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Always Liquid Trades Educates and Empowers Traders in Securing Financial Freedom

For investing expert Michael Cerisano, the success he has found through his pursuits in the economic space was heavily dependent on his commitment to securing financial freedom and serving as his own boss and reliant on the dedication with which he approached the world of trading. Today, he is recognized as a power player in the industry and the founder of Always Liquid Trades, a platform that enables success for aspiring traders and investors.

At the core of Always Liquid Trades is the mission of educating individuals on how to achieve financial goals through trading. Since its establishment, it has equipped countless beginners with the knowledge and tools necessary to make lucrative moves. 

Through this well-respected stocks and options group, Michael Cerisano shares proven and tested trading techniques. Additionally, he jumpstarts any beginner’s career by imparting to them the fool-proof system he has mastered after four years of dedicated testing.

Cementing its name in the industry, Always Liquid Trades consistently delivers its promises to students. Not only does this brainchild of Michael Cerisano make it possible to ace the trading game with no unnecessary and costly training to get started, but it also allows those with non-existent experience to enter the commercial realm and see financial results relatively quickly. 

With its impressive roster of experts, Always Liquid Trades has distinguished itself from the rest of its peers in the highly competitive industry by easing the process involved in trading. On its edge, Michael Cerisano shares, “A major factor that separates Always Liquid Trades from other regular trading resources is its exclusive analysis and approach to the market. Our constant focus is on how to make more efficient trades that will maximize rewards and minimize risks. With this, our members get the needed guidance to develop risk management skills and their own type of strategy based on their specific trading behavior.”

On top of providing coaching on risk management, this go-to authority in trading also allows members access to its trading course, which teaches learners the same strategies that master traders and brokers have utilized. In addition, they have the privilege of tapping Michael Cerisano as well as his top traders. 

Members of Always Liquid Trades can expect, as well, to be supported through weekly live calls intended to analyze the different trading positions taken by the student, assess their performance, and delve into how learning insights from their trading decisions can be wielded to evolve into better traders. 

Every week, this trading group that specializes in stock and other major trading markets within the economic realm sends out weekly market results and daily signals from experts so that members can craft well-informed decisions. The provision of these pieces of information is grounded on the belief that data can drive profitable financial maneuvers. 

Hoping to help people secure financial freedom and a more stable future, Michael Cerisano and Always Liquid Trades will continue as reputable resources on the nitty-gritty of trading. In the end, he aims to be behind the success of thousands of members and elevate this purpose-driven group to greater heights. 

Know more about Always Liquid Trades by visiting its website

How Luke Wade Overcame Adversity Through Fitness

For many people who want to lose weight, all they want is someone to motivate and empathize with them through their lifestyle changes and fitness journey. Based in Texas but serving internationally, Luke Wade, MBA, CPT, PN1, is a fitness consultant who has experience working with a multitude of clients with all kinds of needs and goals. Luke is equipped with formal psychology and nutrition university education as well as more than three years of experience in physical therapy.

Thanks to his diverse experiences, Luke can work with almost any type of client and enhance their results holistically through physical exercise, personalized dietary recommendations, and emotional support. His range of experiences also allows him to work with post-rehab clients recovering from injury.

As a young boy, Luke quickly fell in love with fitness as a way of overcoming adversity. Prior to entering 6th grade, Luke transferred to private school from public school. Feeling lonely and isolated, young Luke ate his feelings and, as a result, quickly put on pounds. At his heaviest, it took him nearly fourteen minutes to finish a mile.

Taking inspiration from his sporty older brother, Luke Wade joined a summer strength and conditioning camp programmed for high school athletes. It was challenging for him because of his overweight state, but he soon shed the pounds and was running faster than ever before. By 7th grade he managed to basically half his mile time.

A few years later, in 2008, a different kind of disaster struck; Luke suffered a crushing shattered elbow in the second varsity football game. What followed was depression, anxiety, and self-isolation like he had never felt before.

Not knowing what else to do, Luke once again channeled all his emotions into fitness. Just one year later he managed to outscore the varsity quarterback and alpha male of his junior class—both Division 1 college athletes in the making—in athletic testing Fall 2009.

Almost a decade later, another unexpected world-rocking ensued. In 2018, Luke Wade dropped out of physical therapy school. On his Dallas-bound train ride to finalize the formal withdrawal process, he called his boss at his former PT clinic workplace, who graciously gave him his old job back. Luke was at work the next day.

Following a few days of figuring out where in the world to go next, Luke decided to return to his true love for personal training. “I struck out pretty bad as a personal trainer entrepreneur at 22. Made awful judgement calls, and marketing was embarrassingly bad. Hell, I practically got laughed out of my old high school gym for posting my flyers. So I wanted a second shot. I could not go out like that.”

