Phoenix Energy Brings Cleaner and Cheaper Energy to Homes

In recent times, renewable energy has become something of a sensation all across the media. As the world suffers from less safe energy sources, experts work hard to find alternatives to preserve the environment and help people save serious dollars. One of the forefront options has been solar energy, but this technology is often inaccessible and expensive. Phoenix Energy is out to change that for households everywhere. 

Phoenix Energy is a leading provider of solar technology for the common home. The company provides solar energy tech to thousands of families every year, making clean, renewable, and cost-effective power available to so many. On average, solar energy has helped many households save thousands of dollars on electric expenditures every year. 

A recent report by the Solar Energy Industries Association showed that many large conglomerates were starting to shift toward renewable solar energy. Companies like Amazon, Target, Apple, and Walmart have begun flipping the switch on such initiatives. In total, these large corporations alone have created over seven thousand megawatts of energy across thirty-five thousand facilities across the nation.

Early on, spotting this upward trend, Phoenix Energy founders Justin and Christopher Gordnick would become trailblazers in the solar homes movement. The two brothers have a passion and drive for the world of sales. The elder brother Christ is a US Army veteran with a bachelor of science degree from Ohio University. Upon returning to civilian life, he would jump into a lucrative sales company and invite his brother Justin to join him. Justin quickly skyrocketed to the top. Primarily, Justin was always an entrepreneurial type. Growing up, he would sell newspapers, shovel snow, rake leaves, and move furniture for extra cash. 

The brothers would later take the plunge into entrepreneurship and create a company of their own. Thus began the story of Phoenix Energy. The company has stationed headquarters at Hackensack, New Jersey, and services many households in the immediate area and beyond. 

Phoenix’s solar tech systems have helped many homes save up to eighty percent on their monthly utility bills. The tech efficiently captures solar power from the sun and stores up the excess in a solar bank to be used at night. In many areas, homes can run on nothing but solar power all day round. On top of saving on monthly expenditures, solar power systems make families eligible for various federal rebates and state incentives that can add up to a tax credit equal to or more than thirty percent of the technology’s cost. Moreover, having a system installed in a home increases a property’s value by over five thousand dollars. 

Normally, the cost for the system goes for around forty thousand dollars. But consumers can get the design on a Power Purchase Agreement that significantly lowers the upfront cost. Phoenix Energy also offers a zero down payment with no out of pocket expenses plan to eligible clients. 

Phoenix Energy’s operations carry on even today as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Installers and staff come to clients’ homes fully equipped with protective equipment and follow health and safety protocols at all times. When Justin and Christopher aren’t saving the planet with solar-powered technology, they’re keeping frontliners and people safe by procuring PPEs for hospitals and other institutions. 

With more and more homes and companies switching to alternative power sources, it’s only a matter of time until this innovation becomes a norm. Moreover, as Phoenix Energy continues to advocate for cleaner and cheaper power, they hope to positively impact the planet and people’s lives through their work. 

To learn more about Phoenix Energy, visit their official website.