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North American Collegiate League Shines Spotlight on Esports

Esports has seen a rise in popularity over the years. From being considered obscure, esports has now gained a massive following and has become a mega-industry, attracting players and sponsors. The North American Collegiate League is one of the most prominent organizations promoting esports, with their tournaments and events available for streaming in several countries.

The North American Collegiate League or NACL is an America-based non-profit esports, entertainment, and media organization. Throughout the year, they host and stream various tournaments and league play. NACL tournaments and shows are streamed in over 20 countries, including several in Asia such as Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Esports is a fast-growing industry. With numerous supporters and gaming enthusiasts worldwide, NACL can provide brands and sponsors with a place to market their companies and products. These sponsors can also enter early in collegiate esports promotion, supporting education and the field of esports as a whole.

Esports competitors can win college scholarships, and through this reward, the North American Collegiate League hopes to bridge gaps between academic and traditional sports scholarships. The organization aims to entice gaming enthusiasts to pursue their interests alongside their pursuit of higher education. They hope to entice young students to see esports as a valid entryway into college. NACL president David Chen states, “Anyone who puts in the time and the effort to hone their skills in esports can have a chance at using their passion to fund their college education. Academic performance and traditional athletic ability are no longer the only way to get a college scholarship. This applies to current and aspiring college students”.

In their mission to bring esports to the world stage, NACL has partnered with many ambassadors, including various NFL players, NBA players, social media content creators, and various companies’ founding partners. The most recent esports ambassador the organization partnered with is Lawrence Chia, CEO of the Samling Group of Companies. This conglomerate has holdings in timber, infrastructure, automobiles, real estate, financial services, and fuel production. Lawrence Chia also currently serves as Non-Executive Director of BC Technology Group Limited and formerly served as CEO of Deloitte China.

“I am proud to join forces with Lawrence Chia,” shares David Chen, “I have looked up to him for a long time and he is someone I am lucky enough to call a mentor. He is one of the most forward-thinking and influential people in Asia. His presence Cements NACL’s standing in the esports scene.”

With a mission to create a global community of professional gamers, aspiring players, and enthusiasts, the North American Collegiate League welcomes everyone interested in learning more about the world of esports. Offering scholarships to collegiate competitors, the organization fills a void left unfilled by academic or traditional sports scholarships. With streaming and TV rights to several countries, fans of esports can connect with other esports supporters across the globe, creating a sense of community and camaraderie across borders.

To stay updated with the latest esports news and tournaments, you may visit the North American Collegiate League website.

Hair and Beauty Public Services Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Hair and Beauty Public Services (H.N.B.P.S.) is an organization that believes in helping individuals build confidence. It operates out of InnerState Beauty School, and it believes that confidence stems from a healthy lifestyle, and it promotes a healthy way of living inspired by the organization’s founder Dan Reed.

H.N.B.P.S. encourages confidence through a healthy lifestyle by the tagline “looking great, feeling great, being great. Dan Reed shares, “Confident individuals and communities create a friendly ecosystem. This is an ecosystem that fosters growth and progress.” To aid in the organization’s purpose, Dan Reed works with MONAT and their products to provide access to tools that can help people build their confidence by taking care of their skin and hair.

Dan Reed, with MONAT, offers wellness, skincare, and hair care products. They believe in providing high quality, vegan, and cruelty-free solutions to various skin and hair concerns. And since they believe in providing only the very best products, all their ingredients are naturally based and free of parabens, cyclic silicones, plastic microbeads, and harmful fragrances. 

Hair and Beauty Public Services and MONAT recently launched a line of products to improve wellness through nutritional supplements. “Health and confidence are related,” says Dan Reed, “And that is what our wellness products are for.” These products include a superfood drink mix that helps increase phytonutrient intake that may be insufficient in a regular diet. Aside from this, the organization also has a collagen drink mix to promote collagen production, a prebiotic and probiotic capsule supplement to enhance gut health, and an energy drink mix to enhance alertness and help cope with stress. Another product that will soon be available is their Sleep Drops that provide a custom blend of amino acids that promote restful sleep.

The skincare products provided by this organization are carefully formulated to cater to various skin concerns and skin types to promote healthy skin that is radiantly beautiful at any age. These products are created from the most effective natural ingredients that are developed into advanced technologies. The skincare line is based on an anti-aging approach and uses natural fruit acids (AHAs), plant stem cells, Kakadu plum, MONAT exclusive peptides, and Rejuviqe S™. The Be Gentle™ Routine is specially formulated to soothe and nourish dry or sensitive skin. It is a four-step routine which includes a cleanser, essence, serum, and moisturizer. The Be Balanced™ Routine includes products that brighten and renew normal and combination type skin. But these skincare lines do not limit the person as they can opt to use other MONAT products to fully address their skin’s needs.