On January 11, 2019, Luke Wade left his full-time job as a physical therapy tech and took the leap back into personal training while going to school for his MBA full-time. He also served as a geriatrics group exercise and water aerobics instructor. But just when his business was booming in early 2020, two-thirds of his client base abandoned ship upon the COVID-19 pandemic.

So Luke set his sights on the online market.

In the beginning, his attempts to attract clients were haphazard. He later connected with a few mentors who helped him use the art of authenticity to attract clients. Today, he is seeing his highest grossing months amid the pandemic.

Luke hopes to leave a legacy of resilience and hope. More than health and fitness, he wants to be known as someone who helped unite people globally through his values of hope, redemption, and triumph, which he instills in his coaching.

Learn more about Luke on his website. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook.

Senior Releases Single “Made It Bigger” As Prelude to Forthcoming Album

Scaling his real-life experiences into a unique take on lyricism coupled with dramatic yet catchy tunes, rising singer Senior released his latest track “Made It Bigger” last September 30. The song is a prelude to his forthcoming album “I Feel Better Alone,” set to launch this October 15.

Senior is a talented song artist who takes his music to the next level. Inspired by reality, his music narrates his personal experiences in life. He takes listeners to a rollercoaster of emotions through his impactful lyrics. This natural and effortless ability allows the rising singer to connect with his listeners and audience at a deeper level. His ultimate goal is to impact people on a soul level by touching the very core of their emotions through his songs. 

Growing up, Senior always had a passion for music. At 13, he recognized his love for music when he used to sing for his little brother. But he did not take his talent seriously until quite recently. Randomly posting snippets and concept visions of songs on his Instagram platform, the upcoming music mogul received impressive feedback from many people. This response fueled him to start his music career.

Today, his music is available across various music-streaming platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Spotify. He is also on Google Play and Amazon Music. In Spotify, Senior is a verified artist with more than 33,000 listeners from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

At present, Senior is a strong social media presence with more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Snippets of his song releases are also posted on his Instagram profile, where his listeners can get a glimpse of what he is up to. 

When it comes to his music style, the singer is, indeed, set for stardom. Giving off vibes very similar to that of famous Canadian artist, The Weeknd, Senior takes his listeners into a chilly and relaxing mood with his tunes and his soothing voice that goes with it. In one of his Instagram posts, a supporter commented on how she thinks Senior’s song would be the next TikTok hit. Other commenters pointed out how they could not wait for the full release of his songs.

Senior is most excited about his latest single “Made It Bigger.” This is another track that would show his listeners the fantastic lineup of tracks for his album “I Feel Better Alone.”

On top of his music career, Senior is also a rising entrepreneur. He is running TripleOne, an upcoming decentralized company designed to help people collaborate through the development of the whole business itself. 

In the future, he hopes to transform his music into a global sensation and perform in shows and concerts worldwide. “My goal is to share my stories and life experiences and connect people together,” says Senior. He continues to say, “I hope to give a positive impact on people around the world.”

Learn more about Senior and his single “Made It Bigger” by following him on social media through this site.

Phoenix Energy: Justin and Chris Gordnick Rising to the Top of the Solar Power Industry

For the last ten years, solar power usage has surged to 48% utilization across the US. Due to federal policies to support this movement in energy supply, such as decreasing costs and the increasing demand across public and private sectors for greener electricity sources, there are about 78 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity nationwide, capable of giving light and energy to approximately 14.5 million American homes.

The cost of solar installation has dropped over 70% over the last decade, and prices as of the last quarter of 2019 have fallen to their lowest rates ever recorded in history across all markets. This led to the industry expanding and thousands of systems deployed nationwide, making the solar solution more accessible to the masses.

Evidently, there’s no better time to install solar energy in homes and establishments than right now. Phoenix Energy is swiftly ascending to the rank of being the top solar energy system provider, having installed dozens of Megawatts of solar energy in the United States.  Each year, the company provides thousands of homes with clean, renewable energy to save the planet and thousands of dollars.

Phoenix Energy offers leasing programs that significantly lower the investment required for installation or even eliminate it entirely. Additionally, the government has also created rebate programs and state and local incentive programs designed to encourage the population to switch to solar energy, making it an easy decision for most consumers.

On top of adding thousands to your home’s resale value and the environmental benefits, receiving a lower monthly bill is one of the best advantages of solar power energy compared to the standard electricity supply. Areas with plenty of sunlight and adequately designed solar energy systems produce more energy than what is consumed, hence the significant decrease in the electricity bill. But to reap these benefits, a home must have a professionally installed system that guarantees any amount of investment to be worth it.

