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Meet the YouTube Sensation and Budding Musician Javi Mac

One of the most common reasons why a truly passionate and creative individual is determined to work on the next masterpiece is that they were not satisfied with the previous one. True enough, some of the most successful artists did not end their careers with just one breakthrough. Instead, they continue to create countless works of art until they reach a point where they are delighted with everything they have worked on. One such artist who is fueled with this limitless vigor is Javi Mac.

Originally from the streets of Champaign, Illinois, Javi Mac always had a passion for music. Although this remarkable zeal only manifested a few years later, Javi can fondly remember writing songs at the age of four, when his family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. This subsequently led an entertaining prepubescent life filled with music and rapping in high school. But unlike other musicians, Javi Mac did not center his interests solely on making music and writing songs. Instead, he explored the arts more, where he eventually discovered and fell in love with video editing and production.

Taking a cue from his newfound interest, Javi Mac quickly rose to fame when he uploaded his videos on Youtube. His content quality took the internet by storm as it gathered over 350,000 subscribers and 100M viewers on the popular video streaming site. As a result of this rapidly-growing popularity, Javi has become one of the world’s top interviewers for adult entertainment in the last three years. But due to Youtube’s community standards, Javi Mac had to emigrate his videos to his personal website,

Although Javi Mac has gathered enough traction in the entertainment world through his videos and adult content on, he never forgot about the scintillating feeling he had while writing and making music. Reminded by his first love, Javi began to work on some songs and redirected his path towards becoming a stellar musician in the entertainment business.

While it may seem that a change in his path entailed a step back from his successful career, Javi Mac never actually left his desire to perform and write songs. In fact, Javi’s disposition was ultimately rooted in music. With a grandfather who shared the stage with James Brown and a father who produced with Rick Rubin under Def Jam Records, music came naturally for Javi Mac. Driven to continue his trail, Javi shares snippets of his songs to the videos that he uploads on

Shifting from one career to another and being a success at it is a difficult path to traverse with. However, this redirection showed that Javi Mac is not a one-trick pony. Built with a flexible disposition, Javi Mac takes the reins of his music career with a catalog of unexplainable and wildly entertaining tracks and, at the same time, showcases a blend of deep groove R&B, Electro Pop, and 80s hip hop bounce.

At the core of every true artist lies countless talents hidden beneath the corners of one’s soul. And being a genuinely creative individual, Javi Mac continues to surprise people with masterful pieces that prove to create lasting impressions across the world.

To know more about Javi Mac, you may visit his website

Darrin Smith Sheds Light on How Grit Can Lead a Person Towards Success

Inasmuch as talents are counted in one’s journey towards success, the efforts devoted in such endeavors are counted twice. And showing how valuable grit and perseverance are in this game of life, Darrin Smith proves that a person does not need to possess inherent capabilities to achieve one’s goals. All that an individual needs is a resilient mind and tenacious spirit.

Admittedly, the real estate landscape is one of the most competitive environments among all industries. Although the amount of money earned in the business is quite worthwhile to pursue, the financial rewards are commensurate to the work that one has put into it. And because of this observation, Darrin Smith believes that anything can be achieved for as long as the person devotes his or her efforts to attaining one’s dreams.

Born and bred without certain privileges that others enjoy, Darrin Smith had to work his way to the top. Having to juggle between maintaining a full-time job and being a real estate investor, Darrin’s path to success was quite tricky. But unlike those who quit on the first time they encounter hardships, Darrin persevered, even with little to no money to his bank account. Because of this remarkable persistence that Darrin has consistently shown over the years, he is now one of the most sought-after realtors across the industry.

With everything that he has achieved, Darrin Smith owes much of his success to his tenacious spirit. However, most individuals fail to see the value of perseverance in the world of real estate. And more often than not, this exact same reason prevents people from delving into the trade. Determined to change this unfortunate circumstance, Darrin Smith decided to educate people on the ropes behind real estate.

Through his expertise and years of experience, Darrin Smith holds live masterclasses every other week to help people across the globe truly understand real estate and investment. Darrin aims to educate individuals that a person does not need to have several financial resources, outstanding credit, license, and devote a lot of time to make it big in the real estate landscape. And as a person who was once in those shoes, Darrin also shares his tales of trials and triumphs to inspire another generation of realtors to explore the world of property investment.

But aside from its aim to inspire and educate the true meaning behind real estate to aspiring individuals, Darrin Smith also uses this platform as an opportunity to hone the skills of these hopefuls and effectively guide them towards success. Darrin gives his students some action items and homework to test and improve their capabilities over time.

