How a Viral Internet Meme Generated the Latest Cryptocurrency, Deez Nuts

Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade. It was created as an alternative to cash in digital format and can be used to exchange for goods and services. Since the birth of the trend, more cryptocurrencies have been making waves online. One such cryptocurrency is Deez Nuts.

Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Deez Nuts was created as an alternative to other cryptocurrencies and utilized the viral meme to bring fun to the market. However, the name brought some hesitation to crypto lovers who felt it might have been another scam to get rich fast. Despite the hesitations, Deez Nuts was able to set out at a steady pace. Initially, the cryptocurrency found it challenging to gain traction as a lack of market visibility provided a roadblock, but it soon started picking up speed and has recently gone viral. 

Whereas other cryptocurrencies are currently listed at high prices, Deez Nuts can be obtained for $0.000008. The low listing price makes it very appealing, attracting a massive market of potential buyers who are actively looking for the next Dogecoin. It is currently listed on Pancake Swap and has paired up with Binance.

The low cost of Deez Nuts has not only attracted the attention of crypto lovers and enthusiasts but has also piqued the interest of A-list celebrities and influencers. Launched today, it’s already up by 15x right off the bat. This popularity can be credited both to its core service as well as to the advocacies that drive this venture forward. Pledging to donate a percentage of its proceeds to testicular and prostate cancer research, it hopes to raise over two million dollars for the cause and help countless lives in the process. 

Additionally, users get to enjoy a premium experience with Deez Nuts as the widely-acclaimed company vows to reinvest a small portion of every transaction into the business to ensure consistent growth and scalability over time, thus giving back to the users in the long run.

With over five hundred holders today, the celebrity-backed Deez Nuts Crypto aims to go beyond and become the most viral cryptocurrency in the market.

Deez Nuts’ token address is 0x01921a94e68f8d54f33c5d6f71d6664c35e33269. To find out how to buy and where to input that address, go to their official website, where the steps are thoroughly explained. Also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.