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Jafton Becomes the Official Vendor of The State of New Mexico for IT Services to Build the Telemedicine App for ALTSD

In this rapidly evolving world, the conventional and traditional methods that people have grown accustomed to are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Within only a short amount of time, technology has exploded and has taken over everyone’s lives. And with the advent of automation and the emergence of the digital age, Jafton is taking a significant stride towards the forefront of the industry. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world to its core, government sectors were prompted to take health measures and implement other precautions to prevent further damage. As a result, these agencies were compelled to embrace digital transformation to keep up with the pressure of working at distance efficiently, conveniently, and effectively. Taking a cue from this advancement, the New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Department (ALTSD) has announced a search for a vendor of IT services to address the pressing concerns during these unprecedented times. And the contract has been awarded to an NYC based firm

Jafton was selected for this contract due to its track record of working on other telemedicine projects previously. Company’s COO Sardor Akhmedov has been leading the negotiations between the parties and has made the deal happen by presenting the company’s capabilities to its fullest and has been making sure the project gets executed well. 

With its ongoing pursuit of more straightforward and competent ways to serve the elderly, ALTSD in New Mexico believes that the revolutionary Custom Telehealth App developed by Jafton can help its operations and services. According to Tim Struck, the esteemed CTO of ALTSD, the main objective of the company’s partnership with Jafton is to make resources more available to its constituents. Through the app, a digital connection between the Ombudsman and the elderly has been established. 

The Custom Telehealth App by Jafton does not only enable the hassle-free booking of video calls with the Ombudsman, but it also makes the gathering of complaints and proposals in one place possible. The company’s brilliant team of specialists made sure that the app is easy to use so that the elders can readily schedule, reschedule, and delete appointments with one click. 

On top of that, Jafton’s app has a voice recording feature for the cases when the call is not necessary due to lack of urgency. It also has a “yes/no interface” that allows the evaluation of a provided service and the contacting of authorities. Other benefits of the app include high-level protection of user’s data that is in accordance with the HIPAA guidelines. 

Ever since its inception in New York City, Jafton has already been turning heads with its innovative efforts and groundbreaking solutions. Its CEO, Bobir Akilkhanov, has been in the sphere of IT consultancy and software development for twenty years. And with a team of over fifty experts distributed across seven countries, this visionary leader proves that his company is in it to win it.

The company has been also getting on a more innovative and rapid growth trajectory ever since Sardor Akhmedov joined it as a COO and has brought his young and fresh perspective and energy. Sardor has been responsible for the company’s rapid growth since he joined in 2019, first as an intern during his last year in college, and then has worked his way up to become the COO and managing partner. 

As a reward to company’s leaders, Bobir Akilkhanov’s and Sardor Akhmedov’s unmatched determination, Jafton was recognized as one of the B2B companies in the United States this 2020 by several famous online review platforms, including Clutch. With its deep-rooted mission of bringing value to society by creating cutting-edge digital solutions, the company has taken the industry by storm.

On top of providing services of custom development and design at Jafton, both Sardor and Bobir personally consult their clients on digital strategy and give startup advice as a part of their agency’s service based on their experience in the industry and a track record of successfully founding and scaling multiple tech companies.

To learn more about the product you can go here and to learn more about Jafton and its services, you may visit its website or call (212) 499-0000

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