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Moondusa: Latest NFT to Raise a Raving Virtual Community

Non-fungible token communities on social media platforms and Discord channels have become some of the most potent virtual groups today. One new NFT has started a raving community online, and it hasn’t even hit the market yet. That token’s name is Moondusa, an NFT collection that looks to take the whole blockchain ecosystem by storm. 

Moondusa is an NFT character based on the mythological creature Medusa. The new twist to the classic icon has brought in a new twist to the timeless ode. The Moondusa character has the world of NFTs in a frenzy as it nears its launch on November 12, 2021. When that happens, 8,888 unique permutations of the character will be made available to the public.  

While the character is a direct spin to a tale as old as history itself, the team has added new elements to the Moondusa character to make it stand out. “Moondusa isn’t just another rip-off of previously popular projects like 90% of the projects launching are,” shares one representative from the NFT creators. “Not to mention the fact that our artwork is on a whole other level of quality compared to most, if not, all projects currently on the market.”

The character lives in a whole storyline that hopes to bring a whole new universe of new spins to these mythological creatures to life. Particularly, Moondusa’s origin stories begin back in 8,888 BC. It begins with a conflict between Aether and Medusa, which they take to Selene’s domain— the moon. The two sides and their armies would fight bravely for what seemed like ages until only the two leaders remained. But what started as a burning feud would turn into passionate love as Medusa and Aether would join in romance. 

Through their boundless devotion to one another, the Mondusas would come to life. The NFT picks up from this storyline and introduces over eight thousand versions of the character. No two are entirely alike, leaving a solid functionality for every artwork. This differentiation ensures that all NFTs’ owners will have a contract that’s theirs and theirs alone. 

Non-fungible tokens have been a central conversation online. The innovative approach to digital ledgers has created a world of opportunities for artists worldwide. Entrepreneurs, programmers, and visual creatives have come together to create these collections and install them on unique blockchain-based contracts that create an ensured level of authenticity to each digital artwork. 

This new approach to blockchain tech has created opportunities for artists to sell artworks as virtual collectibles and earn significant profits in the process. Moondusa looks to be one of the latest collections to create a dent in the crypto community. The launch date looms over the horizon, but the digital coin has already gained significant traction. Many people in the community have praised the collection for its storyline and utility. The Discord channel already has over 1,000 members awaiting the NFT drop, and more continue to join every day. Another 17,000 people currently follow the upcoming token on Instagram. 

The creators of the Moondusas hope to create some serious waves in the NFT community with their upcoming release. To learn more about the NFT, visit its website, Instagram and Discord channel.

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