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Working from Home or Back to the Office: The Dessert Ladies are Baking for a New Normal

The Dessert Ladies and Biens Chocolate Centerpieces elevates gift-giving into an art form. As the world at large reevaluates the value of the workplace in light of current health issues, the companies help organizations express their appreciation to staff and clients.

The Dessert Ladies team are aware of how much the current pandemic has impacted the work environment and of their ability to contribute positively to this cause. Recently, they have come up with an ingenious way to sweeten the way organizations welcome back their employees and clients to the office. While maintaining social distancing, companies can increase positivity in the workplace with the help of The Dessert Ladies’s individually wrapped dessert stations.

Employees who work from home do not need to feel left out. For those who want to sweeten the lives of their staff who are most likely still adjusting to the new normal, personalized dessert indulgence can be delivered straight to their homes.

This sensitivity to current social issues stems from the founders’ commitment to provide transformative experiences. Like most successful businesses, the companies have grown out of the founders’ passions. For Lindsay Smith and Geraldine Keogh, their two biggest passions are chocolates and presentation; combining the two allowed them to help others show their gratitude in the most creative ways.

At one point in the past, Geraldine looked for a local gift specialist that used the highest quality ingredients in their customized chocolate gifts. She wanted desserts that matched the theme of the event, but she soon realized that there was nobody who could provide her with what she needed. It is from this place of personal need, coupled with her refusal to settle for the average, that she and her daughter, Lindsay, launched The Dessert Ladies in 2010.

The company quickly achieved great success among individuals and clients who wanted to articulate their well-wishes in the form of individual and bite-sized desserts. The Dessert Ladies offers a full line of custom cakes, cupcakes, and other personalized flavors that directly reflect the clients’ brand, unique family characteristics, and the theme of the occasion.

In 2015, the team also launched Dessert Ladies Events. As a full-fledged events organizer, they not only provide delectable desserts but also decorate the events space and staff every special occasion. The mother-daughter duo knows that it is the little extra touches that make a world of difference. What this increased coordination achieves is a seamless party experience.

Since joining the Goldman Sach’s 10K Small Business Program, a spinoff company has developed based on The Dessert Ladies’ most popular product — biens, a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake truffle coated in gourmet chocolate.

Most notable among the dessert offerings by this mother-daughter team is the Biens Chocolate Centerpiece Display. It can be fully customized with the company’s logo and is the ultimate solution for a corporate gift that is decadent, memorable, and impactful. In addition, uniquely designed hexagonal clear gift packaging allows the centerpiece display to be shipped nationwide in luxury and style. A patent is currently pending for this one-of-a-kind dessert centerpiece.

Check out the full list of The Dessert Ladies’s full list of products on their website.

Artist, Actress and Humanitarian Sara Alavi Drops Collab with NYC’s Da Poloman

Sara Alavi, BMI songwriter, commercial model, and actress, drops her latest music collab with New York talent Da Poloman. The song Love at First Sight has already become an overnight sensation dubbed as bringing the ole’ ‘90s R&B love back to life. 

Many know Alavi for over 15 years as a musical theatre performer and singer/songwriter, later transitioning into commercial modeling and now acting on film. Being in the music industry, her career in modeling and acting came naturally as a result of her experience with performing on stage and for various publicity efforts. After gaining fame in the music industry, Sara ventured into television and commercial jobs, where she was hired to star in commercial campaigns and films. 

Ms. Alavi has appeared in numerous TV commercials, films, billboards, and print ads for Space Center Houston at NASA, Methodist Hospital, Academy Sports and Outdoors, and H.E.B., to name a few. She has been featured in advertisements for Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung, Exxon Mobil, and Mercedes Benz. During Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway at Jones Hall, she performed for former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush alongside other N.Y.C. Broadway stars.

Alavi is getting back into the music scene while continuing her acting career. Alavi opens the movie Narco Sub this Fall 2020 in a global premiere. Sara plays in the opening scene alongside Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore and sister actress Lisa Alavi. Sara is also titled as the lead actress in the film The I Ching Lawyer, filming 2021 in N.Y.C. Reports suggest further that the film script is praised for being the “Lawrence of Arabia of Court Dramas.” Ms. Alavi is additionally joining the cast of Mr. Blue alongside sister Lisa Alavi, and actors Robert Lasardo, Noel Gugliemi, Jessica Morris, and Richard Riehle. Filming dates undetermined.

Sara is “stoked” about the recent release of her music collab with New York City’s Da Poloman. Alavi explained that Da Poloman reached out to her to take a quick look at a song he wrote for a possible collab. She said that she listened to a mini clip, read the chorus lyrics, and was immediately on board. Ms. Alavi mentioned that she couldn’t turn down this remarkable collab, as Da Poloman is truly a rapper lyricist phenomenon, she explained. They then teamed up with Sara’s long-time industry lead, Nova Scotia’s best Dave Lowe. Dave is agreed to be one of the best instrumentalists in Canada.  

Check out this latest hit Love at First Sight on iTunes here. Also available and distributed on all major global digital stores. 

 Sara is not limited to music, film, and the arts. Her passion for volunteerism far exceeds. She uses her strong social media presence and supports a plethora of advocacies. Alavi is Ambassador for non-profit Peace Worldwide Organization (P.W.O.), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The organization publishes annual civility reports to review all countries in the United Nations and provide democracy, civility, and peace scores for all countries. You may download the e-book HERE. All proceeds benefit P.W.O. and the mission to promote freedom and peace for all humanity. 

