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Santa Calls Has a Powerful Mission That Rings True to Holiday Spirit

Christmas time is almost here, and no matter how difficult times may be these days, it’s still important to celebrate the Holiday with the right Christmas Spirit. Santa Calls hopes to remind everyone that the holiday cheer will always triumph over any obstacle the year may bring. 

Santa Calls is an online service that creates personalized messages for kids from no other than Santa Claus himself. The service comes in the form of a smartphone app that parents can download to give their children the thrill of Christmas from their very own homes.

The virtual service provides children with a two-minute video conference call with Santa, hence the name Santa Calls. This gives children a magical avenue to deliver their Christmas wishes straight to Santa himself. They can tell him about all the good things they’ve done all year round, or ask crazy questions like “How does Rudolph’s nose glow?”. 

Santa Calls is a revolutionary way for children to feel Santa’s presence from the comfort of their homes. Since public spaces and crowds are often discouraged these days, this creative alternative manages to bring holiday cheer straight from the North Pole with a technologically advanced twist from the comfort of their own home. 

The company hopes to spread the Christmas spirit to everyone in the world, not just to children, but to their parents as well. Santa Calls features three simple packages for parents and children looking for a customized experience. The first package includes a pre-recorded message from Santa Claus himself based on the customers’ preference. The second package grants customers the option to book a two-minute call with Santa Claus over Google Duo, FaceTime, or Skype on mobile or desktop devices.

The third and final package combines both previous packages into one, giving the customer a follow-up video after Christmas. Santa Calls gives its customers the option to choose from each package with its competitive rates. Whichever package a customer chooses, they can guarantee that they will deliver a virtual Santa experience at a fraction of the cost of a Mall Santa experience.

The company recently announced that they have partnered up with the Boys & Girls Club. This Christmas season, Santa Calls will donate a tenth of their proceeds toward activities that empower the youth. They will be assisting in various events such as food drives, education, programs, and many other projects for marginalized youth and their families.

Santa Calls isn’t just another Christmas-themed service, company founder and CEO, Eli Miller, states that the company’s mission goes above and beyond the services that they offer. They seek to rekindle the hope inside children and parents who have been subjected to the harshness of the current times. 

Eli Miller fully understands what it means to be helpless as he came from humble beginnings and eventually built his brand from scratch. He hopes to rejuvenate the Christmas Spirit within everyone through Santa Calls and everything that they do.

In the near future, Eli Miller seeks to employ more and more people to provide more jobs. He hopes to generate more jobs for thousands of Santas who will face millions of children with a smile on their faces. Santa Calls is a magnificent service that is built on Eli’s passion for helping others and his mission for bringing back hope to our troubled world.Find out more about Santa Calls and everything they do by checking out their official website. Follow their Facebook page and Instagram account to get live updates.

Andrew Meinster, the Insurance Man, Saves Businesses Thousands of Dollars

Business owners have a responsibility to do everything within their means to limit their risk and to keep their business running smoothly. But there are always things that cannot be foreseen. How can business owners limit the possibility of a lawsuit to ensure that their business survives? All business owners can arm themselves against these risks with the help of insurance. Insurance helps cover the costs of property damage and liability claims, which can shoot to astronomical figures. Many business owners have shelled out heavy out-of-pocket expenses for damages and legal claims. Recognizing the importance of insurance, some states even require businesses to have business insurance. Andrew Meinster has made it his goal to help owners of small- and medium-sized businesses to find the right insurance policy for their needs.

Andrew is a marketing graduate from Drexel University. He found his home at Nottingham Insurance in 2014, where he delivers customized business insurance protection for small-mid sized companies. Andrew Meinster works across many different industries, be it traders or professional services firms. He delivers his job with his reliable team, composed of account managers, a claims advocate, a risk manager, and a marketing professional. Together, they are dedicated to bringing value to their clients in the form of superior insurance coverage and the great value of their service. Andrew Meinster has been in the insurance trade for seven years, and yet his book of business is bigger than 99 percent of most agents out there who have been working for decades.

Andrew Meinster is a part of Nottingham Insurance, which was established in 1917 as a family-owned independent agency. Since then, the company has assisted many businesses and families in finding the best insurance policy for their needs. 

When dealing with clients and going over the policies best suited for them, Andrew Meinster has one goal in mind: to lower his clients’ total cost of risk over the long term with an insurance policy that makes the best business sense for their situation. Andrew provides consultations, sufficient insurance education, and proactive planning to guide business owners in creating customized risk management strategies for their small- to medium-sized businesses. He has the drive, passion to succeed, and ability to connect that helps him become one of the best known agents in his area.

