Francis Onah on the Recent Release of His Debut Album

The powerful combination of talent, passion, and vision can elevate dreams, transcend limits, and break barriers. When people use their gifts and crafts for a remarkable and great cause, they make a valuable impact not just on society but also on others’

Kevin Nelson on Providing Elite Financial Advising Service

Kevin Jerome Nelson, also known as The Wealth Evangelist, has traversed different work sectors and proven his expertise in multiple domains. His career started in the entertainment industry, where he helped elite and high net worth celebrities with their financials. He was

Jaime Manteiga Is Making Traditional Business Cards Obsolete

Entrepreneur and visionary Jaime Manteiga is introducing a phenomenal change in the way businesses are being done with his revolutionary TapTok technology that ultimately gets rid of the traditional business card exchange and simplifies making connections. Using the TapTok card simply requires