Ms. Alavi additionally advocates for (United Nations Children’s Fund) UNICEF, UNHCR, and Epimonia. She passionately supports children, women’s rights, and refugees worldwide. Sara reminds us all to be safe with COVID-19 this October and Halloween season, and consider opting to compassionately choose to Trick or Treat for UNICEF with your children to aid children worldwide. 

To know more about her advocacies, latest films, and music, or visit her website, or follow her on Instagram.

The GO-GETTER Co. Lifestyle: Combining Style and Innovative Technology

No other rising company in the country today has successfully combined fashion and an innovative technology to create a lifestyle that is suited for go-getters – confident, enterprising, and achievers. This is what GO-GETTER Co. offers the modern-day millennials and those who thrive in a fast-paced life with its trackable wallets that are sophisticated-looking, easy to carry around, practical, and highly functional. 

GO-GETTER Co. was recently launched by its founder Mikiah Z. Azarcon, who spent countless hours perfecting the trackable wallet technology and design. The budding entrepreneur and Pepperdine University graduate intends to provide consumers with the option to let go of bulky fashion wallets that take so much space. The company’s trackable wallet’s design is uniquely developed to make life a lot easier for on-the-go users who thrive on mobility and hustling. 

“Empowered by the people through Kickstarter crowdfunding, our wallets set us apart by bringing you a trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card EVER and stunning modern design. We are inspired by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves: the go-getters. Designing with our inspirations lifestyle in mind, our mission is to engineer and innovate useful products by fusing style and function in everything we create,” says the 22-year-old GO-GETTER Co. founder. 

Back in 2018 when GO-GETTER Co. was in the ideation stage, Mikiah Z. Azarcon laboured to juggle his time for school and working four jobs in order to raise funds to be able to raise a sufficient amount of capital to have prototypes developed. Back then, he decided to prepare a showcase to the Kickstarter community, hoping to get enough funding to further develop his idea. Two years later, after a sufficient amount of prototypes, Azarcon finally launched his GO Wallet on July 21, 2020. Interestingly, the product made $90k in sales in its first month.

GO-GETTER Co.’s wallet solves six common problems that include losing a wallet, having a bulky and inconvenient wallet, wallets wearing out over time, getting hacked through modern RFID-skimming and theft, not being able to fit your personal items, and outdated designs. The GO Wallet comes with a Bluetooth tracker card, known to be the thinnest in the world today. This extremely innovative feature allows the users to track their wallets whenever it goes out of range, get notified when the wallet gets separated from them, and ring it when it is within range but out of sight. 

By introducing his company to the world, Mikiah Z. Azarcon hopes to inspire other people with his challenging journey that resulted in the launching of GO-GETTER Co. He wishes to emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when pursuing a dream, persevering even when times get tough, never giving up even when others lose their faith, and working even harder once the dream is fulfilled. Azarcon sees his company transforming into a multi-million dollar business in the next five years with an international market proudly using his product. He also envisions adding marketers, content creators, influencers, and customer service providers to his team as he prepares to take the company to the next level. 

Find out more about the GO-GETTER Co. by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to get updates. 

How Emily Standley Leads Struggling Businesses Towards Success

Advertising and marketing have truly evolved in the past few years. Gone are the days when businesses heavily rely on physical advertising, such as putting up billboards and handing out flyers. These traditional methods have slowly been replaced with technology-driven strategies that effectively expand the reach of businesses across the globe. However, the advent of the digital age is not a path without challenges. Because of the rapid growth of technological advancements, some individuals and entrepreneurs find it challenging to navigate the space. And as a well-equipped person with various online marketing know-how and other technological advertising hacks, Emily Standley steps in to help entrepreneurs overcome these modern-day struggles.

Mostly recognized for her sterling image in the digital marketing space, Emily Standley sufficiently proves how passion can lead a person to greater heights in his or her chosen field. And clothed with a zeal to help others, Emily made it her life’s mission to help entrepreneurs shape their business ventures through her unparalleled skills and flair in digital marketing.

However, Emily Standley’s path towards greatness was not a walk in the park. Although her current position has sufficiently paved the way for struggling entrepreneurs in their pursuits towards success, Emily had to undergo a number of obstacles before reaching where she presently stands. 

Like most go-getter individuals who strive for success amid trying times, Emily Standley did not let her responsibilities get in the way of her dreams. And although it might have pushed her to take a few steps back, being a single mother of 3 did not prevent Emily from achieving her goals. Instead, it propelled her to take risks so that Emily could provide for her children. Driven by this unmatched determination, Emily began to work at a website development firm, where she obtained a certification in Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

But just like any family-oriented individual who strives to strike a balance between a career and raising children, Emily Standley hit a slump. As her children zeroed in toward the most crucial time for growth and development, Emily knew that she had to leave her job to attend to her children’s hectic schedules. But instead of quitting on her dreams altogether, she began to take the chance and offer social media and SEO consulting services to entrepreneurs through her entrepreneurship blog, is an online resource website created and run by Emily Standley in order to provide entrepreneurs and businesses a platform where they can gain effective online marketing strategies. The website gives out free and well-founded tips, training, and guides to aid entrepreneurs in scaling up their businesses. To put it simply, it serves as a one-stop-shop that facilitates individuals in expanding and learning how to develop their reach online.

But aside from helping entrepreneurs increase their visibility in the digital arena, Emily Standley also runs, a blog dedicated to pushing for advocacies against cruel animal testing worldwide. 

As the world continues to progress in the modern age, Emily Standley hopes to transform into the ultimate resource hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers across the world.

To know more about Emily Standley and her entrepreneurial prowess, you may visit her blog.