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ShredLikeHarrell Provides Health and Fitness Training with Credibility and Structure

ShredLikeHarrell is a unique fitness company that combines passion, credibility, and service. The company, built around its founder’s life and example, expresses a powerful message of positive transformation.

For ShredLikeHarrell founder Joshua Antonio Harrell, the present moment is the best time to commit. He designed his 30-day challenge and other fitness programs to be transformative for anyone who signs up. His wealth of experiences within and beyond the fitness world equips him with the versatility to train a wide range of clients. He trains people who want to be shredded, those who are looking to shed some unwanted weight, and those who are working hard to bulk up. Regardless of his clients’ individual fitness goals, Harrell’s approach is the same: to help them reach their maximum potential.

As a military veteran, Joshua brings to ShredLikeHarrell the discipline and structure necessary to coach lifestyle changes. His prior military service also contributed to his service-oriented approach to training. His health and fitness programs are enriching opportunities for individuals to help each other grow and develop. Harrell couples the structure and discipline fostered in ShredLikeHarrell with topnotch communication skills. With this unique set of characteristics, the company provides an all-around athletic experience. 

Joshua Harrell encourages people to get information from credible sources, especially when it pertains to health and well-being. People will benefit from the security that goes with credibility. However, the increasing saturation of trainers, programs, and fitness centers in the industry can mislead people on where to go for quality information. Recognizing his unique position in the fitness world and the contribution he could make, he decided to start his own brand. It is obvious that a significant part of Harrell’s credibility as a trainer is his undeniable passion for fitness. To augment that, Harrell is also in college to further develop his education and increase his knowledge. Presently, he is majoring in sports psychology through kinesiology.

The weight of his credibility as a source for quality information on health and fitness goes beyond his passion and formal education. The ShredLikeHarrell trainer is a member of Team Evogen Elite, a key group of athletes pushing the boundaries of the mind and body. He is also certified by The International Sports Sciences Association.

At the age of 26 years, Harrell has various accolades under his name. He is an IFBB first place trophy holder and an F45 Rowland Heights group fitness instructor. He has also secured a precision nutrition certificate for his company.

In the future, ShredLikeHarrell will continue to help a growing number of people believe and achieve. With Joshua Harrell’s help, they will learn to believe in themselves and their ability to apply quality information from credible sources. The fitness company will also help them achieve their desired fitness results and lead healthier lives.

Joshua Harrell hopes to pay it forward by empowering other trainers. With his knowledge, he pursues a higher vision for fitness training. The health and fitness programs in ShredLikeHarrell help individuals attain freedom: the freedom to feel their best, look their best, and become the best version of themselves.

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