This organization also provides various hair care products that can help strengthen, nourish, moisturize, repair, and protect hair. It can also address volume concerns as well as frizz and breakage. Styling products are also available. There are also hair care products specifically made for children’s delicate hair and scalp. 

Dan Reed is passionate about providing these services to individuals and communities. His healthy lifestyle became a part of who he is, and Dan shares his brand of health with Hair and Beauty Public Services. 

To learn more about Hair and Beauty Public Services, you may visit this website.

Franky Baca: The Rise of Fashion’s Hottest New Thing

Fashion is a global commodity with extreme variance across countries and cultures. It is a way of celebrating self-expression and the diversity of human aesthetics, and as an ever-changing industry, it is also a way to keep life interesting. Franky Baca is a designer who set out to conquer the world of fashion.

A background in fashion education is an excellent advantage to have out in the real world. Given that the design and retailing is a global phenomenon, it comes as no surprise that learning institutions worldwide now offer various fashion courses at several levels to prepare fashionistas for careers in the international fashion industry. Still, despite the multitude of fashion-oriented courses, a degree in fashion is not a prerequisite to thrive in the industry.

Franky Baca is a self-taught designer who draws inspiration from nature, architecture, classic paintings, film, and the local environment. With a keen eye for the aesthetic and a passion for fashion, he puts his effort into learning the nuances of the industry. Later, he turned his brand into a name, and the Franky Baca fashion line came to life in 2013.

Franky Baca created a unique sense of individuality for men and women, and in 2014, his products became available to the public. His style is distinguishable, with a bold uniqueness in each garment, created with a vast number of materials and with a mix of futuristic and historic silhouettes in mind. The bold style resonated with the public, and he continued to grow as a designer. Today, he is currently in Season 4 of his collection.

The Season 3 collection featured in Blushcon’s 2019 Fashion Show, and the designer later styled Soulaire, a rising hip-hop/R&B artist based in Los Angeles, California. Franky Baca’s year ended with a bang as he worked with the famous Jessica Rich, an American shoe designer and fashion expert. Her shoes have graced the feet of numerous high-profile celebrities, including the Kardashians.

Given that Los  Angeles is immensely popular for its TV, music, and entertainment industry, numerous high-profile individuals frequent the area. As Franky Baca said in an interview with Fite Brand, “There are so many great opportunities in Los Angeles that you can’t quite get in the Bay Area or anywhere else!”

Leaving the San Francisco Bay Area for Los Angeles provided greater career opportunities for Franky Baca. He considers the move to be one of the best decisions he has made for his growth as a fashion designer. The fashion-inclined crowd of Los Angeles had a great reception for his collections and helped with his career activity.

As a designer who is steadily gaining popularity in the fashion industry despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Franky Baca offers some words of advice for dreamers: “Take advantage of every opportunity you can that would benefit you,” he says. “There are many ways to take advantage of the downtime during the pandemic. How you approach the situation will determine how you shine when the world is up and running again.”Keep updated with Franky Baca’s latest activity by following him on Instagram and find out more about his well-anticipated Season 4 collection by visiting his website.

Fernando Bernardino Spills Secrets on Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship

In only the span of a decade, Fernando Bernardino has gone from college dropout to a successful investor and entrepreneur. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, to a humble family, Fernando is the father of a beautiful five-year-old girl and a brother to an active duty service member. The young CEO is known for his “work hard, play harder” mentality and his heart for the less fortunate.

Fernando Bernardino is the owner and operator of Stellar Media Group and Meraki events. Despite being a college dropout, Fernando earned his first million at the age of 23. This feat allowed him not only to provide for his family but also to care for the less fortunate. An avid car fan, he rewarded himself by buying his first exotic at the age of 25. Since then, he has owned and driven some of the world’s finest cars, ranging from the underrated GT-R to Bentley Continental GT Speeds to Lamborghinis, and even the highly regarded Rolls Royce family.

Fernando Bernardino first found his footing in the marketing industry in 2010 with Stellar Media Group, a company that focuses on handling internet marketing efforts for publicly traded companies — no small feat when you consider how much some of those companies are worth. As the owner and operator of Stellar, he has helped hundreds of companies raise millions in capital for operations, research and development, and more.

