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Tech’s Newest Woman Cloe Luv

In prep for the release of her new women-forward app, We Uplift Women, I sat down with Cloe Luv to get some insight behind the design and what her experience has been as a woman in the tech field.

What challenges do you face as a woman in the tech field?

Cloe: I think one of the challenges that I face as a woman in tech is that most of the people that I have [worked with] on creating this platform, were men. So when it came to expressing the experience I wanted [our users, women] to have…it was so hard! Eventually we got on the same page. It took a little over two years to bring the vision to fruition, and we are still working on some add ons. Although we are seeing more women in tech, there are not that many options to work with other women the way we want to.

Is this your first experience in tech?

Cloe: I don’t come from a technical background…[laughs] so, it was a bit confusing for me in the beginning when the [people I worked with] explained certain things but thank goodness I’m a fast learner! The main person I’m working with is so considerate and amazing, and I’m grateful to have found him.

What empowered you to create this app, was it something personal or external?

Cloe: I’m the founder of Women With Voices, and during my journey, I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot in order to create a community to bring each other together. I’m usually a homebody and I really love working. I’m not [big into] socializing. Working on this app pushed me to reach out of my comfort zone to reach out to people on social media and by doing that I gained one of the best friends in my life. I also met one of my dear friends, who is working on a book with me. I’ve met a lot of amazing women online. I wanted to create a community of women who are empowered to learn from and teach each other. I realized there was a need for introverts, like myself, to be able to connect. I wanted to create a space that closes the distance between women. We want women to be able to take courses on the app, buy and sell products on the app, it’s all about women empowering each other.

What is the driving force behind the app: its mission, and goal?

Cloe: The goal of this app is to act as a [digital] community for women. For women to empower each other in their own businesses, teaching, learning, buying, and selling products, sharing our stories with one another. It relates a lot to my story and my lifestyle. I met some amazing women online and I wanted to create a place for others to do the same. My mother first taught me about women’s empowerment. If I can help other women through this app, I think it can be a powerful change for the lives of women. That’s the goal.

Tell us in a few words why women NEED to download this app?

Cloe: I think the power and strength that comes from sisterhood is downplayed. Authentic and real sisterhood can empower you and get you through anything. We have to change the stereotypes of women being catty and not getting along. We have to rewrite the narrative. The app opens with an affirmation, something positive for women to repeat to themselves each day. I’m excited about it, we are adding a lot of new features to make it more interactive.

Cloe told me the goal for the app is to connect women all over the world to one another and to empower one another. Women Uplifting Women is an app available on Android, Apple, and computers as well as our smartphones for ease of access and communication. Download and connect with other amazing women today. Go to or download Women Uplifting Women today to connect with your next friend, business partner, and supporter. Download Women Uplifting Women for iOS or Android today and get connected to your future!

To contact Cloe Luv visit or her IG page @cloeluv.

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