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ShredLikeHarrell Provides Health and Fitness Training with Credibility and Structure

ShredLikeHarrell is a unique fitness company that combines passion, credibility, and service. The company, built around its founder’s life and example, expresses a powerful message of positive transformation.

For ShredLikeHarrell founder Joshua Antonio Harrell, the present moment is the best time to commit. He designed his 30-day challenge and other fitness programs to be transformative for anyone who signs up. His wealth of experiences within and beyond the fitness world equips him with the versatility to train a wide range of clients. He trains people who want to be shredded, those who are looking to shed some unwanted weight, and those who are working hard to bulk up. Regardless of his clients’ individual fitness goals, Harrell’s approach is the same: to help them reach their maximum potential.

As a military veteran, Joshua brings to ShredLikeHarrell the discipline and structure necessary to coach lifestyle changes. His prior military service also contributed to his service-oriented approach to training. His health and fitness programs are enriching opportunities for individuals to help each other grow and develop. Harrell couples the structure and discipline fostered in ShredLikeHarrell with topnotch communication skills. With this unique set of characteristics, the company provides an all-around athletic experience. 

Joshua Harrell encourages people to get information from credible sources, especially when it pertains to health and well-being. People will benefit from the security that goes with credibility. However, the increasing saturation of trainers, programs, and fitness centers in the industry can mislead people on where to go for quality information. Recognizing his unique position in the fitness world and the contribution he could make, he decided to start his own brand. It is obvious that a significant part of Harrell’s credibility as a trainer is his undeniable passion for fitness. To augment that, Harrell is also in college to further develop his education and increase his knowledge. Presently, he is majoring in sports psychology through kinesiology.

The weight of his credibility as a source for quality information on health and fitness goes beyond his passion and formal education. The ShredLikeHarrell trainer is a member of Team Evogen Elite, a key group of athletes pushing the boundaries of the mind and body. He is also certified by The International Sports Sciences Association.

At the age of 26 years, Harrell has various accolades under his name. He is an IFBB first place trophy holder and an F45 Rowland Heights group fitness instructor. He has also secured a precision nutrition certificate for his company.

In the future, ShredLikeHarrell will continue to help a growing number of people believe and achieve. With Joshua Harrell’s help, they will learn to believe in themselves and their ability to apply quality information from credible sources. The fitness company will also help them achieve their desired fitness results and lead healthier lives.

Joshua Harrell hopes to pay it forward by empowering other trainers. With his knowledge, he pursues a higher vision for fitness training. The health and fitness programs in ShredLikeHarrell help individuals attain freedom: the freedom to feel their best, look their best, and become the best version of themselves.

Learn more by visiting ShredLikeHarrell’s website.

McIntosh Credit Solutions Helps Clients Attain Financial Freedom

There are certain liberties that people can enjoy when they have excellent credit standings. Leveraging one’s credit scores is an important part of attaining full financial freedom. However, it’s undeniable that most Americans don’t even realize the importance of maintaining a good credit score. It’s a good thing that McIntosh Credit Solutions helps its clients in improving their credit, saving more, and paying off debt, allowing them to live life on their own terms.

CEO and Founder of McIntosh Credit Solutions, Matt Mcintosh, utilizes his expertise in credit repair to help over 700 clients get approval on their auto loans, mortgage loans, and business loans. After operating in the industry for two years, his company has eliminated millions in debt off clients’ credit reports.

McIntosh Credit Solutions takes a holistic approach to credit repair. They prioritize educating their clients to ensure long-term results that can be maintained for a lifetime. Matt fully understands the importance of education in improving his clients’ credit standings. His deep appreciation for education stems from knowing its sheer importance in success, and he has made it his mission to empower his clients with innovative solutions and unlimited growth potential.

McIntosh Credit Solutions has fostered an environment of trust in which people can have peace of mind knowing their future is in good hands. The company has a strategic plan for each client. Their tailor-made solutions guarantee success on all fronts. While other companies have this one-size-fits-all solution for all of their clients’ problems, Matt and his team know that each problem is unique and crafts personalized solutions for each and every client.