Since 2018, he has also owned and operated Meraki Events, a company that centers on techno concerts. Meraki is known as the first company in Central Florida to bring big-name techno Djs to the area outside of EDC. At first, agencies were standoffish when sending their big acts to the area because, at the time, it wasn’t known for having an underground scene. But that has all changed since Meraki started, and today, Orlando residents can enjoy the vibrant and rapidly growing techno scene. Meraki is also known for producing events with extended sets, something that Floridians had only been able to experience in Miami until they popped up on the scene.

Just this year, Fernando started on a new venture. After seeing the burgeoning need for people to grow their personal brand, he began to help others grow their social media presence and leverage their network to strike up new business opportunities — arguably one of the fastest-growing areas of social media. Fernando has connected with some of the heaviest hitters in the game, such as Chris Frederick, Alex Moeller, and others at WiFi Money. This venture has also allowed him to bring others in to build a substantial side hustle — some even earning $5,000 or more a month simply for sending DMs. Through this venture, Fernando Bernardino has helped people turn their personal brand from a following of a few thousand to well over 500,000 or more in several months’ time, allowing them to gain product placements and sponsorships as well as the opportunity for them to sell their courses, e-books, and more.

Always one to help others accomplish their goals and check off their bucket lists, Fernando is also involved in the luxury travel space, helping countless people save thousands on trips to some of the world’s most exclusive properties. His work has helped some to shift their quiet personal brand to that of a luxury personal brand, bringing in more business opportunities.

Because of his success, Fernando Bernardino has traveled the world to attend music festivals such as Burning Man, Time Warp, Awakenings, and more. The connections he has made in business have opened the doors to deep friendships, mentors, and people who he now considers family.

Fernando Bernardino firmly believes that the secret to his success is his genuineness and willingness to listen. While not every introduction turns into a lasting business relationship, while not every meeting turns into a deal, and while not every potential client is willing to spend money at that immediate moment, Fernando is known to always listen and help out with ideas and whatever else they may need because he understands that while not everything pays off in the now… it could always pay off later on.

Early on, he knew that he had one opportunity to do the right thing and deliver on his promises, and he has carried this mentality with him in all his transactions, whether in life or in business.

Stay connected with Fernando on his Instagram and Twitter.

Danielle Noguera Is Impacting Lives through 5-Star Cosmetic Dentistry

For many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, their business is more than an income-generating machine. It’s an extension of their life’s mission. And this condition could not be more true for Danielle Noguera, the CEO of 5 Star Smiles. To the cosmetic dentistry company and its leader, their work goes beyond being a profitable business. It’s about changing people’s lives by transforming their smiles. 

5 Star Smiles first opened back in 2018 with the mission to improve people’s lives by giving them a smile that will bring more confidence to their patients. Danielle first came to the idea of starting a DSO group after experiencing a private makeover that astonished her with stellar results. She immediately saw the benefits and positive effects on her overall quality of life. Moreover, she saw the untapped potential of the growing need for cosmetic dentistry in the Miami, Florida region.

In the short time that Danielle has operated 5 Star Smiles, she and her team have experienced unprecedented growth. Their spectacular performance, strong team culture, affordable pricing, and quality output have turned the practice into one of Miami’s most sought-after cosmetic dentistry clinics. Danielle Noguera readily admits that the journey has been challenging, but she chose to weather the storms and persevere. 

“I believe very much in what Thomas Edison said: ‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up,'” shares the CEO. “I also really adhere to the Japanese proverb that says fall seven times and stand up eight.” Danielle goes on to say how much of role perseverance played in the success that 5 Star Smiles has achieved today. 

At 5 Star Smiles, the goal is to exceed patient expectations every single time. The practice boasts having a team with over twenty-five years of experience in their chosen profession. Their dentists include medical professionals who have worked as university professors, CE credit providers, cosmetic specialists, and educational course developers. The practice also invests immensely in the latest technologies and equipment that bring the best possible results. The practice also puts a premium on creating a memorable customer experience for patients, delivering only the most excellent and high-quality care possible. 5 Star Smiles creates a holistic approach to general and cosmetic dentistry.

Consequently, the practice has produced some of the happiest clients. “The joy and happiness are so obvious with each customer that at times we feel such a satisfaction in being able to make a person so happy and self-confident over and over again,” shares Danielle Noguera. For the CEO and founder, the company’s work extends beyond providing another form of dental service. She views the work that 5 Star Smiles does as a form of liberation for people who feel limited in life due to unaesthetic smiles. Through their work with clients, they can bring their patients more confidence to smile and more reason to be happy and comfortable in their skin.

