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Chibi Dinos Creates a Massive Buzz for NFT to a Wider Audience by Selling Out in 20 Minutes on Mint Day

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) make up the latest concept in the cryptocurrency world that many people have no clue what they mean or represent. Even though many influential personalities have splurged millions of dollars acquiring NFTs of various kinds, it’s still a largely unexplored space for crypto enthusiasts. Taking advantage of the booming market are Chibi Dinos, a collection of cute NFTs set for minting in 24 Hours.

NFTs are usually paid for with cryptocurrency and have their own underlying encoding software as many crypto tokens. And in the case of Chibi Dinos, they are 10,000 cute NFTs with colorful appearances and unique attributes. The feature characters called “Chibis” all wear dinosaur suits with each Chibi wearing randomly selected basketball teams’ jerseys. This makes each Chibi unique and different from the others.

Chibi Dinos are generated and programmed from 262 different assets—head, eyes, dino mouth, face tattoos, hair, accessories, and jerseys. Each Chibi Dino in its unique jersey needs a new home, and the creators have always had high hopes that the Chibis will be a hit on its mint day and they were right. The tokens sold out on August 20, 2021 twenty minutes after they went live. The ten different teams that the Chibi Dino’s represent are named  the Outstanding Omnivores, Mesozoic Minions, Archaic Athletes, Fabulous Fossils, Prehistoric Predators, Honest Herbivores, Crazy Carnivores, Extinct Eaters, Jurassic Jumpers, and Cretaceous Creatures. Everything about Chibi Dinos is aimed at uniqueness and standing out. It’s a fresh breath into the NFT space and the crypto world is here for it.

The founders have a unique vision to use the proceeds from selling 25% of the Chibi Dinos to create the Dinos’ community. The community is expected to have community managers and moderators on Discord. The collection will then be featured on Rarity Tools to reach more NFT enthusiasts and the wider market. After launching, the company plans to partner with notable stakeholders in the NFT space.

With specific plans already in place for Chibi Dinos after its launch, the founders have started executing some of the lofty ambitions they had for the token to dominate the NFT space. With the selling out of these cute Chibis, the creators have proceeded with pre-ordering real, physical Chibi Dino basketball jerseys while releasing more merchandise options for its community. The ultimate goal is to garner as much attention as possible on both Twitter and Discord communities and get people involved.

Some of the future plans that the founders of Chibi Dino’s have include the metaverse integration and the creation of 3D Chibi eggs that have something special inside them. Chibi Dinos aims to prove that the possibilities are endless and it has proven that to a large extent with how many of the Chibis that got sold on mint day. Chibi Dinos was minted at 0.06 ETH and got sold out within twenty minutes.

On the giveaway front, 100 Chibi Dinos have already been reserved to be given out to winners of competitions and giveaways. There will also be airdrops for active owners to win Chibi Dinos.

Follow Chibi Dino on Twitter and join its community on Discord to learn more about these colorful and cute NFTs.

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