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Alison Bowles Living to the Fullest and Inspiring Others

Photo by Maggie Keating Photography 

If there’s anyone who knows to live life to the fullest, it’s influencer, model, and virtual entrepreneur Alison Bowles. She knows the importance of designing life the way you want it and does not procrastinate in making things happen for herself. Today, she runs her businesses from anywhere in the world and pursues an active career in modeling while also inspiring others to live life without hesitation. 

Alison knows the value of every living day all too well. At the age of 22, doctors diagnosed her with skin cancer. Fortunately, she was able to overcome the disease. Since then, she has not held back in living the life she knows she deserves. 

Alison Bowles is an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses out of her laptop. She owns and curates Wander in Heels, a travel blog that documents and showcases her travels to various destinations in countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Canada, Cuba, France, The Netherlands, Thailand, The United Kingdom, and many others. The digital nomad also operates Lacy Coe Online Boutique, an online apparel shop that provides customers with a wide array of stylish clothes, swimwear, and merchandise. 

The online entrepreneur is also partnered with Slay Miami, a spa and wellness facility that uses Cannabidiol in treatments to provide people with a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience unlike any other. The company is also the first sports recovery center to use CBD oils, a therapy tested and confirmed by many leading scientists and doctors worldwide.

On top of her various ventures, Alison Bowles also takes time to take a socially conscious role in the world by advocating and educating people on skin cancer and the dangerous practices that cause it. She founded YouV Radiance, a charity that raises awareness of melanoma, the #1 Cause of death in women ages 25-30, but affects all ages/genders. The non-profit educates men and women on proper skin care that reduces the chances of skin cancer. YouV Radiance also raises funds that go directly towards The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Alison is also a professional model and a social media influencer. She has appeared on Maxim and works under MMG New York. As an international model, Alison has visited a total of 25 countries through her work engagements. She also actively promotes various brands and companies through her Instagram account, where she has over 138 thousand followers to date and counting.

In all that Alison Bowles does, she puts all her dedication and passion into. She loves life more than anything and wants to make the most of it. More than experiencing the best that traveling and entrepreneurship have to offer, Alison also hopes to inspire people to chase after their dreams without fear or hesitation. She also hopes to be a transformational force that will mold industries. As a model, she goes against the grain and shatters preconceived misconceptions. “I am 5’3″ in an industry that says I need to be at least 5’8″, and thin—not muscular,” shares Alison. “But I am breaking glass ceilings in the industry to change industry standards to represent petite women.”

Alison Bowles loves life and seeks to journey through it, motivating others to live life most fully. Alison is also engaged to Major League Baseball professional player Adeiny Hechavarria, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. To learn more about Alison Bowles, visit her travel blog and Instagram account.

Outbreak For Love and Its Mission of Becoming the Voice for the Voiceless

Music in itself is a language understood by many – It is an explosive and universal form of expression of humanity. No matter what race or culture a person belongs to, music often delivers messages more clearly than plain words. Thus, if one is experiencing misfortunes that words fail to comprehend, music is the voice that speaks what needs to be communicated and expresses what cannot be said. And as the music continues to be an effective avenue for people to embrace communication and understanding, Outbreak For Love roots its purpose to showcase the beauty of rhythm, notes, and lyrics for the world to see.

Although times have changed, music has proven to be one of the few things in the world that remain steadfast and effortlessly timeless. However, with the advent of the more open and liberal Millennial era, music has become a strong platform for individuals to speak their minds and express what they need to say. And as Outbreak For Love pushes for music beyond the beauty of its notes and lyrics, this dynamic organization moves for music that transforms the lives of many and radiates happiness and positivity. 

Built with the pillars of songs, love, compassion, and positivity, Outbreak For Love is a company dedicated to cherishing the beauty of music by creating pieces that truly inspire and motivate people to live according to their own will and happiness. Fueled by its passionate spirit, the company boasts colors that exude positivity so that it fully resonates among its listeners. More importantly, it serves as an avenue where people can communicate and express what they feel, especially when words fail to speak what they want to say.

However, Outbreak For Love’s noble pursuits would not have bloomed if it were not for its founders’ impeccable passion for music. Ever since they were at a young age, music became the center of their youth. They played various instruments and composed countless songs until the founders took it upon themselves to create a company that showcases their love for the art. Determined by their newfound venture, the founders have continuously made music and written songs until they found their niche in providing a space where they can help people communicate and celebrate the wonders of modern-day self-expression. Now, the company makes music not only for the fun of creating masterful pieces of art but also for the ability to transform the lives of many.

