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I Did It God’s Way Aims to Empower Readers to Grow Further as Entrepreneurs

They say one’s limitations are often determined by oneself. It could take many years for a person to fully realize his potential, and once he does, that person can achieve great heights. Determined to help people reach success, JoVonne Walker has launched her first inspirational self-help book called I Did It God’s Way

JoVonne Walker is a marketing coach and consultant from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her expertise had been pivotal to the success of many executives and entrepreneurs in creating communication campaigns that “generate awareness and conversions.” Known for being transparent with her process, JoVonne has reshaped her clients’ marketing practices and scaled their brands further. 

Besides being a marketing expert, JoVonne is also recognized for her dynamic talks. As a speaker, JoVonne focuses on tackling and sharing her knowledge of building strategies for business success. Additionally, she also discusses how an individual can simultaneously pursue personal life, career-building, and entrepreneurship. Today, on a mission to reach more people, especially women entrepreneurs, JoVonne released her I Did It God’s Way

I Did It God’s Way sheds light on the author’s inspiring journey on how she pursued a life of financial freedom through entrepreneurship. As an advocate for women pursuing business ventures, JoVonne hopes that her story will encourage them to “create measurable goals, maximize their potential, and pursue their wildest dreams.” The book was also written with the hopes of bringing people closer to their God-given purpose.

Asked why she chose to write it for women entrepreneurs, the author shared that many women in their respective industries often feel as if they have “hit a glass ceiling.” I Did It God’s Way wants to push women beyond their limiting beliefs, doubts, and insecurities. Leveraging her experiences as an entrepreneur, JoVonne hopes to give her readers the courage and strength to obtain what they think is only a far-fetched vision.

“They often feel stuck and exhausted by past experiences but want more. They know that there is a greater purpose for them to pursue,” shared the author. I Did It God’s Way empowers its readers with the ‘divine power’ and leads them to grow toward becoming the strong entrepreneurs they are meant to be.

Although the author emphasizes that she is not a life coach, JoVonne admits that she feels responsible for encouraging others in their pursuit of growth. Through her book, I Did It God’s Way, the author wants to fulfill her calling and guide other women in their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

“I’ve realized the need to keep going because there are people whose businesses, and in some instances, lives are depending on me to show up and provide a resource to their needs. Even as an author, my motivation behind what I consider my calling of encouraging people to pursue their divine purpose is rooted in the change I see people experience when I work with them,” JoVonne said. 

In a time when many entrepreneurs feel stuck in the same cycle and fail to obtain growth, I Did It God’s Way will genuinely fill a gap. Learn more about JoVonne Walker and her book on this site.

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