Danielle Noguera has built a solid reputation in the dental and entrepreneurial community. She hopes that her story would continue to inspire other small business owners and medical professionals to find a deeper purpose and calling in the service they provide and persevere through the most significant storms. 

To learn more about Daniella and 5 Star Smiles, visit their official website and Instagram page

Krista Howard Welcomes Affordable Beauty Into Homes

It takes a substantial amount of time deciding what look should grace one’s house and what should not. This creative thought process takes longer when having to think about financial capabilities. Based in Colorado, Krista Howard helps people achieve beautiful home designs without breaking the bank.

Krista Howard is a well-loved do-it-yourself (DIY) Home Blogger, Creative Business Owner, and Content Creator who inspires her reach with real-life budget-friendly home projects. She is famous and preferred for her easy-to-follow approach and innovative projects that leave her audience trembling in the excitement to create.

The idea for Krista’s blog and business began as a side income-generating project. At that time, Krista Howard was a Project Manager and Performance Consultant who juggled working at her full-time corporate job with learning the ropes of starting a small business.

“My motivation to start my business stemmed from needing to bring in additional income for my husband’s medical bills. Although we both worked full-time in the corporate world, with medical benefits, the medical bills were quickly stacking up due to Cully’s testicular cancer diagnosis,” the DIY Home Blogger recalls.

“Fighting the cancer was our number one priority and we were determined to do whatever it took to get him cancer free.” Looking for a way to ease the financial burden, Krista took her love for DIY home projects, thrift store decor, and furniture transformations. She built on her interests and turned it into a business.

Krista Howard then burned the midnight oil brainstorming and drafting an extensive and thorough business plan that included her passions and led to developing her own branded chalky-finish furniture paint line.

What started as a part-time income stream soon evolved into a DIY home project enterprise. With her business growing bigger than she expected it to, Krista Howard left the corporate world in November 2016 to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time business owner.

Doing a job she loves and helping individuals worldwide welcome beauty into their own homes was almost the best thing that happened after her business took off. Shortly after Krista left her full-time corporate job, Cully received excellent news. He was finally cancer-free.

The news brought extreme happiness to the couple and motivated Krista to work harder and give back whenever possible. Whenever she can, Krista Howard can often be seen volunteering at local animal shelters and has even fostered several dogs herself. 

“In my spare time, I give back toward my other passion of caring for animals, specifically dogs, that are homeless or looking for a home,” Krista shares. “I hope to one day use the money earned from my business to start a dog rescue.”

This dog rescue is what Krista envisions in half a decade from now. With her business becoming the go-to resource for DIY home projects and affordable home styling ideas, Krista Howard has big plans on funding for animals and her DIY designs.

She hopes to one day land project partnership opportunities with giant corporations such as the Home Depot and getting published in esteemed magazines such as the Flea Market Decor, Cottages and Bungalows, and more. 

While working towards her goal, Krista Howard is currently living her best life. The entrepreneur has the pleasure of spending her days working alongside other like-minded individuals, and she, undoubtedly, couldn’t ask for more. Surrounded by amazing people and helping more through her passions, Krista is genuinely living her dream.

Check out Krista Howard’s DIY projects and stay updated on what affordable, inspiring project she’ll release next. Visit the DIY Home Blogger’s official blog and follow Krista’s account on Instagram.

Ric Conn Using Art to Speak on Important Social Issues

Contemporary artists today play an integral role in culture and society. Apart from contributing to the creative sphere, artists can also be thought leaders who share valuable insight into critical social issues. One such artist is the award-winning expressionist artist, Ric Conn. 

Ric Conn is internationally known and primarily focuses on symbolic depictions of women’s challenges and issues nowadays in Western culture. He uses his art to speak for women’s rights and against the adverse actions taken against them. 

A leading voice in the realm of inequality, Ric hopes that his work would spark positive social change when it comes to women’s rights. He also uses his art to advocate for other important social movements such as empowerment and mental health. “I believe in equality and empowerment, and I want my work to reflect that,” shares Ric. “The stories in my paintings are situations that can happen to anyone. I attempt to show equality because the stories can, and sometimes have, happened to me as well.”

