 60 moms all across 30 states and flew them to Islamorada, Florida, in the Keys Ocean Views free of charge. They provided the families with six waterfront mansions provided by Keys Ocean Views. The participants had private chefs for all catered meals, live shows, fireworks, 24-hour beach massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing, and many more. 

Excursions were offered, such as paddle boarding, sightseeing on boats, snorkeling for the entire group, and shopping trips. The trip was 100% free to all the moms that were invited. These moms all had kids who have childhood cancer or other medically complex conditions, with over 11 of the invited moms recently losing their child to cancer.

“We had a special lantern release night that we called Letters to Heaven where the moms who lost children wrote notes on Chinese lanterns and released them to heaven,” shared Milk Tyson. 

Milk Tyson has officially declared war on childhood cancer, and Fighting All Monsters is a non-profit disruptor that is pushing the boundaries and being more aggressive in the fight against cancer. FAM aims to bring the fight to a wider group of people by making it accessible through free events that bring the participants themselves to the limelight.

In the near future, FAM and Milk Tyson are poised to become the leading fighters of childhood cancer in the entire world. Through their efforts, the world is looking a lot brighter for those that have been affected by the horrible effects of cancer. In time, Milk Tyson hopes that he can touch the hearts of more families all over the world as he continues the fight against this deadly affliction.

To know more about Fighting All Monsters, check out the organization’s official website. Get to know Milk Tyson by checking out his website. To join the FAMily, follow Fighting All Monsters on Facebook.

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