Every collaboration with McIntosh Credit Solutions is a client-focused one. They don’t only specialize in deleting negative items from their clients’ credit reports, but they also focus on action plans after they complete the job. They want to lead their clients toward financial freedom in the best way they can so that they can help them make better decisions to prevent them from getting bad credit scores thereafter.

The McIntosh Credit Solutions brand was built because of Matt’s love for his family. He wanted to start a family business so he can leave a legacy for his brothers and his kids later in life. Generational wealth has always been the motivation for the establishment of his company, and leaving behind a legacy has always been important for Matt Mcintosh.

In the near future, Matt hopes to better serve thousands of people and help them get whatever they need. Whether it be their dream homes, their dream cars, or business loans, McIntosh Credit Solutions aims to provide what’s best for its clients. It’s the same old mission, but on a far larger scale than ever before.

McIntosh Credit Solutions is the one-stop shop when it comes to anyone’s credit score needs. If the goal is to achieve financial freedom, then Matt and his team are readily available to help anyone in need. For individuals that want to improve their credit scores, Matt and his team do everything in their power to get it where they want it to be, helping them get their auto loans, mortgage loans, and business loans in the process.

Find out more about McIntosh Credit Solutions and everything they do by visiting their official website.

Todd Waites Speaks Boldly Against Bullying and Empowerment to Corporate Settings

Bullying continues to be a real and damaging experience in many schools today, and children are groping for ways to either escape it or cope. Professional musician, concern survivor, business executive, and motivational speaker Todd Waites is speaking up about the short-term and long-term effects of bullying on people to encourage children to either stop doing it or how best to deal with a bully in school. As Todd opens up about his personal experience with bullying as a teenager, he hopes to minimize it, if not completely prevent it from happening to any child in schools. 

Todd Waites fell victim to bullies and was ridiculed repeatedly in school after he lost an entire arm and shoulder to bone cancer. Despite the excruciating journey of going through a two-year treatment and coming to terms with losing a part of his body, some of his peers still found a reason to make fun of him. Due to this experience, Todd can easily relate to what many kids go through in schools today. He knows what it is like to be singled out, to be made to feel unimportant, and to seemingly have no hope to ever accomplish his dreams. 

Despite his physical predicament and challenges involving his peers, Todd Waites was able to find a way to take the higher road and not let his painful experience define his future. Instead, he used these hurtful experiences to fuel his determination to become someone great in the music industry. Without thinking twice, Todd pursued his dream to become a professional keyboard player, and with hard work and perseverance, he was able to successfully tour in different parts of the country with his band. Todd became a respectable name in the industry and has worked with big names to include members and former band members of Journey, Stryper, Firehouse, Newsboys, Petra, ApologetiX, Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield, Styx and more. 

Additionally, Todd Waites also did collaborations with former Journey vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. They recorded two songs together in the middle of 2019. Just recently, Todd recorded a remake of the song When Children Cry with the blessing of Mike Tramp, the original writer of the song. The remake is available for streaming on YouTube.

Aside from his music career, Todd is also best known for his exemplary performance as a Director / Vice President of Sales and has effectively managed sales teams for the companies he worked with. Eventually, Todd went into motivational speaking as different sectors started to hear about his remarkable life story. He gets invited to speak in corporations, churches, schools, and other major events. 

By telling young people about his accomplishments and how he survived bullying as a student on top of surviving two different kinds of cancer, Todd Waites knows that his message is something that people need to hear to realize that there is more to life than being a victim. Through his True Rockstars Don’t Hate initiative, Todd gets to encourage children from poverty-stricken areas and schools that have had shooting incidents. What makes his talks more exciting is that he never goes to any of it without his keyboard. Aside from sharing his life stories, he also performs for them.