Although mostly self-taught, Ric Conn’s art foundation comes from exposure in the Corcoran College of Art in Washington D.C. and the Maryland Institute College of Art. Many art enthusiasts have described the artist’s work as unconventional and fresh. With his work, Ric looks to create a “new avant-garde.” His mediums of choice include oil, acrylics, gouache, charcoal, and ink to create various compositions and textures. Ric is best known for his works in the figurative art and modern expressionism genres of fine arts.

Ric draws from the traditional and contemporary. His work exhibits a bold texture and highly-calculated use of light to bring subjects to life. The expressionist artist constantly explores the contrasting natures of reality and abstract perception. Ric Conn’s inspirations include artists like Toulouse-Lautrec, Edvard Munch, Picasso, Matisse, and the German Expressionists. 

Not only is Ric’s work highly inspired, but it is also internationally renowned and awarded. Rich has received various awards from the Art Tour International Magazine, including Top 60 Master of Contemporary Art for 2020, Artist of the Decade, Artivist of the Year for artists dedicated to Human Rights in 2019 and 2020. Ric Conn has also appeared on summer, autumn, and winter issues in the publication Art Tour International magazine and was the back cover of one. He’s also the winner of the Face of the Queen Anne’s County medal. Ric has also appeared in various publications, including Art in America’s issue on galleries and artists in America. Many local and network television programs have also interviewed the artist.

In his career as a fine artist, Ric has put up multiple solo, and group shows all across the country. He’s had exhibits in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick, Stevensville, and Centreville, MD; Washington, DC; Manhattan and Chelsea, New York City. His works have also entered many private collections in several states and also reached as far as Australia. 

When Ric isn’t busy working on his latest masterpiece, he teaches in painting and drawing workshops in various schools and art councils. He also offers private lessons in his studio. 

In the many years to come, Ric hopes to continue being a voice for all the oppressed women in the world through his award-winning talent and work. His work inspires many and sparked many conversations that lead to more progressive reforms and positive change. 

Ric Conn’s works are exhibited at The Grimandi Art Gallery in New York, who represents the world-renowned artist. Most recently, he received the ARTYA (Artivist of the Year Award) from ArtTour International Magazine for his commitment to bringing social awareness. To learn more about Ric, visit his website, Instagram account, and Facebook page.

DME Tuning Texas Creating a Legacy of Performance and Speed

The Lone Star State is home to some of the fastest cars in the entire world. That makes companies like DME Tuning Texas a fish in a big pond. Yet, even with the high standards and competition, the company has continuously stayed ahead of most in improving car performance through some of the best car tuning techniques known today. 

Car tuning has grown in popularity in the last few years. The process involves tweaking car engines to achieve optimal performance and top speed. Car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies worldwide have turned to the latest software and technology to come up with the best performing engines to date. And leading the pack with some of the best in the entire world is company DME Tuning. 

DME Tuning Texas has somewhat become a household name for many car performance boosters around the globe. They have added a total of one hundred and seventy thousand in-car horsepower into their customer’s vehicles to date, and that number looks to rise exponentially with time. The company works with various luxury car brands, including BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, Ferraris, Mclarens, Porsche, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Land Rovers. 

The company started back in 2010 and has quickly risen as a trailblazer for many car performance businesses. DME began with Mo Rafizadeh and Lalit Malik. Today, the car performance-enhancing business thrives under the leadership of Marlon Altirs and general manager Spencer Seals. They open their doors to some of the top car owners from all over the country to tune their engine performance. 

DME leads the industry through its commitment to innovation. The company’s team is not afraid to embrace change and challenge the status quo. “At DME Tuning Texas, we do things differently,” shares the company’s owner Marlon. “From our class-leading performance solutions, to the customer experience, and all that lies in between, our focus has and always will be on being the best.” This commitment has brought about a drive to outdo even themselves.

Accordingly, DME Tuning Texas currently holds multiple speed records for various cars, including makes from Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Mercedes, and Lamborghini. But with all their records set in place, every day is an opportunity for the team to outdo even themselves. The company continually looks for leading talent and new software that will help fine-tune car performance. 

Today the Texas-based car tuning business has built up a wide-scale brand recognition that has reached places like New Jersey, California, and Texas. They’ve also gone overseas and worked with car owners in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Bahrain, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company takes pride in its customer-centric approach. Clients have described working with DME as a bespoke experience that gets on the same level with top brands like Rolex. 

With many records in place and a growing clientele base from all over the world, DME currently stands as an international brand that leads in the car tuning industry. Yet even with all their success, the team chooses not to settle. It hopes to reach even greater heights, becoming as much as ten times better than they are today. 

To learn more about DME Tuning Texas, check out its website and Instagram profile.