With Outbreak For Love’s passion for music and its stellar purpose of creating a safe space for others, the company has made waves in the music industry by producing two new and independent albums. It plans to expand its reach by releasing a new EP, performing in numerous stages, and more in the coming years.

Looking back, it was never the intention of the Outbreak For Love to become the voice for the voiceless. But with everything going on, it was inevitable for the company to revolutionize its platform into something more worthwhile than its passion for music. As it continues to pursue a mission-driven journey, the company hopes to inspire more people with the beauty behind the art of music.

To know more about Outbreak For Love, you may listen to its Spotify account.

Adwired Is Building Itself Up To Be One of the Biggest E-Commerce Brands

The best of the best business partnerships can be found in the most unlikely places. Take for example the wonderful story of business partners Kasra Moradi and Gage Flesher, who eventually established the wildly successful E-commerce marketing agency, Adwired

Both of them were originally from different parts of California. Kasra was from Sacramento, while Gage was from Murrieta. Although the partnership didn’t originally start until they both found themselves in the same e-commerce community chat. Like two peas in a pod, the two had in-depth conversations about business and marketing, which eventually led to both of them deciding to work together to build their own brand. 

Thus, Adwired was born. It was born out of one truly special encounter that has managed to grant both Kasra and Gage absolute financial freedom, and they’re looking to gain even more revenue as we speak. 

Both entrepreneurs saw how lucrative the e-commerce industry became, so they focused on building their own e-commerce brands, which generated six-figure revenues on a monthly basis. They were earning so much through their brands that they managed to purchase a beautiful house with their earnings. Eventually, they decided to take their business to the next level. 

Kasra and Gage were on top of things at Adwired. They were consistently running highly efficient marketing campaigns and advertising strategies that netted their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. They found a blueprint for success by promoting e-commerce brands front, left, and center.

Throughout the past three years, the business partners managed to earn a combined total net worth of seven million dollars from both their e-commerce brands and other brands that their clients owned. Budding business owners decided to go to Adwired to receive top-quality digital marketing services that no other company could ever provide.

Adwired thoroughly guarantees its clients massive exposure and conversion rates to drive their revenues. They have built and structured their clients’ marketing campaigns to build a loyal clientele and generate sales. 

The partners recently teamed up with a member of the Forbes Business Council and a sought-after individual in the e-commerce industry, Steven Ridzyowski. Ridzyowski has been in the digital marketing industry for over ten years, and he’s had a lot of experience working with different niches in various industry sectors.

Through the partnership, Adwired has managed to gain an exclusive turnkey service for clients looking to get acquainted with e-commerce and Shopify. Ridzyowski’s reputation precedes him; he has been featured in LA Wire’s 40 under 40 List and has also been featured in various publications and podcasts.

The trio is looking to shake things up within the e-commerce industry, and wherever they go, success is sure to follow. The partnership between Adwired and Ridzyowski fully solidifies the company’s place within the e-commerce industry. They are projected to earn double what they earned in the previous Q4, which is going to be a massive success for the partnership.

Things are falling into place for Kasra and Gage. After partnering up with Steven Ridzyowski, Adwired is looking to corner the market bigger and bolder than ever before. The initial partnership of Kasra and Gage has worked wonders for both individuals, and now that they are adding yet another party into the mix, things are looking brighter than ever for their business and their prospective clients.

Caroline Adegun Becomes a Ray of Hope for Struggling Artists

Photo by Kizi Photography

Admittedly, venturing into the creative industry requires an incomparable amount of patience and perseverance. While some notable creatives have succeeded in reaching the peak of victory, some equally-talented artists frequently miss their window of opportunity. And because the industry thrives in a cutthroat environment, most of these artists are left on their own. Seeing how these challenges continue to plague the lives of most creative individuals, Caroline Adegun steps in to give these artists a ray of hope.

Dedicated to becoming a beacon of hope for struggling artists around the world, Caroline Adegun made it her life’s mission to provide a platform where she can help these individuals thrive in a competitive environment. So, just like silver linings on gloomy days, Caroline decided to create The Hollywood Wingwoman – an avenue where creative individuals can run to whenever they are consumed and overwhelmed with failures and disappointments that the industry brings.

Built around the pillars of creativity, passion, and dedication to help and alleviate difficulties, The Hollywood Wingwoman is a non-profit and mission-driven talent development firm designed to help low-income influencers, and homeless entertainers flourish in the creative industry. By working together with professionals and Caroline Adegun’s outstanding expertise, it serves as a training facility for artists to build their confidence and develop critical skills proven to be useful in staying in the business. The company also helps these individuals define their brand and equip them with the necessary tools to get ahead in the industry, like creating commercially viable products and establishing a fanbase.