In 2012, Todd Waites made a life-changing decision to give up his touring days and focus on motivating children to spare them from drug addiction, suicide, and bullying. As he teaches them to believe in their worth and individual purpose, Todd is helping in raising a new generation of strong young people who are not easily discouraged. 

Find out more about Todd Waites by visiting his website. Click this site to know more about True Rockstars Don’t Hate. 

Jack Mcadoo’s Rising Influence as a Motivational Speaker Is Making an Impact Around the World

Podcasts have gone from being a segment of radio broadcasts to independent collectives covering a range of topics, from stories to advice. Among the top podcasts today is Jack McAdoo’s Real Talk Live! an empowerment podcast with listeners worldwide.

The world-renowned podcaster was born in Homestead AFB, Florida. His father, Donnell Wilson McAdoo, was a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force and moved around with his family for quite some time, even moving to Germany before returning to the United States in 1971.

Jack grew up in Hawaii, where he began his pursuit in the music industry. He wrote, performed, and recorded before moving on to manage artists and promote concerts in the islands and mainland of the United States. He worked with local artists like Mackey Feary, Kalapana, and more.

Eventually, Jack McAdoo moved to Los Angeles, California. There, he worked in recording studios and on stage with some of the music industry’s biggest names like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and countless more. 

 By 1985, he began to play poker after learning the game from a professional poker player while Jack was hosting the Vincent Lecavalier Celebrity Poker Tournament in Tampa, Florida. Jack created Poker Pod Radio to help others fill the void and became the first podcast to become an event co-sponsor at the World Series of Poker. He also co-created Poker Pro Magazine, where he worked as the vice president.

The launch of Poker Pod Radio brought in success and led Jack to create Real Talk Live! a show that focused on interviews with experts in mindfulness, spirituality, health, and motivation. It has garnered millions of listeners around the globe and is ranked by Alexa in the top 3,000 websites in the country and the top 20,000 worldwide.

After moving away from Poker, Jack hit rock bottom and got more into self-help. He learned to become humble and show compassion to everyone. Jack found that through his trials, he could lift and encourage everyone who comes into his life.

With Real Talk Live, Jack explores the power of belief, and it’s importance for realizing personal potential. He does this by sharing his life’s experience, from his downfalls to his rise to success. The empowerment podcast focuses on uplifting his listeners with conversations covering topics like motivation, spirituality, lifestyle, business, and health.

Jack created Real Talk Live because he knows that there are people who need motivation and encouragement, and people who are on the right track but lack validation to assure them that they are. He wants to inspire people who are still in the process of trying to figure out who they are and what direction they want to go. 

Throughout his illustrious career, Jack McAdoo has spent fifteen years doing podcasts. He discovered that he could empathize and relate well with his listeners. He is confident that he can become the leading motivational speaker in the country as his name recognition is growing.

Jack McAdoo is one of the top rising influencers in the personal development/motivational space. He wants people to know that he can be brought in for coaching, keynote speaking, and motivational events, not just in the United States but also worldwide.

To find out more about Jack McAdoo, you may visit his website and Instagram.

Milica Todovic: Helping People Achieve their Ideal Bodies

The rise of the health and nutrition industry has been paramount as of late. This growth has been due to the increase in health awareness. Yet even as more people look to become more fit and healthy, people struggle with finding programs that have tested and proven results. That’s what sets fitness expert and trainer Milica Todovic apart. 

The New York-based fitness guru is all about results. Milica is a practitioner of her philosophies and programs beyond all else. But more than that, she has helped many people achieve their ideal bodies through her training and guidance. Her signature twenty-one-day challenge has affected both physiological and psychological changes in the lives of her clients. The program covers all aspects of health, including healthy eating, workout systems, daily habits, water intake, exercise, and motivation. 

Milica Todovic comes from a family of highly respected martial artists. Her father is a Black Belt 5. Dan, who made a name for himself in the martial arts world, would expose his daughters to karate at an early age. Milica began when she was only three years old. Today, she and her siblings have all achieved black belts. 

