The Chicago Journal Partners Up with To Help Small Businesses Gain Some Footing Amid the Pandemic

In this day and age, it is absolutely essential for a small modern business to take advantage of all the technological advancements the world has to offer. Smartphone apps have become all the rage in recent years, and most businesses have taken an interest in utilizing the technology to serve their customers better. was specifically created to give small businesses an opportunity to create their very own app. grants customers the ability to purchase from a small business anywhere. It also allows them to track rewards programs and receive real-time marketing as well as real-time notifications on promotions and special events. To ensure their clients’ success, they use TestFlight to test the apps that they create prior to submitting them to the App Stores.

Recently, the company has partnered up with, allowing their apps to accept online appointments, 24/7 scheduling and updating, reminder notifications, and other online scheduling tools so that their clients can further grow their businesses. makes online scheduling easy. They allow their customers to grow their business without having to waste time managing software, and tools. Paired with the capabilities of, the result is an amazing combination of features that can guarantee the success of small businesses far and wide. Imagine having the capability of scheduling and tracking orders 24/7 through a fully managed scheduling software that leverages cloud technology.

Paired with and their built-in Bluetooth technology that sends orders through a single platform. Through the combination of their services, small businesses will have the opportunity to create new revenue streams with tech-savvy and loyal customers. is more than just a one-time introductory special; it offers small business owners the ability to receive, own, and update their very own menus in real-time on their own app. They distribute the app through the Apple Store as well as the Play Store without any monthly fees. The platform itself has a fully transparent business model where businesses can share their best practices to help each other.

The business model completely removes the need for their clients to spend millions of dollars on major online marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. Instead, reaches out to influencers on social media simply asking for their help to share their vision of a better tomorrow where businesses support one another by building a community.

Not to mention, gives a lot of benefits to their clients, solving major problems for business owners. With their own app, they no longer have to increase their sales by 30% because they no longer have to rely on a third-party to deliver their food. This allows them to boost their sales and drive more revenue just by investing the time and effort to build an app with the community.

Furthermore, once the app is in the market, offers marketing services to its clients at no charge. Their full transparency business model means that there are no hidden fees at all; they will not be charging monthly down the road, unlike many other services that are currently being offered to small business owners.

Overall, is looking to serve more and more small businesses as the years go by. As they foster a bigger and more successful community over the years, they are planning on bringing non-profits to their platform in 2021. This much-needed development will allow for more people to become aware of the various non-profits that they can support straight from the comfort of their smartphone devices.

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Alexander Davis Takes Over the Men’s Style and Grooming Industry

Taking over Houston’s barbershop industry is the award-winning barber Alexander Davis of Mack With The Stiff Issue. Using his talented hands in cutting and grooming hair, he takes the lead in providing his clients with the neatest and most sleek haircuts available. Indeed, his unique haircuts speak for themselves, and those who have gone under his grooming clippers find themselves coming back to his shop again and again. 

Alexander Davis is a 27-year-old New York native who moved to Houston to pursue his career in the grooming industry. He is a full-time celebrity barber, grooming mentor, and educator in the barber industry. He has worked alongside numerous celebrities, professional athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, and more. Today, he runs a quickly-rising barbershop brand called Mack With The Stiff Issue. 

Growing up, Alexander Davis was always fond of barbers. Witnessing the amount of love and fun they had at work, he realized that he wanted to be a part of that community. His passion for barbering started with him practicing on his dad’s mustache trimmers for edge-up cuts. As he grew older, he finally took the chance to get his own set of clippers. In no time, he practiced and perfected his craft like a pro. After finishing college, he knew his heart was set on pursuing his career in the barbershop industry. While his family inspired him to pursue his dreams, other doors closed on his face, and there was a lack of support from others. Using this experience as his inspiration, he built his brand from scratch. 

Mack With The Stiff Issue strives to provide its customers with one-of-a-kind haircuts. Moreover, the brand focuses on giving clients the utmost respect and world-class customer service. But what truly keeps Alexander Davis on the lead in the industry is his laser-focus and tunnel vision when it comes to his barbershop services. “I don’t compete with the next barber,” shares Alexander. Instead, he focuses on competing with himself and making sure he levels up his skills and mastery with each cut he accomplishes. 

Passion, determination, hard work, and pure talent in grooming have turned Alexander Davis into a household name in Houston. More than that, he has also gained the trust and confidence of many celebrities when it comes to haircuts. He has serviced famous rapper Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, RunikTV, Funny Mike, Jaydayoungan, FMB Longmoney, King Kaiser, Chris Sails, BFB Packman, Blood Bath, Chris Chiozza, Peso Peso, Rizzo Rizzo, Ayo Tae, and many more.

Mack With The Stiff Issue seamlessly champions all types of haircuts desired by the clients, but the brand owner’s favorite is his signature “drop fade.” At present, Alexander Davis has developed a strong social media presence on Instagram with more than 16,000 followers. His barbershop has also received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and support from people who have experienced its services firsthand. 

Alexander Davis hopes to inspire others to pursue their true passion. He continues to say, “your vision of success, everyone might not see; and it’s not for them to see. Grind it out one day at a time and watch you become successful.”