Because of his constructive and state-of-the-art methods, Darrin Smith has helped over 400 students with full-time jobs earn as much as $50,000 collectively in the last three months.

With everything that he stands for, Darrin Smith wishes to see more people take a chance to achieve success in the real estate business. Although it is a tough environment to compete in, Darrin reassures that success is within reach with the right amount of grit and perseverance.

To know more about Darrin Smith, you may visit his website.

Priscilla Jankans Proves Help Comes in Different Forms

Helping other people through one’s profession is a common goal to pursue. This helping profession may take the form of social work, teaching, or the various healthcare fields, among others. Priscilla Jankans is one such person who helps others in multiple ways.

She became an Open Heart ICU Registered Nurse in one of the largest hospitals in the United States at 21. For over ten years, she has worked as an ICU nurse, and later on, she worked as a Nurse Executive. Helping people has been the core of her professional life for several years. But Priscilla decided she needed a change.

In 2016, Priscilla Jankans founded L.A. Nursing Services (LANS), a traveling medical staffing agency. At LANS, nurses and other healthcare professionals can ensure they get placed in the work environment they prefer and at their chosen schedules. Working with LANS also ensures that these healthcare workers receive the best possible pay for their services. To date, Priscilla has over 240 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical staff working for her. She works with hospitals nationwide, providing them with highly skilled supplemental staff.

Following her success with L.A. Nursing Services, she founded NurseproCEO in 2019. NurseproCEO is a business coaching and consulting agency. Here, Priscilla Jankans started providing webinars and courses teaching entrepreneurial skills to nurses and other medical professionals wanting to start their own business. Eventually, she attracted other aspiring entrepreneurs to take her courses even if they did not work in the medical field. She specializes in strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. Priscilla is also an expert in business development training. She also provides one-on-one consultations to assist her students in getting started with their business.

Helping other people is still very much one of Priscilla Jankans’s core values. This successful CEO is currently looking for 100 aspiring entrepreneurs to sponsor through her NurseproCEO academy. She will provide them with courses and webinars free of charge. This will help people get back on their feet if they have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, or if they are looking to become their own boss.

Priscilla Jankans recently established a 501c Non-profit Organization called Nurses for George to aid in dismantling structural racism in the educational, economic, and healthcare systems. It aims to dismantle the barriers to equal healthcare within the community. Nurses for George also provides free services to the underserved populations of L.A. County. These services include food, clothing, monetary donation, and assistance from patient care representatives to better navigate the healthcare system.

Priscilla Jankans is passionate about helping others. She also does this through speaking nationally about entrepreneurship. With her speaking engagements, she stresses the importance of acquiring the proper tools to create a profitable business. This serial entrepreneur has created an active online following through sharing content that connects people. Her online presence is another way in which she helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

Priscilla Jankans is dedicated and driven. She believed in herself, and she started her first business after years of being an employee. She became a successful CEO and is now helping others start their own business through NurseproCEO. Her success has only made her more driven and has also inspired her to give back and serve the community. It is admirable how Priscilla Jankans finds multiple ways to help so many people with everything she does.For more information on Priscilla Jankans, please visit this website.

JLW Consulting, LLC: Unparalleled Management Consultancy to Industry Leaders

Aside from leadership, the secret to any company’s success is having competent employees. This poses the importance of having a reliable talent acquisition and human resource firm. JLW Consulting, LLC is at the forefront of providing companies with the best people in their industries and addressing critical business challenges.

JLW Consulting is a leading management consulting firm led by its founder, president, and CEO, Mr. Jermaine Williamson. The company specializes in the areas of talent acquisition, recruitment support, human resources consulting, workforce planning and analytics, and strategic business advisory. Known for its innovative solutions in catering to their clients’ human resource needs, JLW is continually strengthening its acquisition process to serve companies better.

Over the years, JLW Consulting has upheld its proven track record in delivering nothing but the best results for their clients. Under Mr. Williamson’s leadership, the company has tackled various business needs with the utmost professionalism, including technical recruiting, executive recruiting, and talent development. The company is also an authority in addressing diversity and inclusion, recruiting process compliance, lowering the cost per hire, and increasing employee referrals. 

Mr. Williamson has earned over 25 years of experience in the management consulting industry. The CEO uses his diverse knowledge to guide his team of efficient professionals in providing support for businesses of any sort, including Fortune 100, 500, mid-size, and start-up organizations. Regardless of the size or the prominence of its clients’ businesses, JLW Consulting treats every case with the same urgency and efficiency. 

