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Tucker Moore Group Revolutionizing the Legal Practice

Tucker Moore Group is a law firm known for fighting for victim rights and seeing every case to the end. One of the major problems of the United States justice system is how justice is delivered. It’s either law firms choose the cases they want to fight for, or victims do not get a fair sentence in the law courts. Charles Tucker, the managing partner of Tucker Moore Group, noticed these discrepancies and decided to correct them. From sexual assault, wrongful termination to every case that falls under family law, criminal defense, and employment law. Tucker Moore Group does not treat cases with levity, and Charles Tucker is working hard to ensure that his firm sticks to this ideology.

Charles did not come to have such a great passion for justice by accident. It is a result of working as a litigator for years and seeing it all. He started his career in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, where he spent six years defending homicide, complex domestic violence victims, and special victim cases. He then got promoted to Assistant Attorney General in the District of Columbia, where he defended the DC Fire and Police Departments and won 98% of all his cases. He has participated in more than 300 bench trials, jury trials, and administrative hearings. He is also a licensed litigator in New York, Maryland, and District of Columbia state and federal courts. In 2019 and 2020, he was named in the top 100 Black Attorneys, and he also works as a senior partner at the Cochran Firm in the Mississippi Delta office.

Charles Tucker believes that for true reform in the criminal justice system to happen, the right type of knowledge must be imparted alongside relevant training for everyone in the law practice. This explains why he has worked as an adjunct professor for more than 20 years teaching law to undergraduates, graduate, and doctorate students. He also recently got appointed as the dean of the department to assist in creating a criminal justice advisory board. The advisory board will focus on changing how law enforcement departments are trained and how the criminal justice program operates.

Over the last two years, Tucker Moore Group LLP has worked hard and achieved more than $75 million in settlements. Charles Tucker goes all out for all his clients, and the level of success that Tucker Moore Group LLP has enjoyed is a testament to that fact. In Charles’s words, “I was motivated to start my own brand because I truly believed that people want a firm that truly fights for them and is not afraid of taking difficult cases and doing the work to get results.”

He has done exactly that for decades, and with Tucker Moore Group LLP, he is further advancing that cause by making sure no case ever gets tossed out. The firm will review the case, take it up, and ensure justice gets delivered.

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