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Book Author and Poet Christine Heath Inspires Hope in Her New Book

A lot of people believe that life’s adversities are designed to either make or break someone’s character. In the case of the book author and poet Christine Heath, the most painful events in her personal life brought out the best in her again and again. As she shares her incomparable 30-year journey of ups and downs in her book “Journey of Seasons,” Heath is all about inspiring hope, positivity, and perseverance amid life’s greatest challenges. 

Christine Heath has been writing since she was 16 years old. She has always found comfort in creating poetry and documenting her thoughts. Interestingly, it would only take her 15 minutes to pen her deepest thoughts and emotions and transform them into a powerful poem that is often relatable and life-changing. “Journey of Seasons” takes readers into an intimate journey in the inspiring life of Heath—from her battle with domestic violence to physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse. As she takes her readers to a journey of revelation and self-realization, she hopes that they, too, will find the answers that they seek.   

“As you read, I want you to live for today, for tomorrow is not a guarantee. While reading this book, you will experience the pain I felt through my divorce, anxiety of wanting to commit suicide, the beautiful love of losing my grandmother, and my dad’s dying of cancer,” reveals the book author.

Aside from having survived different forms of abuse in life, Christine Heath had two miscarriages. While she is blessed with two beautiful children, the pain of losing two babies is real. In 1993, Heath was diagnosed with a brain tumor but lived to tell her story of faith and hope. In 2016, however, the doctors discovered another brain tumor that put her faith and mettle to the test. As she has survived cervical cancer in the past and a life-threatening accident with her youngest daughter, Heath believes that God will continue to sustain her and that His grace will always be sufficient.  

All throughout her stormy journey, Christine Heath has always managed to find the sunshine after the rain and marvel at how God’s goodness has allowed her to live long enough to be able to encourage others, that there is more to life than simply surrendering to pain and hopelessness. 

“My hope is that in your prayer time, whatever you are dealing with, you set that aside and let God help you see the bigger picture. Remember always that he will never give you anything you can’t handle. Let love share your pain and your pain show grace,” says Christine Heath. 

In the next five years, Heath sees herself selling her house and moving to one that is near a body of water. By then, she imagines herself writing her second book and growing her travel agency, which she established after choosing to end her 20-year medical career after being exposed to coronavirus by a patient. She looks forward to seeing people experience inner healing through her book—those who have lost a loved one in 2020, those who are in search of their true selves, and people who are fighting inner battles. 

Learn more about Christine Heath by visiting her website. Get more information about “Journey of Seasons” by checking out Christian Faith Publishing.

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