Just as the CEO is recognized as a subject matter expert in talent acquisition, TA operations management, recruiting process design, and implementation, JLW Consulting has also earned the same reputation. Today, they are known for assisting businesses in scaling their success to greater heights. Furthermore, the company develops tangible and customized solutions without breaking the bank, proving that the best results can be achieved regardless of its budget. 

Simultaneously while establishing JLW Consulting, Mr. Williamson has diversified his leadership experience by serving as the COO and vice president for a recruiting process outsourcing firm. He has dealt with Fortune 100 customers across the globe. The CEO has also designed and implemented proposals for improving recruitment processes to three large systems integrators in the DC metro area. He is also acclaimed for being a Six Sigma Project Executive Leader for overhauling a recruiting process.

On top of that, Mr. Williamson has served as an executive leader for overseeing the recruitment of over 3,000 highly-technical professionals supporting critical government missions over the last five years. Additionally, JLW Consulting is benefiting widely from the CEO’s leadership in recruiting for industries such as IT, financial services, biotech, biopharma, health care, and scientific organizations within the country and in the international scene.

To reach broader audiences and also serve his clients at JLW Consulting better, Mr. Williamson has authored a book called Talent War! The Unintended Consequences of a Broken Hiring Process. “The book is a guide to help companies avoid the pitfalls, challenges, and ineffectiveness of a broken hiring process within their organization,” said the CEO. 

To learn more about JLW Consulting, LLC, and the world-renowned management consulting expert Mr. Jermaine Williamson, visit their website. His book Talent War! can be bought on Amazon.

Akil Victor on Bouncing Back From a Dark Past and Winning in Life

Akil Victor does not fit anyone’s image of a typical entrepreneur, and a look into his origins will highlight how extraordinary he is. Bouncing back from some of the most significant setbacks in life, he has risen the entrepreneurial ranks and created a mother company that excels in the wireless technology accessory industry and publishing world.

Akil Victor is an essayist, novelist, and poet who was born in Chicago but raised in Inglewood, California. The writer is also the owner and founder of Victor Media LLC, which houses the well-known wireless gadget accessory distributor VT Media. As successful as Akil has become today, things were not always easy for him. The entrepreneur and writer grew up in the Los Angeles area during some of the city’s most tumultuous times.

Akil’s background characteristics mimic the famous street-based movies from the late eighties and nineties. Ruled by violence and bad company, Akil would go down a path that would lead to a long stint behind bars. While incarcerated, he decided to dedicate his time to education and self development. Growing up, he always had a fondness for books. So he used his time in prison to read up and start writing original literary content. 

Later, Akil would write a series of short stories, which would lead up to an Amazon bestseller that achieved critical acclaim. His book entitled She Rode The Bus speaks on the themes of love, loss, and the pressures that inner-city youth face as they pursue a good life. Akil knew all too well the importance of one’s environment when growing up. Yet even with a marred past, the overcomer would choose to carve out a better path for himself. 

So after gaining freedom, Akil Victor would go straight to work. He formed Victor Media LLC and started a wireless accessories company called VT media, which has today reached greater heights than Akil ever imagined. Creating a brand of products, Akil would become known best for the quality products and services that his business provides to its clients. “We go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded,” the company’s website shares. VT Media would also make history as the first-ever black-owned wireless accessory company.

During his incarceration and upon release Akil Victor would go on to write multiple fiction books, including titles like The Legend of Wantonda: Volume 1, The Cash Closet, The Watcher, and Black, Blue, and Purple Pain: A Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology. All of which has gathered multiple ratings on Amazon that range from four to five stars. He plans to write and release more titles in the future. 

Today, Akil Victor works constantly to  be a beacon of inspiration to others. With his story, he helps others see how anyone can change and excel no matter what their background, environment, or origins are. The entrepreneur hopes to move into the motivational speaking space and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and young people who feel there is no hope.

Akil believes that struggle helps build character and remains grateful for all the circumstances he’s been through. To learn more about Akil Victor, visit VT Media’s website. You can also check out Akil’s Amazon page to check out his literary works.

Hustlers’ Feast: The Story Behind the Motivational Platform for Entrepreneurs

Hustlers’ Feast is a virtual community where entrepreneurs and hustlers from different industries can unite and motivate one another. The platform was created not only to celebrate the accomplishments of each member but also to celebrate the risks they took in pursuing and not giving up on their dreams. Today, its sub-community, Hustlers’ Feast University, equips these hard workers with financial literacy so they can rise in the real world.