Just like her father, Milica has made her mark in the martial arts world. She is a three-time world champion and winner of over three hundred medals, with over half of them being gold. Milica won more championships, some of them in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. She has also bested many in various international competitions. Milica was also voted as the best sportswoman of her birthplace Foca, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, on multiple occasions. 

Apart from Karate, Milica Todovic has also excelled in other sports, including table tennis, of which she has won championships in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yet even with all her athletic experience, Milica didn’t always have the body that she wanted. That drove her to study as much as she could all the ways to lose weight effectively. She came up with a program and started using it for herself and her sister. Milica achieved a fantastic result and decided to share it with her friends, who also achieved favorable results. 

That’s when she decided to launch and her twenty-one-day weight loss program. Today, Milica Todovic is one of the most sought after nutrition, exercise, and supplement coaches. She runs both one-on-one fitness coaching, online and in person, and motivational groups to help people achieve the body they desire. 

For Milica Todovic, having the right lifestyle is of the most significant essence to anyone’s weight loss journey. “You can’t take a pill that was sold on the internet and delivered to your doorstep and still eat junk food and not move anywhere,” shares Milica. “Be aware of many frauds and learn the difference between truth and lies.” The alternative that Milica offers is simple, but she also maintains that it won’t be easy. “It’s not for someone who doesn’t want to do any action, but it can help anybody lose weight and reach their fitness goal.”

Milica hopes to help more people experience the same results that she and thousands of others have experienced. She hopes that by doing so, people will become more confident and happy with themselves. 

Milica is also a proud mother. To learn more about Milica Todovic and her programs, visit her website and Instagram account.

Independent Hip Hop Artist Cee Ayy Cee Uses Music to Uplift and Unite

For many, music is a refuge. Some people listen to music when they are gleeful or sad, and others create music to express themselves and to communicate various messages. Whatever the purpose is, music becomes a universal language that links people from different origins with distinct experiences. Light Team Records is a music label that aspires to become one of the front runners in producing songs that resonate with listeners and tell stories that inspire others. 

Founded by Chris Chavez, aka Cee Ayy Cee, the label goes on to compose music anchored on love and the expression of the soul. Under the label, Chris has released an album in 2017, Spiritual Bangers, composed of eight songs. Some are collaborations with other independent artists like Lady Chariz, Anno Domini Nation, Xae Lox, among others. Chris would later produce two other albums, the succeeding year, Infinite and Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2, with tracks commanding the same purpose and relevance.

“Our goal has always been to uplift our people. No matter what your background is, we believe it is our duty and mission to unite and love one another. Our music is meant to energize and reawaken the dormant soul within us and create a ripple effect throughout this world,” said Chris. 

Growing up with only rap music as his friend, Chris, at an early period, already understood what music meant to many people. He was a shy kid, and he kept to himself. He would go about his day curtailing chances to socialize among the majority. With a pen and a paper, he would focus on his thoughts and translate it to a canvass. Whenever he felt the need to let out his confusion about his complicated past, he found himself writing and listening to music. Chris had his share of life’s misery; experiencing multiple near-death experiences made him realize that the world still has something in store for him.

Now 27 years old, with so many stories to tell, the rising independent hip hop artist from Los Angeles is on the move to expanding his horizon and letting a broader audience hear what his songs convey. Through his passion and commitment to crafting songs that uplift, Chris is one of the few artists who stay faithful to the core objective of the art: to express without reservations. The label that he founded intends not to compete with innumerable practitioners in the industry but focuses on the meticulous creation of songs—making it more meaningful and inspiring. Along with many other artists who think like him, Chris is hopeful that, in the future, more songs of self-expression and profound understanding of the soul will be released. 

“Our target audience is anyone who needs a friend, anyone who feels lost, anyone who needs guidance. From the person on top of the hill to the people climbing up to the people wondering whether or not they can make it up. We are here to help you take your first step,” stated Chris.

Follow Chris Chavez on his Spotify account, and stream his songs.