The installation process of Phoenix Energy can total up to $40,000 if the system is procured upfront, but consumers have the option to acquire the system on a lease, also called the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Phoenix Energy also takes care of maintenance and fixes required, giving their clients a worry-free experience.

Once the Phoenix Energy system is in place, it turns natural sunlight into AC electricity throughout the day. Any excess goes into the solar grid, and some of this excess energy can be utilized by your home at night. As the network redistributes the remaining power to other users on the grid, your meter runs backward to account for that excess, lowering your bill instantly. Moreover, blackouts, overcast, or stormy weather is not a problem thanks to the advancement in solar energy technology.

Using Phoenix Energy can reduce your bill by up to 80% and pay less than what you are currently spending on your electricity provider. Phoenix Energy also offers $0 down payment with no out of pocket expenses for qualified customers. And with a low monthly rate for a 20-year contract, massive savings await you as big companies raise their prices on the flip side.

The brilliant brains behind Phoenix Energy are two brothers, Justin and Chris Gordnick. Chris, a US Army Veteran and a Bachelor’s degree holder from Ohio University, brought his brother Justin onboard, and since then, the company launched itself quickly to the top of the industry. Tired of the door-to-door sales life, the brothers decided to start their own company and recruited top experts in the solar energy sector. Chris and Justin always had a sense of entrepreneurship even as children, as Justin began to make a profit from door-to-door sales around the time when he was in 4th grade. From selling newspapers he wrote and signing up for odd jobs like yard work and moving furniture, Justin and Chris are now top entrepreneurs and experts in the solar energy industry. Moreover, they find philanthropic ways to put their entrepreneurial skills to noble use. At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brothers are supplying personal protective equipment to hospitals and governments worldwide, and continue to look for institutions that need their support.

Justin and Chris have widely expanded the company since emerging in the solar energy market. Phoenix Energy now caters to clients in different time zones and continents, and the brothers are always open to respond to their clients’ needs 24/7. The company continues to advocate the environmental and cost-effective benefits of going solar, as it remains to be the go-to energy source even for developing countries. 

To contact Justin Gordnick and Chris Gordnick of Phoenix Energy, or inquire about PPE supply, visit their website,

Jeremy Haynes: Expert Digital Marketer Teaches Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business, and Jeremy Haynes has helped many businesses stay afloat thanks to his digital marketing expertise. He targets entrepreneurs and influencers, as those are the categories of people who use digital marketing the most. And with his digital marketing strategies, brands and companies have been able to gain a wider reach and unlock more markets. 

His proven marketing techniques are highly sought-after, and he has placed a premium price on those techniques. Most influencers and entrepreneurs who have worked with him have seen their monthly income climbing up to 7 figures. This is proof of effective marketing, and Jermy hopes to teach these methods to as many people as he can. He is passionate about success, and he goes all out when putting his courses together so that anybody can apply them to their business.

He has worked with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Tai Lopez, Dan Lok, Ryan Serhant, Garrett J White, Anik Singal, and a host of other global personality brands. He used to work for sales training mogul, Grant Cardone, before he quit and started his own marketing agency. Five years later, he has reached tens of thousands of people through his lessons and masterclasses. Jeremy Haynes has mentoring programs with more than 3,000 paid students, where he teaches them different digital skills and how to scale their digital marketing agencies. He also teaches in Mentor Box and has taught in three different Tai Lopez programs.

He is the owner of “Personal Brand University,” a repository of the best personal brand courses. It has also been aptly named the Havard of personal brand courses, which is not out of place because Jeremy has proven his expertise over the last few years.

Jeremy Haynes makes millions of dollars from his clients monthly and has established himself as an expert in the digital marketing niche. He felt the need to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving out free courses worth $1.2 million to businesses and individuals impacted by COVID-19. He gave out more than 800 courses, each worth $1,468. The course he gave out is Digital Marketing Manuscript (DMM), which teaches how to start and scale a marketing agency. He understood that many people lost their jobs and businesses during the pandemic, and he wanted to help them rise again using effective techniques at no cost.

Through his digital marketing agency, Jeremy Haynes will continue to connect with entrepreneurs, marketers, individuals, and existing businesses that the pandemic has affected in one way or the other. In his words, “My track record of years of results, teaching the world’s largest personal brands and helping them scale thousands of successful students, and thorough courses that let students know I care about their success long-term.”

Jeremy sets himself apart through his hands-on and simplified approach to digital marketing. No prior experience is needed, as all his courses are straightforward and easy to understand.Learn more about Jeremy Haynes by following him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. More information about his brand is also available on his website.