Andrew Meinster believes that his success lies in his drive and ability to form meaningful relationships to get the best price for the business owner with the best policy. His influence in the industry goes far; he has formed meaningful friendships with underwriters, which, in turn, gets them comfortable with his submissions, resulting in max pricing options. Andrew believes that he has the ability to assist thousands more business owners protect their businesses and their hard-earned money from inevitable risks.

Stay up-to-date with Andrew Meinster on his Instagram. Visit the Nottingham Insurance website to learn more about what he can do. 

FarmShopCBD Delivering Top-Quality CBD Products to People

The discovery of CBD (cannabidiol), an organic chemical compound found in Cannabis Sativa, has turned into one of the most significant wellness industry discoveries of the decade. The demand has skyrocketed for a compound that has been suggested to show , pain-relieving, and anxiety-reducing properties. And at the forefront of the CBD movement is CBD products manufacturer and distributor FarmShopCBD.

The company is one of today’s most well-known brands of CBD products. It manufactures various CBD variants such as those in balm, spray, and oil form. At the heart of the company’s operation is a commitment to the highest level of transparency and quality. FarmShopCBD boasts a “farm to shop” guarantee. This promise means that all products sold by the company are also grown and created by the company. All processes, including seeding, vegetation, harvesting, drying, storage, and distribution, occur inhouse. The only step to its production chain that the company outsources is checking and testing to ensure no bias or lapses in quality control.

Leading FarmShopCBD is the dynamic entrepreneurial CEO Carrie Birkel. Carrie Birkel has worked extensively in the liquor industry before starting FarmShopCBD. She worked as the National Sales Manager for Seagram’s Corporation and later moved to research and develop patents and inventions for another company. Carrie also created a venture capital firm that invested in various businesses, including real estate developments, wholesale companies, and retail stores Toss Designs. 

The brains and heart of FarmShopCBD, Carrie Birkel, is more than just the company’s commanding officer. She is also a living testimony to CBD’s potential benefits. Diagnosed early on with Stage 4 Cancer that had spread to her lungs, and doctors gave Carrie only one year to live. Ready to try anything, the entrepreneur found CBD and gave it a shot. On May 1, 2020, Carrie Birkel received news that she was in full remission.

Today, Carrie Birkel seeks to help other people by providing them with the best quality CBD products through FarmShopCBD. “We created the purest product most people have seen,” declares Carrie Birkel. “Our clients rave about our products all the time. We get so many reports and testimonials on the benefits of CBD.” Today, Carrie proactively shares her story to all. Today, she lives with the assurance that she can be there for her two adult daughter’s next life milestones.

With the CBD company’s collective experience and commitment to the best quality CBD that the market has to offer, FarmShopCBD looks to change the CBD industry radically. It looks to continue championing the safe use of the product to help people with pain, ailments, anxieties, and other physiological and psychological issues.

Carrie has teamed up with Mark Urdahl.  Carrie and Mark have created a non profit arm of FarmshopCbd, Canna Research Institute.  Mark Urdahl has created Youngblood Institute, a non profit organisation which helps those with Alzheimer’s.  CRI will be starting our Breast Cancer Trials within 6 weeks, Carrie said.  You are able to reach out to or for more information.

Visit FarmShopCBD’s website and Facebook page to learn more about what the company has to offer.

Sheree Wright: Upholding a Heart-Led Practice In the Legal Field

While there are currently many lawyers across the country, Sheree Wright, Esq. is one of a few with a genuine heart to help other people. She specializes in immigration, business strategy, family law, employment law, sports law, and entertainment law. Sheree has uplifted countless individuals to live better lives through her efficient legal services. 

Sheree Wright is a founding member of IBF Law Group. The firm is immensely focused on explicitly helping families settle their legal cases. They are also recognized for delivering positive results for immigration-related issues. IBF Law Group, is deemed a leader in the industry. As Sheree said, the firm prides itself on serving clients with their hearts.

IBF Law Group stands out because of its results-driven approach in handling cases. As Sheree said, the secret to their firm’s success is its legal practitioners’ ability to listen to their clients and effectively address their concerns. “Persistence is key, and we have always displayed that crucial skill,” she explained. 