Being more than just a breeding ground for rising talented artists, The Hollywood Wingwoman takes pride in its ability to encourage these aspiring hopefuls to remain steadfast in the pursuit of their dreams. To Caroline Adegun, the creative industry’s competitive atmosphere often takes the vigor of artists in pursuing their goals. And as a result, half of these talented creatives would succumb to the whims and caprices of their misfortunes and shift their focus entirely to more practical goals. Believing in the fulfilling experience of being able to chase after one’s dreams, Caroline places faith in God, empowerment, and motivation at the core of The Hollywood Wingwoman to instill in the minds of these hopefuls that everything is possible if one believes it to be.

But aside from possessing good qualities as a non-profit organization, The Hollywood Wingwoman owes much of its success to the commitment and zealousness of its founder, Caroline Adegun.

A two-time alumnus of George Washington University, Caroline Adegun took it upon herself to shape her life according to her chosen path at a young age. Caroline graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Organizational Communications and subsequently finished her master’s degree in Education and Human Development. With her expertise and exceptional ability to build relationships, Caroline landed a job in the corporate world as a Senior Recruitment Professional.

But after years of working in human resources, she began to realize how wide the gap is in the creative industry. As an artist herself, she was able to spot some struggles that continue to plague creatives around the world. And for this reason, Caroline Adegun left her two-year job at the corporate scene to start building a non-profit organization exclusively designed for struggling artists and entertainers. Thus, Hollywood Wingwoman came into existence.

As a personal and business brand consultant, Caroline Adegun teaches clients how to brand and market themselves online and in social settings. Caroline is also a Plus Fashion Marketing Creator, and is dedicated to being a voice of body inclusivity in the fashion industry. She and her best friend Carmen Rosas recently launched their own dancing fashion series that showcases body inclusive brands and their killer dance moves. 

Caroline has partnered with multiple industry experts, including Erica Lauren, Sophie Turner, and Chardline Chanel-Faiteau, as well as Personal Stylists Nekiah Torres and Tiera Adeyanju (Atarah), to provide clients with one-on-one mentorships and consultations throughout the program.

In the coming years, Caroline Adegun hopes to see The Hollywood Wingwoman expand its reach and continue to inspire more artists along the way.

To know more about Caroline Adegun and The Hollywood Wingwoman, you may visit their website.

Samaria Kelly to Launch Thee W.O.R.D. Clothing for MH Awareness

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves in a state of constant fear, worry, and stress. These are normal and understandable responses to an abnormal and unprecedented situation. Dreadful times like these should inspire kindness and humanity in everyone to lighten the load. Mental health advocate Samaria Kelly aims to preach a message of love and compassion amid these challenging times.

Samaria Kelly is a young entrepreneur, singer and songwriter, creative writer, public speaker, and mental health advocate. She is known as Thee Word Girl by her peers for her encouraging words, taking inspiration from the Word of God. As a servant of God, Samaria takes on many roles and performs many duties, but ultimately, her goal is to give someone a life-changing experience, something that she herself has undergone.

Samaria Kelly brands herself as a survivor. As a survivor of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and depression, there is little that she has yet to face. Her past scars mar her young life, but she looks to God for strength and inspiration. In turn, Samaria preaches stories of hope and a new life to others who may still be struggling in their faith.

Samaria draws strength from her one-year-old son. His birth brought a whole new beacon of light in her life and challenged her to do better to give him a good life. Zeroing in on her dreams, Samaria Kelly recently decided to pursue the life of a full-time entrepreneur. As a nurse, it was hard for her to leave the life and career, but she knew that it was time to move on. Through divine inspiration, Samaria is able to live out the life she has always dreamed of finally.

Samaria is currently working on a series of product releases that she plans to launch by the end of 2020. The young mother plans to publish her first-ever book, which will tell a story of overcoming rejection and achieving success. Being a singer-songwriter, Samaria is also planning to release her first album.

Never one to run out of ideas to honor God, Samaria Kelly is also planning to launch an exclusive subscription service called Thee Word Girl. Through this service, subscribers can receive good news inspired by God’s word and messages of faith and hope. The service also offers tips on mental health along with relevant tools and resources.

To top it off, Samaria Kelly is set to launch the Thee W.O.R.D. Clothing line, which aims to empower others. In this case, Thee W.O.R.D. stands for Win On Repeat Daily. True to her word as a mental health advocate, Samaria plans to donate a portion of the profits to the Mental Health Foundation.

After years of struggling with several battles, Samaria is finally seeing her dreams come true, and she’s not planning to rest anytime soon. With her son by her side, Samaria plans to see the world, speaking and performing on various platforms while transforming lives for God’s glory.

Know more about Samaria Kelly on her website and follow her on Facebook.