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Taylor Anne Swartz Inspires the World One Beat at a Time

Photo by: Joze F Barrera

Although success stories differ from person to person, they seem to have one common underlying theme—persistence. True enough, great things begin to unfold when an individual chooses to carry on despite trials and adversities. And as someone who had to fight extremely tough battles all her life, Taylor Anne Swartz resorted to music and turned her scars into badges of strength and honor. 

Musicians are known for being outstanding with instruments. But aside from having gifted hands that play beautifully, Taylor Anne Swartz has also gained recognition for having a pair that touches lives in the most remarkable way possible. In addition to that, she is blessed with a voice that not only hums wonderful tunes but speaks up about pressing issues as well. And as one of the foremost advocates of mental health awareness and environmentalism, the singer-songwriter uses her craft to empower struggling individuals and spark positive changes. 

Ever since she was ten years old, Taylor Anne Swartz has a cardiac pacemaker keeping her alive. But despite her condition, she is still grateful for having a heart that beats. And as her spirit continues to pump rhythm and life into her bloodstream, she discovered her passion and purpose—music. 

Coming all the way from Chicago, Illinois, Taylor Anne Swartz takes the music industry by storm with her radiant energy and creative soul. When she was just a little kid, the singer-songwriter already exhibited a strong fondness for music. She would have fun with the drumsets of her grandfather and father and play to her heart’s content. 

To keep her passion and interest burning, Taylor Anne Swartz began having piano lessons when she was in third grade and switched to playing drums when she reached fifth grade. And by the time she entered high school, she became one of the two females in the drumline and eventually secured a prized spot on the snare drum.

Photo by: Joze F Barrera

Just when her interest in music was blossoming, Taylor Anne had to undergo a couple of rough patches in her life. As a result, she decided to withdraw from nursing school and went all-in on her craft. And with the desire to take her potential to the next level, Taylor Anne got her mother’s guitar and taught herself to play. Soon enough, she found her voice, and her confidence in singing began to soar. 

Things were finally looking up for Taylor Anne Swartz. She started uploading her videos on YouTube and would even perform along the streets in Chicago, Hollywood Boulevard, as well as the beaches in Venice and Santa Monica. Before the COVID-19 pandemic took over, her most recent performance was during the opening for Drake Bell at Whisky A Go-Go. 

After everything that she has been through, Taylor Anne Swartz is proud of herself for not giving up. In retrospect, the challenges and difficulties that she encountered could have easily brought her down. However, she faced each one of them with an indomitable spirit. And through her story, she gives hope to those who are undergoing the same ordeals that she did back then. She wants them to know that they are not alone and that better things are coming as long as they keep moving forward. 

Today, Taylor Anne Swartz has become a beacon of strength that sheds light on the lives of many. Indeed, her music brings comfort and peace to anyone who has been feeling down and weary. 

To know more about Taylor Anne Swartz, you may follow her on Instagram or stream her songs on Spotify.

Noah Nega Delivering Revolutionary Innovations Within the Tech Space

It can never be underscored enough how a person’s failures can be the seeding ground for their future success in life. People who are open to drawing insights from missteps instead of being demotivated by them are guaranteed to learn from the experience and become better on their next move. And it is this essential attitude toward growth that allowed E8 Labs founder Noah Nega to evolve into a household name within the tech industry. 

E8 Labs is a reputable software development agency located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founded in 2017, it now comprises over twenty-five experts working behind the scenes and boasts a wide range of services, including building custom software such as mobile apps, websites, and enterprise software solutions. It has worked with solo entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 500 companies across the United States and Canada, helping clients not only conceptualize and solidify app concepts but also grow a user base through strategic marketing initiatives. 

The establishment of this one-stop shop is the culmination of years of professional experience that pushed Noah Nega to the summit. Before creating this tech powerhouse, he started as a freelancer. He accepted requests to build websites and mobile apps throughout college, paying for his college tuition and covering his living and educational expenses this way. 

Admittedly, it entailed a lot of work, but it proved to be an endeavor that would allow him to hone his skills to precision and meet countless people that would impact his life one way or another, one of which is his first-ever client. Noah Nega charged him with $500, but the client, surprised by the low cost to build his site laughed and offered to pay him one thousand dollars instead. 

While attending school full-time and managing an immensely hectic freelance work, he successfully launched a mobile app enterprise called POPii. A couple more startups then followed the development of this venture. Although they failed, Noah Nega walked away learning knowledge and gaining skills that would facilitate the triumphs of E8 Labs as an acknowledged institution after its launch. 

Currently, he is recognized for standing as a tech entrepreneur and a visionary on a mission to manage the present and invent the future. By pursuing his interest and turning it into his business’s core, he has managed to cement his name along with that of E8 Labs and become a household figure with plans to the Google of software development. While scaling E8 Labs, Noah Nega is expanding an Airbnb-like platform for a fast-growing economy in Africa called Ethio-Properties at the same time. In addition, he is also occupied with developing a social networking platform, Circle, for professionals and building the Amazon of Africa called SUK. 

Moreover, he vows to remain in the pursuit of learning and is always on the lookout for ever-changing trends in technology, seeking to identify new solutions that might contribute to humankind’s long-term growth as a whole. 

Most importantly, through introducing ventures to the market, solidifying concepts, creating revenue models, and leaving a distinctive digital mark within the industry, Noah Nega has surpassed many barriers and milestones in his pursuit to deliver revolutionary innovations in the tech space.

Learn more about Noah Nega and E8 Labs by visiting his personal and company website.