Sheree Wright was inspired to build a people-centric firm because she wanted to fill that void in today’s legal landscape and give practitioners the freedom to think outside the box, even in a seemingly rigid corporate setting. “When you work in a big corporation, it’s not only hard to think outside the box, it’s actively frowned upon. So I knew I’d never be comfortable working in that kind of environment. I do my best work when I feel free,” said Sheree. She aims for nothing more than for others in the profession to have the same freedom.

Even before building IBF Law Firm, Sheree Wright has unconditionally served people in need. During her undergraduate career, she was an investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in downtown Chicago. Sheree focused on various cases in Fortune 500 companies that dealt with employment discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, and disabilities.

Sheree Wright was not one to wait to have large funds to help others. Even as a student, she wholeheartedly participated in worthy causes. The Wright Way Foundation addressed areas on financial development for underserved youths by equipping them with practical knowledge and the right opportunities to gain hands-on experience. The foundation has contributed significantly to communities in Jamaica, primarily through its social and educational outreach programs. They have also partnered with local orphanages and educational institutions to further reach those in need of assistance.

Asked what keeps her going, Sheree Wright said that going home every day with the feeling that she’s done a bit of good in the world keeps her motivated. “I want my future children to grow up seeing a better world,” she said. And so, Sheree actively shapes a better future by helping other people lead better lives and have the power to make more conscious choices. 

To learn more about Sheree Wright, Esq. and IBF Law Group, visit their website.

Meaning of Mine, Camaryn and Elle Swanson’s Lifestyle and Fashion Company, Aims to Empower Women

Numerous businesses have boomed after keeping a careful eye on the market and following the recent trends. Providing products and services that align with what is popular usually results in increased profit and more visibility as a brand. However, with the ever-changing dynamic of the commercial space, it is not sustainable to always be one step behind, letting it provide directives on what a venture should do next. Enterprises stand out and thrive in such a competitive field when they take the lead and introduce offerings that will start a trend themselves. This approach to doing business lies at the core of the Meaning of Mine, a lifestyle and fashion company established by Camaryn Swanson and Elle Swanson.

Power duo Camaryn and Elle are sisters, influencers, and fashion designers. At the age of twenty-one and eighteen, respectively, they have shown the potential of becoming colossal household names in the future. Hailing from the multicultural, fast-paced Miami Beach, they have always wanted to inspire girls to be the best versions of themselves and feel good in their own skin amidst society’s beauty standards and conventions. 

These two creatives, raised in an entrepreneurially-oriented family, learned a solid work ethic from an early age. And for them, the emphasis should be placed not only on the quality of one’s brand but also the message that a venture wants to send across to its intended audience. 

On a mission to empower women, Camaryn and Elle Swanson created the Meaning of Mine, which consists of several lines. Under the umbrella of this recognized brand are Mine Swim, Mine Sweats, and Mine Active, all of which utilize the best quality fabrics and rely on top of the line factories to carry out their production. 

Since its establishment, the Meaning of Mine has stood out for offering designs that are breaking barriers and introducing the newest trends. This rise to the top of the industry was made possible because Camaryn and Elle Swanson intimately know their customers. As lifestyle specialists, they are able to foresee what can tickle the fancy of the market as well as which products can attract and retain loyal customers. 

Through its online shop, the Meaning of Mine delivers pieces that are crafted to foster confidence, comfort, power, and beauty in their wearers. Currently, it boasts an inventory of must-have items. Some of its signature offerings — and what the brand is immensely known for — is its string bikinis that hold women up in all the right places, sweats that are immensely comfortable to wear, and the newly introduced activewear designed to make people feel the urge to work out and get things done all day long. 

As a 100% women-owned and operated brand, the Meaning of Mine stands in solidarity with women worldwide. And its founders Camaryn and Elle Swanson, have consistently demonstrated passion not only for women empowerment but also for charity events, environmental protection, and sustainability. They have recently shifted to eco-friendly fabrics, joining the sustainable fashion world and promoting efforts for a greener industry. Additionally, these two impressive entrepreneurs have used their platform and created a blog on their website that connects young women, engaging them with topics on health, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and more. 

Years from now, Camaryn and Elle Swanson look forward not only to share their love for fashion and fitness but also to expand the Meaning of Mine to a world-renowned lifestyle brand. 

Learn more about Camaryn Swanson through her Instagram page and check out Elle Swanson on her Instagram. More information about the Meaning of Mine can also be found on its website and Instagram page.