The woman behind the creation of Hustlers’ Feast is Adaeze “Queen Angel” Henry, an incredible talent manager, entrepreneur, and business mogul. She is best known for managing the social media sensation Jasmin Brown, also known as Watch Jazzy, who has amassed 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Born to a Jamaican father and a Nigerian mother who were very entrepreneurial-minded, Queen and her siblings were brought up with a mindset that “success is within reach, where proper preparation and hard work exist.” With that, the entertainment mogul of Hustlers’ Feast carried this motivational reminder throughout her life, and it has pushed her to strive for more excellence, whether in school, work, or business.

With determination, dedication, and commitment in mind, Queen wanted to create a community where like-minded industry hustlers and entrepreneurs could gather and be one another’s support system, all the while learning valuable information about credit and other relevant topics for financial literacy. With that, she established Hustlers’ Feast University, and today, she leads the platform in building entrepreneurial leaders for different industries.

Aside from her Hustlers’ Feast endeavors, she also published an e-book entitled Ways to Manage Your Debt and Credit During a Pandemic. Through this book, she helps people understand the fundamentals of financial literacy. The basics and all relevant information are thoroughly discussed to inform the readers. The book was written to cater to people facing the same reality she faced as a single mom during the onset of COVID-19. At one point, she went on panic mode as she feared complete shutdowns from the pandemic and started listing new ways to take her businesses to the next level. This situation pushed her to increase her social media presence, establish stronger connections with influencers, and establish Hustlers’ Feast University.

Ultimately, she hopes to be the best version of herself so she can continue helping others. For Queen, she was motivated by the lack of mentorship in her industry. “No one wants to help you, and if you’re a woman, it’s hard to receive help. And if you’re a black woman, like myself, it’s harder to receive help. So I decided to self-motivate myself and others, which lead to the making of Hustlers’ Feast,” shares the rising entertainment talent manager.

In the future, Queen hopes to become a business mogul. She hopes to establish multiple seven-figure businesses. But more than this, she seeks to expand Hustlers’ Feast to greater heights. She hopes to serve as a consultant for those needing help in business or other industries and a catalyst for change for those potential entrepreneurs “waiting” to start.

Learn more about Hustlers’ Feast and Queen Angel’s book on financial literacy by visiting its official website and Instagram. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Peter Stelling Talks Life and Musical Career as a Rising Artist

Peter Stelling is a rising singer-songwriter, model, and actor who was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Born with a natural passion and intuition for music, Peter is set to break records and put himself on top of the charts. Never one to run out of something to offer, Peter is also a talented model and actor who is quickly growing in the creative community.

Recalling his childhood and origins, Peter Stelling tells his life as the youngest out of five brothers. Needless to say, he lived a life full of competition. As the youngest child, he felt like he needed to compete the hardest just to keep up with all his older brothers. To compensate for his youth and inexperience, he would often push himself to his limits, which sometimes ended in disastrous consequences. Thinking of life as a competition to be the best often made his wins bitter and his losses heavy.

Getting wiser as he grew up, he learned to outgrow this mentality and instead learn the value of practice. Since then, that’s all he has done. Now, as a young man, he understands that it is not about being the best but about being better than before. Competition within yourself is the only comparison that can truly inspire oneself to move.

Out of fear of being left back, Peter Stelling was motivated to grow forward. He told himself that he wanted to be anything but average. Propelled by this thought, he focused his time and energy on sports, music, arts, and education. Today, he is pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management.

Peter himself admits that these are not areas he was confident in. In fact, before he took the plunge, he did nothing but doubt himself. Now he knows better—one should never doubt their strengths.

Peter Stelling has proudly worked on many campaigns, lending his natural good looks and extraordinary physique to bring the creative visions of many brands to come to life. This, coupled with his lyrical ingenuity and solid vocals, makes him a natural-born performer that has captured the hearts of many across social media platforms.

The young actor and musician is interested in collaborating with producers, directors, photographers, creators, actors, models, music artists, songwriters, musicians, and anyone who is pursuing a passion and wishes to work with a rising star in the industry.

What separates him from the average performer is the level of enlightenment he has achieved. He no longer views life as a competition anymore—he views it as a goal. Peter Stelling genuinely wants to push the entertainment and music industry forward.

His other motivation for making it big in the industry is the vision he holds of a better future for himself and his family and friends. Despite the inevitable challenges that he will face as a performer and the choices that he will have to make, Peter is determined to make it through because of his vision.

As Peter Stelling continues to build his portfolio and establish his brand and social media presence, he keeps at his goal of inspiring others not to give up on what they love to do. Regardless of money or connections, he strongly believes that anyone can still have a shot at greatness if they try hard enough.

Learn more about Peter Stelling by reaching out to him on Instagram.